How-TSE’s-Back-Office-Support-Helped-a-Staffing-Agency-Expand-Nationally__U3S Staffing is a staffing agency that not only helps their clients meet their business and career goals but also assists communities bounce back from unforeseen disasters.  Specializing in providing skilled restoration professionals and labourers for disaster restoration, U3S needed a back office provider that could keep up with the high volume and immediate requirements of the industry.

The nature of the industry requires a quick response time to disasters such as fires or floods and often 50-100 placements to work and supervise on-site after a natural disaster. There were many challenges U3S needed to overcome. With The Staffing Edge’s help, they set their sights on expanding into new markets.  

In this case study, we take a look at:

  • Why U3S decided to use a back end service provider
  • How The Staffing Edge gave U3S the flexibility and expertise required to facilitate expansion
  • How The Staffing Edge’s customized solution gave the U3S staff the confidence to grow

Download this case study to learn more about how The Staffing Edge helped U3S Staffing fully automate and streamline their back end processes.