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The TSE Index for last week was 161.2, down a point from the previous week.


Inflation in Canada for May was down from April, which has dampened the recent expectation that Canada would be raising interest rates sooner than previously expected.  The dollar fell half a cent on this news.  Although most indicators show steady growth of the Canadian economy, including a strong May employment report, wages and prices continue to be largely unaffected by the growth, leading many to believe interest rates will not increase for the rest of 2017.


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The Staffing Edge provides back office services to more than 120 independently owned staffing offices across Canada and the index is a weekly aggregate of the business level of the staffing industry. With the value of 100 being reached in 2008, the index shows the variations in the industry over the last four years. Released each Friday for the temporary / contract work completed the previous week, the TSE Index is a real time indication of business volumes from all sectors of staffing.