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What Staffing Firm Responsibilities Can I Outsource to a Back Office Solutions Provider?

Posted by Mai Dowdie


Oct 23, 2017 9:00:00 AM

What Staffing Firm Responsibilities Can I Outsource to a Back Office Solutions Provider--.jpgHaving the ambition and a clear plan for what kind of staffing firm you want to run is all well and good. But do you have your bases covered regarding your administration responsibilities? Often, new staffing firms falter in their performance levels because their owners have neglected or underestimated how much paperwork and compliance is involved.

If you want your staffing firm to be capable of growing to compete with the big staffing firms, you need to ensure all your back office responsibilities are met head-on. Fortunately, you can outsource major responsibilities to an expert back office solutions provider. Curious as to which major responsibilities you can outsource? Read on then.

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When you’re starting out with your staffing firm, there’s going to be several pay structures to keep straight. You not only must concern yourself with payroll for your staff and placed candidates, you need to make sure you have a backup plan for instances when your clients’ pay schedules don’t line up with your own. 

A back office solutions provider can set you up with payroll financing to ensure you can always pay your staff and candidates. Your payroll worries will be laid to rest with payroll financing.


Staying compliant with all of Canada’s workforce laws is a tall order for new staffing firms, especially if you are a branch of a foreign company. Canadian business laws are evolving all the time. 

Some labour laws to keep on top of include minimum wage, benefits, paid leaves, and misclassification. 

Outsourcing your compliance to a back office provider will be one of the most proactive moves you can make. Back office providers have experts who specialize in employment law. They’ll ensure you meet your compliance obligations on an ongoing basis.

HR and Client Administration

The amount of data and paperwork your staffing firm will generate for all your employees, candidates, and clients will be astounding to you. The more your database grows, the more streamlining there will need to be for everyday data entry and application intake. This is one more significant responsibility that outsourcing can help with.

A back office provider can offer you access to proprietary software for your front office and back office admin. Back office experts can implement this software to allow you to input and update applications in real time, as well as track candidates and their success in their placements. You can even track your firm’s overall productivity and performance levels in order to actively make improvements with up-to-date analytics.

Think of your back office as the backbone of your staffing firm. Without proper solutions in place to bolster your financing, compliance, and general administration, your ability to focus on the core of your business decreases. The more you have to fixate on the back end of your business, the more your front end suffers. Outsourcing key responsibilities to back office providers unburdens you and allows you to develop a sustainable niche.

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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5 Traits of a Great Back Office Solutions Provider

Posted by Anna Mastrandrea


Oct 4, 2017 9:00:00 AM

5 Traits of a Great Back Office Solutions Provider--.jpgAs a new staffing firm, you’re likely learning very fast that there’s limits to how much back office administration you can handle. From HR and compliance to payroll structures and government remittances, you’re practically drowning in paperwork. That’s why having a back office solutions provider is so necessary. Your core business efficiency (the key to growing your firm) is at stake, after all.


That’s why you should take the time to find not just any back office solutions provider, but a great one. But what traits define a “great” provider? To the end of answering that question, we’ve gathered together five key elements that make for a provider that’s proficient at solving staffing firm-specific challenges.

1. Expert Knowledge of Canadian Business and Industry

The thing about running a staffing firm is that its success isn’t just dependent on the current job market. In truth, it’s dependent on the current job market in the context of the country you’re operating in. Running a staffing firm in Canada is divergent in many ways from operating one in the United States, or Europe for that matter. 

Especially if you’re a foreign company opening business in Canada for the first time, you have a lot of catch up to do regarding employment standards and labour laws. To keep your due diligence ongoing, you need a back office solutions provider that has expert knowledge of the constantly evolving Canadian business legislation and how it affects the staffing industry. Great providers should be able to advise you on changes in legislation as they occur.

2. Investment Protection

The Canadian staffing industry is on the rise, with the gig economy in full swing and many sectors needing a niche staffing firm to provide temporary and contract workers. But despite this opportune market for growing your firm, your great investment won’t be sustainable if you don’t have a way to protect it. 

A great provider should be able to offer your firm options for receivables insurance and running credit checks on clients before you enter into agreements with them. You’ll learn that in the staffing industry, your payroll schedule won’t always be the same as your clients. Not to mention some of your candidates might be less trustworthy than they first appear, leading to a need to provide theft insurance for clients.

3. Payroll Structure and HR Administration

Speaking of payroll schedules, your firm must have a provider that’s flexible with payroll structures. How your firm handles payroll will never remain an exact constant, which is why you need customizable invoices.

Great providers put their Canadian business expertise to use in conjunction with their knowledge of your firm and its individual payroll admin needs. A provider’s payroll solution should position them as an integral part of your customer service, handling direct deposits, pay stubs, T4s, and government remittances.

4. Compliance Expertise

Your staffing firm should be 100 percent compliant, all year long. To that end, you must ensure your records of employment (ROE), your taxes, and classification of your placements are correct. A great provider is proficient in Canadian employment standards, and will ensure that you are ready for inspection at all times.

5. All-in-One Technology

Lastly, a great provider should have an effective suite of technology to help facilitate all the above. The Staffing Edge has award-winning software, Stafftrak, that can handle applicant tracking, client relationship management, and financial reporting.

A great provider can help a new firm like yours compete with the big staffing firms. So be sure that you choose a provider that possesses all these traits.

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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How to Find the Right Back Office Solution for Your Business

Posted by Laura D’Andrea


Sep 13, 2017 9:00:00 AM

How to Find the Right Back Office Solution for Your Business--.jpgHere’s a question for all aspiring temp staffing agency owners: how much data do you think a staffing agency generates in one week? The short (and understated) answer is: a lot. The long answer is much more complicated and dependent on any number of factors, including what your staffing niche is, where you’re located, and whether you’re a Canadian branch or a foreign business.


Temp staffing agencies are in hot demand right now in Canada, as they are helping solve the ongoing skills shortage in various industries like IT and trades.

The above paints a pretty clear picture of how much applicant and client data you’ll be dealing with even daily. To avoid drowning in paperwork you’ll need robust back office solution to for your business, and we have a guide below for how you can choose the right one.  

Does Your Solution Have an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

When choosing a back office solution that will increase the speed and efficiency of processing applicant data, you must ensure that an ATS is an included feature. An ATS can organize all the pertinent information for each candidate that enters your staffing agency’s roster. Details like previous work experience, skills, preferred roles, and (eventually as they’re placed) performance metrics can be stored and made searchable by an ATS.

Without an ATS you can’t guarantee your candidates consistent customer service. To successfully place a competitive number of candidates you should give equal amounts of care and diligence to each of your candidates. Otherwise, rival temp staffing agencies will beat you to placing temps for your potential clients.

As well you’ll want an ATS that has a search function as well so that older candidates don’t get lost in the crush of new applications. Using algorithms to rediscover talent is a key way staffing agencies can maximize their budget.

Does Your Solution Have an Integrated Client Relationship Manager (CRM)?

Organization is key to success in the staffing industry and so you must juggle both the data generated from clients along with your candidates’ data. Features like making notes and lists on prospective and repeat clients, reminders and a credit check for potential clients are necessary for optimal productivity levels. An integrated CRM for your ATS possesses all these features and is a must if you want optimum productivity levels. 

Your recruiters and you, the owner, gain the ability with a CRM to measure your productivity. Due to CRM being integrated into your ATS, you only need to use one streamlined system. Key metrics that you should track for are: how fast you’re able to place candidates, how many, client retention per year, and rate of satisfaction. Your back office solution is not just about vetting for top talent for placements, but to vet for the best staff to handle those placements.

Does Your Solution Have a Financial Reporting System?

Finally, you must determine if your back office solution can handle your finances. What you want in a financial reporting system, ideally, is the capacity to collect timesheets for your staff and temps, data entry that takes care of your agency’s pay structure, taxes, and billing for things like overtime and vacation.

A proficient financial reporting system saves your staffing agency a ton of time that usually goes wasted on double the amount of data entry. You also need such a system to help you remain compliant with Canadian employment and labour laws, which are changing with every passing year.

If your solution answers all the questions discussed above, then it’s a winner. Starting a successful staffing agency goes much smoother when admin isn’t bogging you down.

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm 

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How to Choose a Back Office Solutions Provider

Posted by Ray Gonder


Sep 11, 2017 9:00:00 AM

How to Choose a Back Office Solutions Provider.jpgEven for the bravest business people, deciding to start a staffing firm in this digital age is daunting. 2017 has proven that although the resources of staffing firms are expanding, competition continues to soar for the most skilled workers on the job market.


To run a successful staffing firm, you need to be able to perform your core business tasks in a fast, efficient, and thorough manner. But with all the distractions administrative duties represent, focusing on just your front office can seem like a tall order. That’s why you need a back office solutions provider that can take care of the complexity of admin.

How do you know which back office solutions provider is the right choice for your business? Read on for key signs of an accomplished provider that can help your staffing firm excel!

Can You Outsource Your Admin to Your Potential Provider’s Experts?

The back office of a staffing firm takes a lot of time and running through paperwork with a fine-tooth comb to run according to Canadian business standards. If you find that your business’ front end is lagging in productivity and customer service, chances are it’s due to administrative work dragging your daily operations down. 

A proficient back office solutions provider should be able to offer the option of outsourcing your administrative work to experts. These experts should be well versed in matters of human resources, corporate accounting, legal challenges, and Canadian government legislation. 

Keeping up with Canadian compliance is important. Shifts in minimum wages, vacation and sick leave, and penalties for misclassifying workers are just a few of the compliance matters your back office solutions provider should be capable of handling.

Is Your Potential Provider Focused on the Staffing Industry?

This detail is crucial to how well a provider can implement solutions that take your industry’s unique challenges into account. When you engage with a provider that does not focus on a niche, you’ll notice one-size-fits-all solutions. 

For the same reason that staffing firms tend to do better if they specialize in a certain niche, back office experts need to specialize in the staffing industry to offer custom solutions. Ask yourself which would serve your staffing firm better: a provider that throws the same blanket solution they do to businesses with divergent challenges, or a provider that knows staffing industry intimately and can offer a set of solutions that covers your individual staffing firm’s challenges?

Can Your Provider Offer Multipurpose Proprietary Software?

Perhaps your staffing firm has access to accomplished HR and admin staff, but there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to deal with all the paperwork. Depending on how your staff is while you’re starting out with your firm, sometimes solving a problem comes down to having better tools.

The right back office provider will have software solutions that can handle a number of time-sucking tasks that need automation. There are award-winning software systems out there like StaffTrak, for instance, which can handle applicant tracking, client relationship management, and financial reporting.

Such software can optimize the way that your admin staff approach daily operations for the back office, not to mention give extra assurance that clerical errors regarding payroll and taxes won’t occur. StaffTrak can also be used on the front end of your business to automate data entry and keeping client and candidate info consistent and updated.

Keep this blog’s three strategies in mind when you choose a back office solutions provider. After all, landing the right provider can help you compete with the big staffing firms.

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5 Signs You Should Outsource Administrative Work

Posted by Laura D’Andrea


Aug 11, 2017 9:00:00 AM

5 Signs You Should Outsource Administrative Work.jpgAdministrative work takes up a good chunk of energy from a business that needs speed and efficiency to grow. Staffing agencies in recent years have become even more competitive than they have been. And the competition isn’t going to let up anytime soon, since there’s a trend towards an ongoing gig economy to address an ongoing shortage of skilled workers.

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But you might be skeptical as to whether you need extra help to handle administrative tasks. Starting a successful staffing firm means a lot of data wrangling, after all. But when your business is about managing and finding placements for people, the data might be more than your back office can handle. If you’re looking for five significant signs that you need to outsource administrative work so you can focus on your core business tasks, read on.

1. You’re Struggling with Canadian Business Legislation and Regulations

If you’re an American or foreign business expanding the branches of its staffing firm into Canada, you might find that it’s no small feat to keep all the legislative matters straight. From establishing an administrative presence, to accounting for what your jurisdiction of incorporation is, to remaining compliant with taxation and employment standards, there’s more than enough on your plate from the get go!

When you choose to outsource administrative work, you don’t have to deal with the headache of ever-changing legislation and regulations. An employer of record service can offer you the distinct advantages of having experts parse Canadian business law and keep you compliant.

2. There’s No Time to Source Candidates

Staffing firms are all vying for the same market of candidates, no matter if they’re passive or active. If your firm wastes too much time dithering about administrative tasks, other staffing firms are bound to leave you in the dust. To ensure that your business isn’t short-lived, you need to streamline your daily operations so that you can snatch up the best talent first.

A key challenge of growing your staffing firm is amassing a diverse pool of talent so that you can attract more companies. Even if your firm is dedicated towards specific industries, you won’t build a wide client base if you can’t offer candidates that are suited to different types of placements (i.e. temp/project, temp-to-permanent, permanent).

3. You Can’t Seem to Balance Overhead Costs with Revenue

This is a serious sign that your business is too bogged down by its administration. While this point is obvious, it’s worth stating that there are a lot of hidden costs that rack up when you’re a new staffing firm trying to stay competitive. Not only are you worrying about the proper management of your clients, you need to make sure you and your staff are taken care of, too.

If you find that the time and resources spent on the back end of your business, you definitely need to outsource administrative work.

4. Your Current Applicant Tracking System is Creating Extra Work

Does your applicant tracking system (ATS) have no search functions, little customization for client profiles, or no options for client relationship management (CRM)? If any of these qualities describes your current ATS, this is a problem you can’t leave unchecked for long. Although an ATS is supposed to make daily operations easier, it can sink your staffing firm if it’s too inefficient.

5. Too Much Paperwork

Let’s face it: staffing agencies require a lot of paperwork. Eliminating hours of ruminating over thousands of forms keeps your business from stagnating.

Proprietary software like The Staffing Edge’s Stafftrak can handle ATS, CRM and financial reporting. Stafftrak can also be accessed not just from office desktop computers, but mobile devices as well, making it easily accessible by your staff at anytime.

Outsource administrative work and your firm will no longer struggle to tame all the data it continuously generates.

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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5 Back Office Support Services Every Staffing Firm Needs

Posted by Shannon Dowdall


Jun 9, 2017 9:00:00 AM

5-Back-Office-Support-Services-Every-Staffing-Firm-Needs.jpgBack office solutions providers offer support in a variety of areas for staffing firms—that’s the point of enlisting their help. Back office support goes a long way to helping you build a successful staffing firm

Below are five back office support services every staffing firm needs covered.

1. Financing

It’s no secret that cash flow is a constant challenge in a staffing agency, especially because of its loopy structure in this industry. Staff and employees are paid weekly, biweekly, etc., but clients may pay every month or two.Payroll financing gives you the cash flow you need to meet all of your payroll and expense obligations. 

Payroll financing is a must-have service. It bridges the pay gap by providing firms access to capital to grow the agency and ensure they meet pay periods. Financing also presents options to help with payroll processes, including creating general invoices for clients and running credit checks. 

Cash flow is a major cause for concern. This is a key service a back office should offer to help keep agencies afloat.

2. Cutting-Edge Technology

Many staffing firms certainly have adequate technology inhouse, but how long will it be good for? Software programs require training and constant updates. Stay competitive and ahead of the curve with back office support that includes the latest software to manage client orders, applicant status, and payroll tracking. 

You won’t have to worry about out-of-date applications or forgetting to update software. Back office services use top-of-the-line technology to give staffing agencies an edge among other firms.

3. Compliance

Compliance has a piece in every other service listed here. As one of the more complex areas every staffing firm has to deal with, it’s crucial for owners to get it right. Back office support services keep up with legislative revisions and new regulations, and ensure each standard is implemented and adhered to.

For firms that don’t retain in-house counsel, compliance is a necessary service offered byback office services. Human rights, employment standards, harassment, preventing workplace injuries: These are just a few issues agencies need to know how to deal with from a compliance perspective.

Noncompliance results in big risks, costs, and penalties. For client, candidate, and staffing agency protection, this is a service back office support should provide.

4. Payroll

A complex and time-consuming process, payroll takes up more responsibility than many initially think. As agencies grow, take on temporary and permanent workers, and have to divide between employees and independent contractors, payroll only gets more complicated.

Back office services providers can handle your payroll, giving your firm more time to focus on clients and candidates. The back office team is knowledgeable and able to face any changes so they can be quickly resolved. They’ll ensure pay is correctly calculated, the right taxes are deducted, expenses have been added, and employees are paid on time and in line with federal and provincial regulations.

5. HR Administration

The human resources umbrella covers a wide variety of matters, and staffing firms have to ensure everything is up to par with provincial and federal standards. From WHMIS testing to employee contracts, benefit administration and termination, these time-consuming activities can be covered by a back office team.

A back office solution ensures staffing firms meet all of these standards. Trusting HR responsibilities to a back office service provider means more time for core activities and expansion, and guarantees compliance with health and safety, employment standards, and related HR regulations.

For overall firm improvement and productivity, back office support should include HR, payroll, compliance, financing, and state-of-the-art software.

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Top 5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Back Office Provider

Posted by Mai Dowdie


May 15, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Top-5-Reasons-Your-Company-Needs-a-Back-Office-Provider.jpgAdministrative duties encompass a large part in a staffing firm. While you may think you’re using your time as efficiently as possible, there’s an alternative option that will change your mind. Here’s the top five reasons your company needs a back office provider.

1. Improve Productivity

Administrative tasks take up time without improving your bottom line. Delegating these duties elsewhere–to a back office provider, means internal staff can get back to core tasks: helping clients and recruiting candidates.Outsourcing these tasks frees up resources in-house. 

Paperwork and data entry loosely cover monotonous and tedious duties. These add up, and you may not fully realize just how much time is spent on them. A poorly automated and outdated back-end system just slows you down, making your company inefficient. Outsourcing gives you back time to improve business productivity. With the outlyingresponsibilities handled elsewhere, time is optimized to improve overall business functions.

2. Global Competition

You’re always competing with both small and national firms, which means you need the resources to do this successfully. A provider helps with state-of-the-art technology; expertise in payroll, HR, and ATS knowledge; andgives you group buying power to get the best insurance. They provide the resources and knowledge so you don’t have to do it all on your own, and can get a leg up on other firms.

3. Top-of-the-Line Technology

Back office providers have the latest technology and software to manage your business and perform at the highest level.Buying software, updating it, and training staff to use it are expensive costs for one aspect of one department.As your company grows, your technology needs to grow on the same scale.

Buying a one-time, off-the-shelf software might not be sufficient long-term. Outsourcing reduces these fees because these providers need cutting-edge technology to do the best job possible, and improveoverall efficiency so you stay organized and meet deadlines.

The back office provider will cover any issues caused by missed updates.As long as you’ve provided the correct business information, they cover mistakes from incorrectly entered data, too. These providers take care of all technology problems, makingsure everything is entered as it should be so you’re good to go.

4. Capital and Financing

Back office providers have access to provide you with the right capital and payroll financing. No matter how long clients take to pay, their services and payroll finance options will be available, helping you increase capital for your business.

Cash flow can be especially tricky, but with their help, you’ll get the liquidity and capital available to make changes and risks that allow you to grow your company. You can’t add more staff if you don’t have a way to pay them. Partner with a back office provider so you can do this.

5. Compliance Expertise

The majority of people can agree that compliance is a pain in the neck. It’s complex and constantly changes, making it a never-ending job. Get help and knowledge by outsourcing back office functions to ensure you stay on top of current and revised legislation. Your business needs to meet HR, payroll, and labour regulations. As your company grows, the complexity of these matters expands with it. If you’re adding a new territory to the roster, it complicates even further, with a new set of rules in that area to learn.

Errors can hurt businesses, resulting in fines, audits, and lawsuits. While it’s nice that you want to do it all yourself, save yourself the troublewith expert help and preserve a strong business reputation. Cut your losses with a back office provider to handle compliance accurately and efficiently.

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The Benefits of Having a Back Office Provider That Also Acts as the EOR

Posted by Shannon Dowdall


Mar 27, 2017 9:00:00 AM

The-Benefits-of-Having-a-Back-Office-Provider-That-Also-Acts-as-the-EOR.jpgA back office provider offers an essential service: handling the HR and administrative side of business so that recruiters can focus on their most essential task—finding great candidates and placing them in roles that are beneficial to all parties. The administrative work associated with staffing can be quite daunting,from making sure that all the necessary paperwork is in order to keeping employee records; there’s a lot of red tape to negotiate behind the scenes. 

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While the benefits of working with a back office service provider are fairly well known, the added benefit of working with a back office provider that also acts as the EOR is less well advertised. Just like the back office provider, the EOR (or Employer of Record) performs an essential service that can be invaluable for companies that are looking to outsource all aspects of HR and administration.

What Is an EOR?

When you partner with a back office provider that also functions as the Employer of Record, you essentially outsource every aspect of job administration, as well as the associated legal responsibility, to the provider you’ve paired with. 

Instead of paying out directly to your new employees, you would pay the EOR, which in turn ensures that your new workers are properly compensated. While handling payroll may seem fairly straightforward, there are actually a lot of responsibilities that come with being the legal EOR. For one, the EOR is essential for tax purposes. On income tax reports, your employees will list the EOR as their legal employer. Then there’s the other documentation that needs to be maintained, from employment insurance to employee benefits to workers’ compensation. 

The EOR is also responsible for handling any issues that might come up while the employee is working for you. If there are any compliance issues, workers go through the EOR; if an employee needs to be retrained and terminated, this responsibility falls to the EOR as well. The EOR basically takes on any of the administrative tasks and HR tasks that your company would normally undertake if you hadn’t partnered with back office services provider. Background checks, screenings, and training all fall under this umbrella.

HR Training

The work required of an EOR is quite extensive. When you partner with a back office provider, the purpose is to alleviate the workload so you can focus more clearly on company objectives. 

Back-end office providers are invaluable resource, but working with a provider that also acts as an EOR is even better. If you’re concerned about handling the administrative work inherent within hiring, the work of an EOR might prove equally difficult. A back-end office provider is meticulously trained in all areas of HR and administration, from keeping up to date on legislation that might have an impact on personnel to ensuring that all documentation is done properly. The necessity of having an organized filing system that ensures all tax forms are properly filled out and employee benefits are properly distributed cannot be overemphasized. Even the smallest errors of on legal forms can cause a serious amount of trouble, and money, down the line. 

The benefit of having a service that is trained in proper onboarding and conflict resolution is equally important. Like administrative paperwork, dealing with HR problems that involve compliance or complaints can be a big drain on energy and time, taking away from the essential work that needs to get done. An EOR handles all personnel problems for you, which is a huge relief in and of itself.

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Partner with a Back Office Solutions Provider to Improve Efficiency

Posted by Corinne Camara


Dec 5, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Partner-with-a-Back-Office-Solutions-Provider-to-Improve-Efficiency.jpgIn the business world, every organization is different depending on their values, goals, and staff. The challenges that come with handling administrative tasks and responsibilities, however, are consistent. A back office solutions provider helps organizations by taking care of red-tape administration so businesses can focus on sales and service. 

The term back office refers to the center in which the majority of a business’s administrative work goes on. In contrast to the front office, which is focused on customer dealings, the back office refers to the behind-the-scenes operations that keep a business going. 

A back office solutions provider has the knowledge and expertise to handle the intricacies and the technicalities that can become burdensome for businesses. Partnering with a provider of back office solutions will ensure your business doesn’t have to spend unnecessary effort dealing with HR specifics, navigating accounting, handling legalities, or staying current with changes in legislation. Instead, you can focus on improving efficiency and continuing to build your business.

HR Relief

For staffing firms in particular, a back office solutions provider can offer much administrative relief when it comes to HR responsibilities. 

Payroll needs can change drastically depending on the employment needs of your organization. Take temporary work, for example: when you’re bringing on new workers at different rates for different durations, keeping up with these ever-changing payroll specifics can be a lot of work for whoever’s in charge. Providers of back office solutions can handle the payroll processing and administrative work, even handling CRA payments and remittance calculations.  

Insurance is another area that can become difficult to navigate when an organization starts taking on temporary work. You’ll need new insurance for this new type of worker. If you partner with a back office solutions provider, insurance woes are in the hands of the experts, and with group buying power, you’ll even benefit from better rates. 

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) gives employers another set of technicalities to consider throughout the hiring process. Fortunately, back office solution providers have the knowledge of WSIB required to accurately calculate earnings and handle claims making sure your organization complies with all necessary regulations.

Expansion & Competition Opportunities

A back office solutions provider can help your business by saving the time, money, and resources that you need to use in order to grow your organization. Growth is an integral part of any business and an important step for firms to take: it’s likely that even a small startup or a well-established company will want to grow its business eventually.  

Business growth can take many different forms, but what ends up giving certain firms the advantage to expand their horizons and eventually compete with big firms is the ability to adapt, reduce risks, and team up with the right people. Joining forces with a back office solutions provider can help you focus on growing your business rather than trying to juggle an array of administrative tasks in addition to business development. 

When you outsource your back office solutions, the provider can actually reduce costs because you’ll only have to pay a transparent monthly fee. Instead of having to pay for benefits, salaries, HR experts, payroll staff and more, you can leave the experts in charge. With the peace of mind that comes with having your back office problems taken care of, your business will be better poised to compete with bigger businesses. 

Back office solutions providers can improve workplace efficiency, and as a result, can offer your firm the tools and freedom to compete with national firms. It can be difficult to focus on growing your business, especially without the resources and support to stay on budget and the expertise and software access to compete with big firms.

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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7 Reasons Staffing Companies Need a Back Office Solutions Provider

Posted by Mai Dowdie


Nov 30, 2016 9:00:00 AM

7-Reasons-Staffing-Companies-Need-a-Back-Office-Solutions-Provider.jpgStaffing agencies have to handle a lot of different tasks at the same time. Depending on the firm, a staffing company may deal with placement, temporary staffing, and long-term staffing in addition to the long list of tasks that come with running a business. 

Any business owner will tell you that things around the office can get hectic, and with the hiring landscape changing to look more favourably at contract solutions for employers, staffing companies are expected to adapt while providing excellent service. 

Staying on the cutting edge of the staffing industry takes up enough of your business’s time. When you’re wearing many hats, especially as a small business or startup owner, taking care of human resources (HR), payroll, compliance, recruitment, administration, and customer service can take up more time and effort than you’d like. Trying to keep up with all the details of your back office workload can also take away from focusing on growth and development, especially for young businesses. Fortunately, staffing companies can benefit from the workplace relief offered by a back office solutions provider: here are seven reasons why.

1. Employee Classification

Classifying your employees is a very important administrative task that, if done wrong, can lead to expensive, lengthy dealings and even class-action lawsuits. Staffing companies that deal with temporary workers and contract staffing, especially, need to be careful about adhering to the rules of employee classification. A back office solutions provider can bring the expertise to this rigorous task, making sure you don’t end up in trouble with regulatory agencies and helping you avoid significant consequences.

2. More Time

Staffing companies looking to grow their businesses will benefit from having a solutions provider taking care of the administrative work. Freeing up time and energy from detail-focused, rigorous work like payroll will allow your business to focus on development and strategic planning instead of paperwork. 

3. Payroll

For staffing companies that work with temporary employees, payroll needs can vary depending on the type of worker you are placing. Especially for those companies that work with temporary hires and see a quicker turnaround of onboarding, handling pay rates, calculating timesheets, and moving employees, your payroll clerk’s plate might be too full. A back office solutions provider can handle the paperwork and make sure you’re up to code with all regulations.

4. Capital

With the help of a back office solutions provider, staffing companies can gain access to more capital through payroll financing. You can pay your employees no matter how long it takes your clients to pay you. Having access to more capital also gives your business more freedom to grow and expand.

5. Expertise

As your business grows, the intricacies of HR, payroll, and compliance become more complex. Staffing companies looking to expand into new territory benefit from the expertise that comes with a back office solutions provider. Especially if your staffing firm deals with multiple systems and regulatory agencies, not having to worry about making a mistake can be enough to let you focus on great strategy and business growth.

6. Software & Technology

Earning that competitive edge in order to keep up with big staffing firms can be helped greatly by access to better technology and software. When you partner with a back office solutions provider, you gain access to technology that can help you stay organized, meet deadlines, and get more done.

7. Insurance

Buying insurance individually is expensive, but it’s an important service to provide, especially if you want your staffing company to stay competitive. When you partner with a back office solutions provider, you benefit from group buying power that gives you access to low-cost but high-quality insurance.

Things You Need to Know When Starting a Temp Staffing Agency

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