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7 Ways Staffing Agencies Build a Bad Reputation

Posted by Ray Gonder


Oct 16, 2017 9:00:00 AM

7 Ways Staffing Agencies Build a Bad Reputation---1.jpgWith competition being fierce in the 2017 recruiting industry, staffing agencies need to be diligent about maintaining an optimal reputation. Nowadays, anyone interested in your brand will be Googling your site and social media to see how your reputation precedes you.


LinkedIn has named employer branding a critical recruiting trend. LinkedIn’s 2017 Global staffing trends report discovered that 82 percent of staffing leaders believe investing in branding is important. Curiously, however, only 10 percent of staffing agency budgets is devoted to proper online marketing.

Building your staffing agency’s reputation is an ongoing process. Here are seven ways staffing agencies build a bad reputation to illustrate that fact.

1. They Don’t Have an Effective Online Presence

Staffing agencies are sorely underrepresented when they don’t establish a website that’s search engine optimized. Having no website or social media starts your agency off on the wrong foot reputation-wise because it signals to those who might stumble upon your agency through your traditional marketing tactics (fliers, newspaper ads, etc.) that you’re: 

  1. Behind the times, which means you miss out on most skilled talent found online
  2. Lacking in resources, which gives clients the impression that you have next to no resources for recruiting processes or, worse, no candidates to make placements with

2. They Have an Online Presence but It Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

Having an online presence (website, blog, e-mail marketing) that’s unresponsive in design for mobile platforms makes your staffing agency appear backward. Not only does it hurt your site’s ranking on Google, it shows disregard for those potential clients and candidates who would access your site via their smartphones or tablets. 

Considering that millennials, who are avid mobile device users, are now the biggest generation in the Canadian workforce, you don’t want to lose out on such a large portion of the talent market.

3. They Don’t Keep Regular Communication

Staffing agencies often experience the pitfall of rarely checking in with their clients for feedback or neglecting to regularly contact skilled candidates who they’ve scouted online.

Irregular communication reflects poorly on your agency because it gives the impression you’re valuing quantity of placements over quality.

4. They Don’t Pay Their Temp or Contract Workers on Time

Sometimes you will work with clients who either are untrustworthy or simply don’t have a pay schedule that aligns with your agency. You must ensure your workers are paid regardless of the situation.

One of the major reasons payroll financing is crucial for temp staffing agencies is that it gives them the cash flow to pay their workers regardless of when their clients pay them. A bad rep is assured for those who leave payroll admin up to fate and leave their workers in the lurch.

5. They Aren’t Up-to-Date with Canadian Compliance

It’s risky to not keep up with Canadian compliance. For instance, as of January 2018, Ontario has proposed that if your employees are misclassified as independent contractors, you could be convicted of a crime. The government could also publicly disclose your conviction, which would be fairly damning to your reputation.

6. They Are Slow to Place Candidates

Clients who engage staffing professionals expect to be matched with skilled candidate relatively quickly. We live in a fast-paced business world, with digital transformation ensuring that some companies need talent right away. Avoid having the reputation of having a tortoise’s pacing. Slow and steady won’t win the race in the staffing industry.

7. They Don’t Have a Niche

Some agencies think there’s more success to be had when they keep their focus as broad as possible, when the opposite is true. Knowledgeable clients will avoid agencies that lack a niche because they won’t receive the expertise and experience they require in their fields.

Mind these seven pitfalls and you’ll be on your way to a solid employer brand as a staffing agency!

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How to Keep Employment Agency Profit Margins Strong

Posted by Stacey Duggan


Oct 9, 2017 9:00:00 AM

How to Keep Employment Agency Profit Margins Strong--.jpgNew employment agencies dealing with temp and contract workers face no shortage of challenges regarding profit margins. You need to meet your overhead costs (office rent and supplies, admin, compliance, etc.) and ensure that your team is securing target numbers for placements.

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The better you are at keeping your employment agency profit margins strong, the better the chances you have when it’s time to compete with the big staffing firms. But it’s not as simple as becoming more frugal with your expenses and setting aside large amounts of your financing to account for concrete costs. Keeping profit margins generous depends on how well you can handle the more changeable costs, like statutory holiday pay or new business laws, too.

If you want to know key strategies for taking the unpredictable percentage of your overhead in stride, keep reading.

Be Proactive with Your Financing

Ideally you want your employment agency profit margins to stay wide enough that you can handle any unforeseen changes to your temp or contract workers’ employment conditions. If your workers are kept for overtime work or are scheduled to work during holidays, you need measures put in place if your client doesn’t want to share the financial burden. And what do you do in the instance that your client is late with payment, or reneges on the payment agreement altogether? 

Because of the above situations and more, we advise that you consider payroll financing solutions. Payroll financing solutions, like receivables insurance and preemptive credit checks on potential clients, enables you to be proactive about keeping your employment agency profit margins in check. 

If you’re still planning to start an agency that you shouldn’t start without payroll financing. The right provider of such solutions can also ensure your invoicing and compliance stays consistent. 

Make Vigilant Compliance Your Asset

If there’s anything Ontario’s announced changes to its employment standards act has taught us this past May, it’s that Canadian compliance is always evolving. But staying on top of updates to minimum wages, worker conditions, overtime and holiday rates, and more doesn’t have to shrink your profit margins. If your agency is vigilant about its compliance, compliance can help protect you from less trustworthy clients and hold current clients responsible for sharing costs. 

For instance, with a thorough services agreement implemented, your client is required to provide advance notice of any changes to your temps and contractors employment status. If the temps are to work overtime or statutory holidays, or are to be terminated early, they must be prepared to share the financial burden of these situations. And even if the client cannot provide advance notice, they will be required to sign off on extenuating circumstances, regardless. 

Keeping abreast of compliance changes can be a pain, but it pays off in a big way if you have payroll financing experts who can ensure that your due diligence is met.

Automate to Innovate

There’s been some misguided speculations in recent years that the recruitment industry is going to become completely automated, erasing the need for employment agencies altogether. While it’s true that digital transformation is rapidly changing how we recruit, it’s not changing who or what does the recruiting. Contrary to the idea that automation is going to cut out human recruiters, technology is in fact helping agencies maximize their budgets.

Think about all the time and resource-consuming activities keeping your recruiters from focusing on sourcing candidates: according to LinkedIn, 80 percent recruitment spending goes to “job ads, sourcing tools, and business development.”

Having proprietary software that can automate everyday tasks like data-entry, mining databases for the right candidates, and keeping up with current client relations benefits recruiter efficiency. And the greater your efficiency, the better your profits from placing talented candidates becomes.

With the three above strategies in mind, employment agency profit margins don’t have to be a constant headache.

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5 Ways to Build Your Reputation in the Temp Staffing Industry

Posted by Laura D’Andrea


Oct 6, 2017 9:00:00 AM

5 Ways to Build Your Reputation in the Temp Staffing Industry--.jpgEven as a new staffing firm you’ve likely heard your share about how temp staffing is the employment solution of the future. Most likely you’re starting a staffing business because you’ve heard of the Canadian skilled workers shortage that’s been hitting several industries, among other reasons. But even when you have such an in-demand business, you have some steep competition to contend with in the temp staffing industry.


To grow into a successful staffing firm, one of the most powerful strategies you can rely on is reputation building. Having a strong reputation not only attracts candidates and clients, it establishes sustainable growth and productivity that even big firms find hard to compete with.

With all the above in mind, read on for five ways to build your temp staffing industry reputation.

1. Develop a Niche

When you start out as a temp staffing firm, you might be convincing yourself that a “go hard or go home” strategy is optimal for attracting the most clients and candidates. But there’s several reasons your firm should focus on a niche instead of trying to provide for every Canadian industry suffering from the skills shortage. Not least of which is it’s hard to maintain a consistent level of customer service when you stretch your staff and resources thin. 

Especially when your firm is up and coming in the industry, you should choose an industry to become experts in and stick to it. In doing so your firm will become go-to specialists in its niche who know exactly how to deliver top talent time and again for clients.

2. Improve Your Online Marketing Game

If your staffing firm doesn’t have an online marketing strategy, there’s no better time than the present to develop one. Nowadays any business that lacks online marketing is seriously behind the eight ball, because nearly all potential candidates and clients are connected to the internet. You must put yourself on the Google map so your firm can hit a large client base and show them the expert services you have on offer. 

Your credibility will rise steadily if you’re able to employ an online marketing strategy that includes: a search engine optimized (SEO) website and blog, social media activity, and making your platforms mobile-responsive in design. You’ll be seen as forward-thinking, competitive, and convenient by clients when they research your brand and find you high amongst their search results.

3. Maintain Ongoing Compliance

Your growing reputation as a new staffing firm will crumble fast if you cannot keep up with Canada’s evolving business legislation. Your firm should be vigilant about bookkeeping for workplace safety, candidate wages, and proper worker classification, to name just a few.

In January 2018, Ontario is planning to up the penalties, both monetarily and legally, for employers who are noncompliant with their updates to the Employment Standards Act. If you’re a foreign business entity, keeping up on Canadian compliance is particularly important for building your reputation. Clients will respect your efforts to remain compliant, and candidates will respect you for paying them what their valuable talent is worth.

4. Protect Your Payroll Financing

Ensuring you can pay your placed candidates on-time, every time, boosts your firm’s reputation tenfold. But in the temp staffing industry keeping your payroll schedule consistent with all your clients can be a tall order. There are bound to be times where your client is late with a payment, meaning you have less resources to pay your candidates on time.

As well, your reputation is at stake if you connect with clients who default on their payments. Which is why you need to secure a back office solutions provider who can offer both receivables insurance and credit checks for prospective clients.

5. Digitally Transform Your Back Office

Administration needs to be streamlined and efficient to allow your salespeople the time and resources they need to focus on finding the best talent. Having software and Canadian experts who can help your new firm have its applicant/client information, compliance, and financing admin in order will cement in your reputation as a cutting edge brand.

We hope these five strategies promote the sustainable growth your new firm needs to make its reputation soar!

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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3 Ways to Elevate Your Staffing Agency

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Oct 2, 2017 11:00:00 AM

3 Ways to Elevate Your Staffing Agency--.jpgSo, you’ve started a staffing agency, but despite what you’ve likely heard about Canada’s gig economy and the rising need of staffing services you aren’t seeing much growth yet. The reason for this is simple: competition is fierce in 2017 and is projected to grow in the following year. 

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Opening a staffing firm these days is only the beginning. There are some firms that have been in the business for decades, and although you might have a key niche you’re catering to, you still need to elevate your status to gain a steady network of clients. And depending on your niche, say IT and computer technology for example, you’ll need to work hard to be able to compete with the big staffing firms. 

Need some tips to jumpstart your course to becoming a sought-after staffing agency? Check out three key strategies below for elevating your staffing agency.

1. Use Staffing Agency Software

There’s been a lot of talk this year about how much of the staffing industry has “gone digital.” Yes, not even the most people-driven industries can avoid digital transformation. If your staffing agency doesn’t begin to digitize its recruiting process, it will be falling behind on one of the most vital trends of the industry. 

There are significant advantages to using staffing agency software. Such software allows your agency to do things like employ algorithms for applicant pre-screening and rediscovery for its database. Not to mention how much easier it becomes to manage client relationships and ensure their needs have been met with your candidates in real time. Staffing agency software alleviates the burden of your back office administration, and optimizes how your staff completes their everyday tasks. 

Digitization might be tricky to deal with at times, but not if you have the right tools to implement it. An interconnected system that can roll all your essential admin duties into one—applicant tracking, client relationship management, and financial reporting—will streamline your agency.

2. Build Your Employer’s Online Brand

Your employer’s brand is another critical strategy for elevating your staffing agency, because it’s about how potential clients perceive you. Your reputation in the staffing industry will precede you, especially considering most of your clients will be researching your agency online before they decide to engage with you. 

Investing in your inbound/online marketing, which utilizes a combination of online tools like blogs, social media sites, and search engine optimization, is the key to an attractive brand. Most clients nowadays are tech savvy and want to have assurance that even as a new agency you know your staffing niche well. 

Using online marketing techniques lets your clients know that you’re forward-thinking, trustworthy, and respected amongst your peers. Social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can be leveraged to communicate with other staffing agencies, learn about the state of the industry, and disseminate your knowledge and experience of your agency’s niche.

3. Obtain a Back Office Solutions Provider

Elevating your staffing agency isn’t just about a flashy front end, it’s about how efficient your back end operations are, too. Day-to-day administration can take quite a toll on time and resources. You need to account for your payroll structures, government compliance (which is subject to ministry inspection blitzes year-round), remittances and general bookkeeping to name just a few.

That’s why you should obtain a proficient back office solutions provider. There are providers, like The Staffing Edge, who specialize in staffing agency administration. And what’s more, their experts can implement all-in-one staffing agency software that streamlines all your major tasks. Having a back office solutions provider is a real boon in today’s evolving business landscape, because they expand the capabilities of your customer service.

Implement these three tips and watch as your staffing agency’s brand starts to expand.

A CEO’s Guide: Online Marketing for Staffing Firms

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Top 3 Priorities Of Every Staffing Agency

Posted by Ray Gonder


Sep 25, 2017 3:00:00 PM

Top 3 Priorities Of Every Staffing Agency.jpgWhile every staffing agency might differ in their chosen niche of expertise, there are some priorities that all agencies share. With just one look at how 2017 has shaped up so far, it’s easy to conclude that competition is only going to become fiercer next year. No matter how big or small the staffing agency in question.


As an up-and-coming staffing agency, however, you need to be vigilant about ensuring your priorities are in check. After all, if you want your agency to rise quickly to become a contender at the industry’s forefront, you’ll have to make sure you’re maximizing your strategies for success. So, with that in mind, here’s the top three priorities that every staffing agency should share.

1. Employer Branding

Employer branding comes first on this list of priorities because it’s no longer just a strategy to grow your agency’s client database, it’s a strategy to ensure your customer service is top notch. Successful staffing agencies know there’s more advantages to choosing a niche for their business and sticking to it, because it allows them to hone their employer branding messaging to an art.

The job market paradigm has switched to one that is candidate-focused, with a lack of skilled workers still an ongoing problem in Canada. Those in the recruitment industry, due to the skills shortage and the gig economy must be able to telegraph that their agency is the best one to meet candidates’ needs. LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends report for 2017 made a key finding that although most agencies are focusing their budgeting towards traditional tactics (like job board ads and keeping overhead costs down), 53 percent of them would invest in branding if money weren’t an obstacle.

2. Efficiency

LinkedIn’s 2017 report on the recruiting industry also identified the three defining trends of future recruitment processes. These trends are: candidate diversity (which entails more than just gender and ethnicity), being able to effectively assess for soft skills, and access to innovative tools for interviewing. What do all these trends have in common? Your staffing agency’s level of efficiency.

You should be making efficiency a top priority because it’s the lifeblood powering your employer branding. Whether you can land candidates with high potential, or match candidates with the right set of skills for a client fast, depends on your recruitment process’s efficiency.

The most noteworthy detail of efficiency in your agency should be how it has a trickle-down effect from your back office to your front office, and vice versa. If your agency is too bogged down by its back end operations, you’ll notice straightaway how your front end operations begin to slow down. Your administrative tasks, like government taxes and remittances, employment standards compliance, and payroll financing should never take precedence over the core of your business, which is recruitment. Which is why the last priority on our list is about—

3. Technology

To achieve maximum efficiency, your agency needs to implement technology that streamlines the most time-consuming processes of your daily operations. Things like keeping up to date with changes to Canadian compliance, bookkeeping, and data entry for candidate and client management shouldn’t be distractions from sourcing and placing candidates with your client base.

That’s why staffing agencies are optimizing their efficiency by utilizing proprietary software, like Stafftrak which is an all-in-one suite that takes care of applicant tracking, client management, and financial reporting. As a back office provider that has decades of experience implementing tech solutions and offering Canadian expertise in compliance matters, The Staffing Edge knows that increased efficiency means increased competitiveness.

These top three priorities are part of what you need to know about starting a successful staffing agency. Don’t underestimate the guidance these priorities can offer your agency’s game plan, whether for the present or for the fast approaching new year!

A CEO’s Guide: Online Marketing for Staffing Firms

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The Typical Day of a Successful Temporary Staffing Agency Owner

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Sep 15, 2017 9:00:00 AM

The Typical Day of a Successful Temporary Staffing Agency Owner--.jpgA lot of people might assume in the current Canadian gig economy that a staffing agency, once successfully launched, runs itself. As years go by more and more daily processes of staffing agencies are automated, after all, and one might think there’s not much to do but profit as an agency owner. We’re here to put those kinds of misconceptions to rest.


This blog’s dedicated towards staffing industry hopefuls who have plans to become a successful temporary staffing agency owner, and those already on their way. If you’re curious about what it takes to run a staffing agency and what challenges you’ll need to meet head on, then keep reading.

Keeping Customer Service Competitive

Any given morning for a successful temporary staffing agency owner involves ensuring customer service is excellent. Your clients and candidates expect only the best from you because of your consistent track record.

The staffing industry is all about improving the ways people network to find jobs and people to fill those jobs. To provide great customer service, you must have a team of recruiters who are passionate about networking and filling job orders to the letter for clients.

Having access to versatile proprietary software for applicant tracking and client relationship management (CRM) as an owner gives you and your staff the tools you need to always exceed client expectations. Such software can streamline daily tasks and even track your company and staff’s performance levels, so you know where improvements can be made.

Running an Optimal Back Office

Speaking of performance levels, a successful temporary staffing agency never neglects its administration responsibilities. Every day the owner of a staffing agency must check in with its back office to see that payroll, HR, and compliance with Canadian business laws are in order. While your front office is the core of your recruitment business, if you don’t take care of back office solutions, your efficacy (a key attractor for clients and candidates) suffers. 

Having great proprietary software with a financial reporting system that catches clerical errors is one thing. But if you truly want to optimize the back end of your staffing agency, you’ll have outsourced your compliance and legal matters to experts with decades of experience. Admin experts will help wrangle the mountains of paperwork your agency generates with ease, allowing your front-end staff to focus on their recruiting specialties. 

A successful owner knows that they should be 100 percent compliant with things like employment standards and health and safety measures year-round. Especially since Canada’s employment standards and business laws are always evolving.

Implementing Bleeding Edge of Industry News

To maximize your staffing agency’s budget and talent you need to not only keep current with industry news, but implement practices from that news. Reading global reports on the key metrics (like client retention per year and number of candidates placed) and technology to improve your employer brand isn’t enough. A successful staffing industry owner learns of these key metrics and then proceeds to update their proprietary software with them.

One typical day in the life of a temporary staffing agency owner is all about properly managing your staff, ensuring that your admin is taken care of, and employing bleeding edge strategies for productivity. That means you must be present always to offer your advice staff, help vet candidates who enter your applicant tracking system, and keep up relations with your admin experts.

Your vigilance will be rewarded with an amazing attraction rate for clients and a constantly growing database of candidates, with both parties having complete faith in your employer brand. If all the above sounds doable to you as a newcomer to the industry, don’t be surprised if someday you find yourself competing with the big staffing agencies on a national level!

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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5 Benefits of Working with a Software Employment Agency

Posted by Karen McMullen


Sep 1, 2017 9:00:00 AM

5 Benefits of Working with a Software Employment Agency.jpgVacation season is practically over and that means it’s time to start the old recruitment grind for fall. When you have a lot of roles that need filling by skilled candidates in a short period of time, you’ll most likely be turning to a staffing agency for help. But how do you know which staffing agency will be able to place specific candidates in the most effective manner?


You might have heard that in recent years the rise of the software employment agency is revolutionizing the recruitment process. This is due to a lot of technological innovations that have made data-driven recruiting a science. Data-driven recruiting, if you’re new to the term, simply means utilizing data gathered from candidates to analyze and find the optimal people for your placements.

A software employment agency is expert at data-driven recruiting. Want to know what the exact benefits are of working with one? Read on to find out five major advantages you gain.

1. They’re Faster

The most immediate thing you’ll take note of working with a software employment agency is that their admin software affords them much more speed. One of the greatest advantages of staffing agency software is its ability to streamline back office efficiency.

By having software manage time-consuming tasks like data entry for applicants, pre-screening resumes, and automating payroll and bookkeeping, the front end’s effectiveness is maximized. Recruiters at a software employment agency can focus completely on finding and matching your company with top talent.

2. They’re More Creative

Recruiters at software employment agencies have more tricks up their sleeve to innovate the placement process. The speed that automation brings to their daily routine allows them to implement unique strategies like job ads that use their top-performing candidate data to target and match available roles to ideal candidates based on pre-selected criteria.


The automation of data-driven recruiting also reduces the human bias or “gut instinct” inherent in screening for candidates. Software employment agencies stand a better chance of hiring more diversely for your placements. This point is particularly noteworthy as a recent Mckinsey report found that companies that are diverse are 35 percent more likely to outperform their less diverse competitors.

3. Their Compliance is Top-Notch

Another strength your company’s not likely to find outside of a software employment agency is their ability to remain wholly compliant with Canadian business laws and financial reporting. Their software suite allows them to avoid clerical errors like double-data entry, that can not only be costly but could get them in trouble with the government when it comes time to do taxes.

Working with software enabled agencies means you won’t have to worry about troubles such as misclassification of employees either. Such mistakes can result in heavy penalties under the new employment standards act for Ontario.

4. They’re Laser Focused

When you work with a specialized staffing agency, your chances are high that you’ll find the candidates you’re looking for. But when you’re working with a staffing agency that not only knows its niche, but has access to systems that enhance their search engine optimization, you’re guaranteed to find top talent quickly.

Comparative metrics for previous candidates and key performance indicators allow software employment agencies to hone in on the candidates you’re asking for straightaway.

5. Partnering with Them Improves Your Company Brand

Software employment agencies are at the bleeding edge of the recruitment industry and partnering with them improves your company’s brand. Your competitors and prospective candidates will take notice of the fact that you’ve engaged technical experts to help you hire more diversely.

The best staffing agencies know all about online marketing for their business, which means you can glean insights from them on how to improve your company’s strategies, too. At the end of the day, partnership with a data-driven staffing agency benefits you on several fronts.

Things You Need to Know When Starting a Temp Staffing Agency

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7 Advantages of Temp Staffing

Posted by Ray Gonder


Aug 28, 2017 10:30:00 AM

7 Advantages of Temp Staffing.jpgNew staffing firms want to present an employer brand that has them hit the ground running. You have to have a handle on high overheads and set yourself up to compete with the big staffing firms eventually.

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Making temp staffing a cornerstone of your firm’s brand is very beneficial to building a successful business. Temp workers are helping Canada’s gig economy grow, and they're a key way for organizations to keep a full roster .

Want to know 7 big advantages your staffing firm gains by making temp staffing its focus? Check them out below!

1. Become a Go-To Source for Employee Flexibility

A lot of potential clients are looking specifically for temp employees. There are several reasons for this, including (but not limited to): short-term projects that require specific talent, more manpower needed during busy seasons, cost effectiveness during slow hiring periods, and covering for permanent employee sick or maternal leave.

The main point here is that there are many businesses looking for a firm that offers temp staffing solutions to help them gain more flexibility with their talent. When your firm offers temp candidates, you’ll find that your client base grows much faster!

2. Better Opportunities for Candidates

You might assume that people are only interested in permanent positions, but there’s a lot of candidates out there that want a temp position. Whether it’s their side hustle, a stop-gap before they land a permanent position, or they simply prefer to take on temp over full-time work, you’d be giving better opportunities to your candidate base. And better opportunities mean more placements with your growing client base in need of temp workers!

3. Broaden Your Range of Services

Customer service is an imperative of the staffing industry, because the needs of your clients are bound to change over time. The staffing firms that remain at the head of the pack are the ones that continuously evolve to meet client needs.

While there are many good reasons to focus on a niche for your firm, being too stringent about your niche can lose you clients to another staffing firm. Being able to offer temp services will guarantee that your current client base doesn’t dwindle.

4. Grow Your Skilled Candidate Base

There will always be temp work opportunities, especially since Canada is facing not just a gig economy, but an ongoing skills shortage too. There’s a lot of top talent out there that would love to sign on with a staffing firm that offers temp opportunities.

As mentioned above, there are many reasons for candidates to seek temp positions. But it’s important to note that there are both active and passive candidates (those who are already gainfully employed) looking for temp work. Passive candidates are sought after top talent and their presence makes your staffing firm brand even more attractive.

5. Temp Staffing is a Sustainable Niche

If you want a simple way to launch your staffing firm, consider making temp work your primary niche. You know now from the above points that offering temp placement services is more than sustainable. Capitalize on this opportunity and start off strong, with agreeable marketing and overhead costs.

6. Your Target Market is Clear

Making temp workers your priority also gives your recruitment team a streamlined set of goals for landing candidates and clients. You won’t have to worry about time management and different admin duties being negatively affected, either.

7. Hone a Specialization

The bottom line of offering temp services is that your firm will become experts in a specific field that’s going to be growing for years to come. Whether you’re adding to your existing services or choosing temp as your starter niche, you’ll grow your business fast because you’re able to offer a specialized service that’s in demand.

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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What Are the Advantages of Using Staffing Agency Software?

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Aug 23, 2017 9:00:00 AM

What Are the Advantages of Using Staffing Agency Software--.jpgPerhaps you’ve heard of how there’s software out there tailored to suit the needs of a staffing agency like yours. And most likely if you have heard of such software, you’re probably hoping that there’s a “cure-all” technology sales solution. Your staffing agency could surely benefit from some extra help in the administrative department.


Employing staffing agency software isn’t just about streamlining your business; it’s also about ensuring continuous growth. Are you curious about the advantages of using proprietary software for your staffing business? Then read on for benefits that will improve your staffing agency.

Optimize Your Efficiency

There’s nothing worse than knowing technology is holding you back from being truly productive. You could have the best recruiters with the best recruiting strategies on deck and even a good network of passive candidates, but all that will count for naught if the system you use in daily operations is inefficient.

When you have software that’s got a stellar CRM system, which bundles together major admin tasks like tracking and managing candidates and their pertinent information, do the same for clients and measure company productivity analytics. At its core, a staffing agency is chiefly concerned with optimal customer service.

Proprietary software helps you hone in on your business goals by reducing administrative hassles. Software that has both CRM and applicant tracking also improves your agency’s performance with customized settings that help you determine which candidates make the best matches for your clients.

Reduce Margin for Human Error

While we’re sure that you’re doing your utmost to keep all the paperwork straight in your business, there’s always room for human error. Sometimes there are bound to be mistakes that slip through in paperwork for complicated matters like taxation and remittances.

The problem with human error, however, when your running staffing firm is that some mistakes, such as noncompliance, can cause serious issues for your business. This is especially true if you’re a foreign company learning about the Canadian legal system and how it impacts your expansion. The last thing you want on your agency’s hands is accidental fraud due to a clerical error. What’s more, you’ll want to make sure all your staff payroll matters are handled accurately.

Proprietary software automates data entry and ensures that financial matters are kept consistent. The right software can also check against its database and point out errors like double entries.

Become a Competitive and Specialized Agency

Staffing industry-specific software for admin ultimately saves you more time and balances out your overhead costs. All the usual distractions of admin are cutback, leaving you able to focus on the tasks that matter the most such as finding your niche in the staffing business and becoming the go-to business for said niche.

The right software empowers you to build your client relationships, properly represent and match your candidates, and keep up to date with the latest information that enters your company’s system. All these aspects combined make your agency more specialized in its services and enables you to compete with the big staffing firms out there!

Sounds good? If so there’s software available such as Stafftrak that can handle applicant tracking, CRM, and financial reporting. Stafftrak’s award-winning software can link to your website and you can access it from mobile devices, making online registration and job posting for your agency a breeze.

The bottom line is this: having robust software on your side means you’re free to go take on the gig economy and find real success with your business.

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5 Staffing Firm Budget Tips for Growth

Posted by Mai Dowdie


Aug 18, 2017 9:00:00 AM

5 Staffing Firm Budget Tips for Growth--.jpgThere’s an interesting dynamic going on in the staffing firm industry as we move toward the second half of 2017. According to LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends Report for 2017, staffing firms are finding that their budgets are increasing as their competition for the same talent market increases. This is hopeful yet challenging news for firms focused on keeping up with the competition.


Fortunately for you we have five tips for how to optimize your budget so that you continue to grow your new business at a good clip. Read on to build a solid strategy for remaining competitive in the staffing industry!

1. Effective Branding Is Everything

Having the capability to communicate your staffing firm’s brand to a target audience is key to landing more skilled candidates faster. LinkedIn’s report noted that of the 2,000 search and staffing leaders they surveyed if their budget wasn’t an issue, 53% of them would invest in branding. Interestingly enough, other wish list items for staffing leaders are tie-ins for effective branding, with 39% wanting to invest in new technology and 38% wanting better sourcing tools.

Branding doesn’t have to be a pain for your budget, however. What you need to keep in mind when prioritizing your firm’s branding is how to work social media into your recruitment process.

Social media allows firms to create an ongoing dialogue between your recruiters, candidate base and potential business partners. Remember that branding is an ongoing investment and you’ll attract more of your target audience.

2. Automating the Smaller Tasks Cuts Back on Costs

A lot of the tasks in your daily operations prevent your recruiters from focusing on the core of your business: sourcing candidates. Even though firms typically expand their budgets in the New Year, recruitment teams still struggle with balancing admin tasks. Some examples include: data entry (both in bookkeeping and client relationship management systems), screening thousands of resumes, and ensuring compliance with Canadian business laws.

When you have automated solutions for your back office, your recruiters can spend more time devoting their expertise towards building client relationships and placing them according to their skills. There’s nothing more dangerous than sacrificing the satisfaction of candidates placed at companies for the sake of speed.

Automated back office solutions also save you on costs attributed to human error and bias, allowing you to auto-fill forms correctly and prescreen candidates according to specific requirements.

3. Maximize the Potential of Data-Driven Recruiting

The abovementioned statistic about staffing leaders wanting to invest big time in new technology shows that there is great growth potential in data-driven recruitment. While we don’t want to be overly reliant on selecting candidates through software alone, we can garner a lot of insight on how to streamline the recruiting process through analytics.

Some key metrics your staffing firm should keep an eye on are: candidates per hire (by recruiter and by HR manager), candidate quality by sourcing channel, and quality of pre-and post-hires.

4. Adopt a Client-Centric Placement Process

As a newer firm, it’s even more vital that you prove your mettle to your clients who need placements. Home in on what your clients want, both with your metrics and by recruiting with their specific projects and goals in mind.

Don’t forget that your business has the luxury of being able to spend most its time sourcing candidates with specific skillsets. That’s the power of staffing firms—you can specialize in niche recruiting and become go-to experts for that niche.

5. Cultivate Sustainable Contractor Talent Pool

Keep in mind that a successful firm should also consider unlocking a lucrative revenue stream with contract staffing as well. Develop rewarding experiences for skilled contractors, including generous pay and flex schedules for placements.

Your firm has a lot of tools at its disposal for growth. Utilize them wisely and you’ll see major growth in the years to come!

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