Marketing your staffing firm is very different today than it was a few years ago. Clients no longer take cold calls or accept lunch meetings in hopes to make a connection for their next staffing partner. It’s clear that the internet is shifting the way customers buy, which means you must change the way you market your services.

Nowadays, consumers have instant access to an unlimited supply of information, so they’re doing their research before making purchasing decisions. Your prospective clients have the power to find and research a potential new staffing partner well before you even know they need one. When they search online, are they going to find your company?

In this whitepaper we take a look at:

  • The online marketing shift, how customers are buying today, and what your staffing firm needs to do to adapt
  • The different online marketing components (website, mobile, SEO, blogging, and social media)
  • How these online marketing components all work together to grow revenue
  • How to involve your staff in your online marketing efforts

Read this whitepaper to learn more about online marketing for staffing firms and how your business can benefit.