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5 Signs It’s Time to Break up with Your Back Office Service Provider

Posted by Ray Gonder


Apr 3, 2019 9:00:00 AM

5 Signs Its Time to Break up with Your Back Office Service ProviderYou’ve been working with your back office service provider for some time, but you’re not sure they’re still the right fit for your business. Maybe they were at first, but you’ve outgrown them. Maybe they made you a promise that seemed too good to be true, and it’s turned out that way.

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If you notice any of these five signs, it’s time to break up with the service provider you’ve been working with. There’s a better partnership waiting for you.

1. Your Back Office Service Provider Makes Promises But Doesn’t Deliver

If you’ve been having issues with service delivery, it may be time to part ways. Time and time again, you complain to the provider about an error or a task that isn’t completed on time. They promise you they’ll get it done or correct the problem.

Maybe everything operates smoothly for a week or two. Then the problem returns. A payroll error you thought was resolved happens again. Your remittances are sent out late. Training for new software is delayed.

While it’s understandable these kinds of issues will happen eventually, it’s disruptive when they occur on a regular basis. If your provider keeps making promises but seems unable to deliver, it’s time to break up with them.

2. You’ve Outgrown Their Services

This is a problem that is neither your fault nor your provider’s. When you first signed up with this back office provider, they were able to meet all your needs. Now, as your business has grown, they’ve become less able to provide services.

This could be an issue of scaling services. Your provider isn’t large enough to keep up with you, meaning you experience “growing pains” and service interruptions. It may also be an issue of the provider not offering the services you need.

In either case, it’s time to move on. There are other providers out there who can meet your needs readily. Rest assured someone else offers the services you require.

3. You’re Paying Too Much for Services You Don’t Use

This is a common problem for staffing firms that outsource any service, not just back office administration. Your contract may include services you don’t need, want, or use. As a result, you end up paying far too much for the services you do use.

At the time you signed your contract, you may have envisioned using these services, or perhaps the price was low enough to justify them even if you didn’t use them. Now, however, price increases or a lack of use have made it clear how much of a cost these services represent to your business.

As you head into your next contract, carefully review the terms to make sure you’re paying a fair price for the services you need and use. Try to find providers who will let you unbundle services so you get what you want.

4. You’ve Landed in Trouble with Compliance

One of the reasons you may be working with a back office service provider is to maintain compliance. If you’ve been penalized for non-compliance in payroll or another area, it could be time to break up.

If the provider flagged issues but didn’t suggest how you could follow up, they may not have the expertise you need. If the issues were missed altogether, it’s definitely time to seek out a new team, so you can have access to the experience and advice your business requires.

5. They’re Not Up to Date

Another reason you may want to consider seeking a new partnership is technology. Many staffing firm owners seek to work with back office service providers to leverage newer technology, such as the latest ATS or payroll software.

If your provider is using outdated technology, you’re not receiving this advantage.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time for a new partnership. Do your research and talk to other service providers. The right one is out there.



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Start 2019 Right with the Help of a Back Office Service Provider

Posted by Corinne Camara


Mar 13, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Start 2019 Right with the Help of a Back Office Service ProviderAlthough 2019 has been around for a couple of months now, it’s not too late to start the new year on the right foot. In fact, many professionals in the staffing industry may feel the year is only just beginning.

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The winter months can be slow for hiring, which means January and February are often quieter months at a staffing firm. You may also run your fiscal year to coincide with the end of the tax year, which means May 1 is the start of a new year for your business.

Either way, spring often heralds the beginning of a busy year ahead for staffing agencies and their employees. If you want to stay on top this year, consider working with a back office service provider.

What Is a Back Office Service Provider?

The first question you likely have is, “What is a back office service provider?”

This staffing industry partner provides administrative services, such as:

  • Payroll management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Compliance
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Financing

Most vendors act as consultants as well. You can collaborate with them on policy reviews, HR tasks, and more.

In short, a back office service provider takes the administrative side of running your agency off your hands. With your time freed up from these crucial yet time-intensive tasks, you can focus on your own areas of expertise.

Why You Should Get Help with the Back Office

Many people in the staffing industry see working with a provider as an additional expense. They may feel confident they can handle all their back office tasks themselves.

Stop and ask yourself if this is really the best use of your time. For all the hours you spend administering payroll, what other jobs could you be working on?

This is probably the best reason to work with a back office service provider. As suggested above, the experts can help you get back to your core jobs. In turn, you can focus on growing your business, improving client relationships, and more.

Working with a service provider can save you more than time. It can also save you money. Add up all the time you and your staff spend on payroll and other administrative tasks. How much are these tasks actually costing you?

It may be costing you even more than you think, especially if you need to contend with payroll errors, misclassification penalties, or remittance tax penalties.

Finally, working with a service provider streamlines your back office. You can rest assured tasks will be completed correctly and on time. With the back office running smoothly, you can get back to what matters.

Getting Back Office Support Can Propel Your Success

As mentioned, completing administrative work in house could be costing you more than you think. It may also be stalling the growth of your business.

A service provider uses the latest technology to complete tasks more efficiently. This frees up time and saves money. It also allows the provider to scale quickly when your business enters an expansion phase. Working with a provider lets you take advantage of all those opportunities when they come knocking on your door.

Discover What a Service Provider Can Do for You

If you’re still handling payroll and other similar work in house, it might be time to talk to a back office service provider. If you’re still wondering what these experts can do for you, get in touch with one. A provider can help you find the right service solution for your business.


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5 Clear-Cut Signs It’s Time for Back Office Support

Posted by Shannon Dowdall


Feb 25, 2019 9:00:00 AM

5_Clear_Cut_Signs_It_s_Time_for_Back_Office_SupportYour staffing agency is a busy place these days. You’re growing, and you want to stay on that path.

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There may be a few things holding you back. One of them might be the state of your back office. The back office most often takes care of the administrative functions in a business, such as handling payroll or administering benefits.

While these tasks are important, they’re also a distraction from your core business. When you’re busy focusing on HR, payroll, or compliance, you’re neglecting your candidate pipeline or cutting back on time spent looking for new clients and winning new contracts. It might be time for back office support.

How do you know if it’s time to get administrative support? These five clear-cut signs can tell you.

1. Your Staff Is Asking for Back Office Support

One of the best indicators you need support in the back office is that your staff is overworked and asking for help. They may feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks on their plate, or they may be falling behind on payroll every week. Whatever the case, they know they need help, and they’re asking you to provide it.

You have a few options in this situation. One would be to hire more staff members, such as a payroll administrator or compliance expert. You can also hire a provider to get the expert help you need in all areas immediately.

For many staffing agencies, working with the back office provider will be the best way to get the help they need. The provider’s assistance is scalable, which means it can grow as you need it. For most, it’s also the more economical option.

2. You’ve Received Payroll Fines or Penalties

Payroll is one of the biggest tasks you face in your organization.

If you’ve received penalties from your federal revenue agency in the last 12 months, it’s time to consider back office support. The expert team will help you administer payroll correctly and on time for every pay period.

3. Compliance Is a Concern

Payroll penalties are a subset of a larger problem for staffing agencies. Compliance extends far beyond making sure deductions are withheld correctly and payroll remittances are sent in on time.

Compliance can also mean monitoring the labour legislation where you operate and updating your policies as needed. It may mean you need to conduct more health and safety training, create a worker classification program, or revise wage scales and leaves.

The staff at a back office support provider can help you monitor the situation and make the adjustments you need to stay compliant.

4. Your Technology Is Out of Date

Another common sign you need support in the back office is your own technology. How recently have you upgraded your ATS or other software? If what you’re using looks like it runs on Windows 98, it’s definitely time to upgrade.

A provider can help you modernize the technology you’re using. Most providers offer state-of-the-art proprietary software for the front and back office, which you can leverage as their client.

5. You Need Help with Benefits Administration

Benefits include everything from vacation to public holiday pay to healthcare. Compliance is a concern in this area, and you need to make sure you’re staying on top of administration as well.

A back office provider can help you stay on top of all of your obligations in this area, ensuring you meet the stringent and ever-evolving regulations.

Have you noticed any of these signs in your business? If so, it’s time to talk to a back office provider about getting the support you need.


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How Back Office Support Cuts Staffing Agency Costs

Posted by Corinne Camara


Jan 21, 2019 9:00:00 AM

How_Back_Office_Support_Cuts_Staffing_Agency_CostsMost agencies operate on a slim profit margin, with most of their gross margin eaten up by overhead expenses like payroll. Other administrative functions can add to your overheads. Some statistics suggest the staffing industry is incredibly capital intensive, with most of what you make going right back out again.

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At some point, most staffing agency owners wonder how they can cut staffing agency costs and improve their profit margins. In an environment where rising labour costs are a reality, it may seem impossible. Back office support might be the answer you’re looking for.

How Can You Cut Staffing Agency Costs?

There are a few different ways you can go about cutting costs around your staffing agency. Some of them are more practical than others.

Labour costs are one common area staffing agency owners focus on. In an environment where labour costs continue to rise, agency owners may focus on curbing on-call shifts or overtime. Others may focus on limiting benefits like health insurance or vacation time.

Your own agency operations are often more under your control. You can look for an office with lower rent, for example, or you can opt not to implement new staffing agency software. You might decide to turn down the heat or turn off the lights to save on your energy bill.

Some of these measures won’t be popular with your staff. Another strategy is getting the right back office support for your agency. This solution is likely to be much more welcome.

What Is Back Office Support?

Back office functions are the administrative functions you have to complete in order to keep your doors open. They include payroll and compliance monitoring.

They aren’t your core activities, and they aren’t usually revenue-generating tasks. As a result, they tend to take you away from those core functions, which limits your capacity to increase revenue.

Getting the right support can help you get back to those core activities. You can generate more revenue as a result. This is just one way back office support helps staffing agencies. It can also help you cut costs.

Saving Time and Saving Money

Think about your areas of expertise. Chances are you’re not an HR specialist or a payroll professional. You might manage the bookkeeping, but it’s a long, arduous process. You often make mistakes.

Not only are you being taken away from revenue-generating activities, you’re also increasing the risk of error. When it comes to bookkeeping, compliance, HR, and payroll, those mistakes can be costly.

Why not let the experts handle these tasks instead? Bookkeepers, HR specialists, and payroll professionals can streamline your back office functions. They’ll complete these tasks more efficiently, which saves you both time and money. It can also save you from making costly mistakes.

This is how the right back office support can cut staffing agency costs. It reduces the amount of time spent on activities that don’t generate revenue, and it also helps you avoid mistakes that might cost you otherwise. Completing tasks efficiently and correctly translates into lower costs.

It also improves productivity across all of your business activities.

Is It Time to Invest in Back Office Support?

For many staffing agency owners, getting back office support looks like an expenditure, rather than a cost-saving mechanism. As demonstrated, it could help you save even more.

If you’re looking for ways to cut staffing agency costs, consider the back office support you have. It may be time to invest in a support solution for your business.


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Why You Should Analyze Your Back Office Data

Posted by Stacey Jones


Jan 9, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Why_You_Should_Analyze_Your_Back_Office_DataRunning a staffing firm is full of challenges. For people like you, that’s a good thing. The little ups and downs keep you on your toes. You love being able to sit down with a problem and think it through to find creative solutions.

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One of the most common places to find challenges in a staffing firm is in the back office. With back office data, however, you can start making better decisions to overcome these obstacles.

What Is Back Office Data?

What is back office data, anyway? It’s the data generated by the administrative tasks in your business. Think of the information you generate when administering payroll or creating invoices.

It can also include information about time. How are your employees spending their time? How long does a particular task take in your business?

The information can even include marketing data and overhead costs.

All of this information is important for your business. You probably knew it was important to keep tabs on how much you were spending on payroll and overtime, or how much revenue you brought in.

Back office data can tell you much more about your business, however, provided you analyze it.

What You Can Learn

When you begin analyzing data in your business, you’ll learn much more than just how much revenue you’re bringing in or how much you’re spending.

You might have already known about the kinds of information you can gather in financial data reports. You can see increases in expenditures or decreases in overheads. You can then tie that information back to changes in the regulatory environment or new programs you’ve implemented.

Data analysis can tell you more about the health of the business than just year-over-year growth statistics. It can show you information about things like productivity, efficiency, and other performance indicators.

Suppose you adopted new staffing firm software. You knew this software cost X dollars, and you were also aware you brought in more revenue and decreased expenditures after adopting it.

The data from the back office can show you more of the story. It can show you that your labour costs came down because your team was spending less time fixing mistakes or inputting data. It also shows they were able to accomplish more in the same time, improving their win rate with new clients. You already knew the outcomes, but now you also know how it happened.

Why Does It Matter?

Some business owners might ask if they really care why their expenditures decreased or their revenue increased. Those are both good trends, so it’s less important why they happened than that they occurred.

Understanding why these outcomes occurred is important, however, since it can help you make better business decisions. If you know how much time your staff spends on particular tasks, you can make better estimates about how much time you’ll save by adopting new tools.

This can help you decide whether adopting the new tool is really worth the investment.

You can also glean other information, such as how long it takes clients to pay their invoices on average. This could help you rethink your policies. Is there a way to entice clients to pay sooner?

You might rethink processes as well. How can you reduce the time spent on a task, for example?

Powering Your Business

It should be clear back office data gives you more information about your business. It helps you make smarter decisions.

As a result, you can provide better service to your clients and better experiences for your candidates alike.

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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Why Growing Staffing Agencies Need to Consider External Back Office Support

Posted by Laura D’Andrea


Dec 12, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Why_Growing_Staffing_Agencies_Need_to_Consider_External_Back_Office_SupportAs the world of work continues to transform, more employers and employees alike are looking at flexible, contract, and temporary work arrangements.

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This has provided staffing agencies with unique growth opportunities. A partnership between agency and client can help employers meet their staffing needs quickly and easily. A partnership between agency and candidate, on the other hand, can help candidates meet their needs for learning, development, and flexibility.

In this environment, many agencies are experiencing growth. If you have a growing staffing agency, you’ve no doubt been faced with some of the common “growing pains.” From difficulties with cash flow to problems in payroll and beyond, you might be wondering what you can do to smooth things over and keep your business growing steadily.

External back office support might be the solution you’re looking for. Here’s why you need to consider this option for your business.

What Is External Back Office Support for Staffing Agencies?

It’s best to start by defining external back office support.

Most businesses, including staffing agencies, have many administrative functions. This includes payroll, accounting, compliance, and other human resources functions. These jobs are often time consuming and they must be completed, but they aren’t the core of your business operations.

More often than not, these back office functions take you away from the true tasks of your business. For staffing agencies, core tasks include gaining new clients and finding and hiring new candidates.

External back office support turns your administrative functions over to a third-party support provider. This then frees up your time to focus on your core tasks.

What Do External Back Office Support Providers Do?

As discussed, back office support for a staffing agency could include any number of administrative functions. This might be your compliance monitoring activities, payroll, or bookkeeping.

The expert team employed by your third-party provider also helps by offering advice and feedback. Their knowledge and experience make them ideal resources for you to draw on when you have questions.

Being able to rely on this team allows you to free up your own team to focus on the jobs that really matter to the business. Tasks are still completed properly and on time, and you get expert insight.

What Are the Benefits of This Support?

The biggest advantage of back office support for staffing agencies is time. You and your team members are able to focus on the things you’re best at. More will be accomplished around the business. Core functions won’t go neglected as you no longer need to deal with the fine print and the paperwork.

External back office support can also save staffing agencies money. This kind of support reduces the amount of time you need to spend on administrative jobs. Overhead costs can thus be reduced. Expert advice may also save you money by helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Finally, staffing agencies can focus on increasing growth even more when they have the right support in the back office. If you’re currently experiencing growing pains or feel like you’ve hit a growth ceiling, it could be time to talk to an external back office support provider.

Do You Need Back Office Support?

It can sometimes be difficult for staffing agency owners to tell when they need external support. There are signs you can watch for.

If you think it might be time to get some help, talk to a provider today. They can help you assess your needs and assist you as you continue on the path to continued growth.


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5 Reasons Hiring a Back Office Services Provider Is Worth the Cost

Posted by Corinne Camara


Nov 26, 2018 9:00:00 AM

5 Reasons Hiring a Back Office Services Provider Is Worth the CostAs a business owner, you keep a careful eye on your expenditures. Overhead costs can make or break your company, which is why you try to keep costs as low as possible and reasonable. Additional costs can cut into your profits, which is another reason you want to avoid them.

It’s one of the reasons you’ve hesitated to outsource any of your business processes, including human resources functions like payroll, compliance, and other administrative tasks. You have a talented team of HR professionals working for you anyway, so you’re sure they can handle it.

Take a good look at your operations, however, and you’ll start to see numerous reasons engaging a back office services provider is more than worth the cost.

1. You Need Flexibility to Fuel Growth

The staffing industry in Canada is growing exponentially right now. Many firms have found it necessary to expand in order to accommodate the demand created by the gig economy.

In order to fuel this growth in your own staffing agency, you need flexibility in almost every aspect of your business. One of the most difficult to come by is cash flow flexibility.

You need cash flow flexibility in order to finance your growth. A back office services provider can help you achieve this by providing additional financing options.

2. You’re Having Trouble Keeping up with Compliance

Government relations is another area in which you could benefit from a back office services provider. You may not have the expertise on your own to deal with the various government agencies you’ll be required to interact with.

You also may find it difficult to keep up with changes in government legislation. A back office services provider can help you monitor compliance, advise you of changes, and even help you plan policy changes to ensure your business is compliant.

3. You Need Guidance as You Expand

Are you looking to expand your business into a new province or territory? It’s an exciting opportunity, but you may quickly find you’re a bit out of your depth.

There are many differences in provincial jurisdictions to be aware of, so you and your HR team may find yourselves learning and re-learning employment law each time you enter a new provincial market.

Let a back office services provider guide the way as you move into new territories and provinces. Their expertise can help you avoid costly mistakes.

4. You Want to Streamline Your Processes

Another reason back office services providers are more than worth the cost of services is that they can actually help your business become more efficient. They often provide technology designed to ease workflows, making time-intensive tasks simpler and easier to complete than ever before.

Since they also have experts on staff, they can help you avoid costly mistakes. Their knowledge will help you streamline and complete tasks more efficiently than ever before.

5. Your HR Team Might Be Costing You More Than You Think

Many business owners opt to keep their back office administrative tasks in-house because they believe it’s more cost efficient. If you sat down and crunched the numbers, would the reality line up with this expectation?

For many businesses, the answer is no. Inefficiencies in processes, software, and even staff can mean your HR team costs more than you think it does. At the end of the day, the more economical option might actually be partnering with a back office services provider.

Working with a back office services provider might seem like an unnecessary expense, but more often than not, it truly is the more economical option. You can actually increase your revenue as you turn your attention back to other tasks that will fuel growth.


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Why Staffing Agencies Need Back Office Support

Posted by Mai Dowdie


Oct 31, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Why_Staffing_Agencies_Need_Back_Office_SupportThe staffing industry has been growing by leaps and bounds in North America. It’s been necessary as the gig economy has shifted into high gear. Employers and employees alike are both realizing the benefits of more flexible work arrangements.

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Staffing agencies are uniquely positioned to help serve the new needs of today’s flexible workforce, but even agencies need a helping hand themselves.

One of the most common ways for an agency to get a helping hand is to partner with a back office support provider.

What is back office support?

Back office support helps agencies manage all sorts of day-to-day administrative tasks, including payroll, accounting, HR, compliance, and more. Essentially, it takes the pressure off your existing staff and allows you to focus more on other activities, like recruiting and customer service.

Why consider back office support for your staffing agency? There are a few reasons you need this kind of support.

Smaller Staffing Agencies Need a Helping Hand

One of the reasons a staffing agency might need back office support is that the existing staff don’t have expertise in key areas. If you’re an independent recruiter, your own strengths likely lie in the areas of recruitment, hiring, or client services.

You’re probably not an expert in payroll or compliance. In fact, perhaps no member of your staff has the skills you need in these areas.

Back office support solves this issue for staffing agencies. Whether you need assistance in the arena of accounting and payroll or you could use a helping hand with HR or compliance activities, partnering with a back office support provider could be the solution.

You Can Offer More Services

One of the biggest challenges for smaller staffing agencies and independent recruiters has been competing with larger staffing firms. These firms have ample access to personnel and resources, and they often seem to have the market locked down for temporary staffing services.

By getting back office support for your staffing business, you can offer more services. Many smaller firms and independent recruiters only have the resources to offer permanent staffing services. Temporary staffing requires a different set of skills, resources, and expertise, which you may not have access to.

With back office support, you’ll have access to the resources you need to offer these additional services.

Your Clients Will Be Happier

Another reason to enlist the help of a back office support provider is to provide better customer service to your clients. This is probably one of the reasons you offer the services you do or you want to expand your service offerings.

Getting back office support can help staffing agencies meet their clients’ expectations and offer them more services.

Back office support doesn’t have to mean expanded service offerings. In many cases, it improves the flow of operations, ensuring everything is completed on time and accurately. Since it also frees up your time, you can work on sourcing candidates for your clients more quickly and placing job seekers sooner.

Your Candidates Will Be Happier

Your clients aren’t the only ones who benefit when you use back office support for your staffing agency. Your candidates will also enjoy some benefits. One of the major ones is payroll, since the right back office support ensures your payroll is finished on time and accurately.

You’ll also be able to work on placing candidates sooner and at more appropriate positions. Job candidates may also have a better experience with you, increasing the likelihood they’ll come back for more jobs through you.

Get a Helping Hand Today

Back office support is clearly advantageous for everyone in the staffing industry, not just staffing agencies. If you’re ready to see what a back office support provider can do for you and your business, get in touch with the experts today.


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4 Business Support Offerings for Staffing Firms

Posted by Mai Dowdie


Aug 29, 2018 9:00:00 AM

4-Business-Support-Offerings-for-Staffing-Firms-compressorRunning a business is no walk in the park. It takes time, effort, and ingenuity. Staffing firms are no exception to this rule, as you already know. You’re constantly moving from task to task, ensuring the business keeps running smoothly. You may sometimes wonder what kind of assistance exists for companies like yours.

Download "How TSE’s Back Office Support Helped a Staffing Agency Expand  Nationally" Case Study

Back office support is some of the most valuable assistance available to a staffing firm today. What is back office support?

Support for the back office includes a variety of administrative tasks, such as human resources, payroll, compliance monitoring, and benefits administration. It can also lean to the financial side of things, helping you secure funding to keep cash flowing or assisting you with collections on accounts receivable. Moreover, back office support provides you with an expert team you can rely on for great advice.

What can back office support truly do for staffing firms? Take a look at some of these business support offerings, and consider which could help in your day-to-day operations.

1. Staffing Firms Can Get Help with Payroll

Payroll is a time-intensive task for most businesses, staffing firms included. While this task may seem straightforward at first, it can become quite complex, particularly if you offer temporary staffing services. In turn, mistakes in payroll can have some serious consequences, from penalties from the Canada Revenue Agency to audits and more. 

Getting business support could mean getting assistance with your payroll activities. A support provider can help you administer payroll quickly and correctly. This task is shifted from your own HR team, so they can focus on other crucial tasks in the business. At the same time, payroll is completed correctly by knowledgeable staff.

2. Compliance Monitoring Can Help You Stay Ahead

Speaking of time-intensive tasks, how much do you dedicate to compliance monitoring in your business? With changing legal frameworks in almost every province in the past couple of years, you may have decided to spend more time and effort on your compliance.

Your in-house staff is already so busy. Why add to the workload? Compliance monitoring is time-intensive and ongoing, so you may quickly see it go by the wayside as more important tasks take over.

Shift your monitoring activities to a support provider to free up your own staff. While they move on to other tasks, you can rest assured someone is keeping an eye on this important aspect of your business.

3. Get Access to Expert Advice for Staffing Firms

No matter how long you’ve been in business, there are no doubt times you have questions about what the right move is for your staffing firm. Should you expand into another province or open another location nearby? Is it time to restructure? What could you do to save more on administration tasks?

Back office support providers are staffed by teams of knowledgeable people with experience in the industry. They can provide their own insights and offer you advice as you consider your options. You can rest assured you’re making the right choice by getting outside insight.

4. Get a Helping Hand with the Financials

Some back office support providers can assist with the financial side of things as well. They may be able to provide access to capital, such as a service such as payroll factoring.

This alleviates many of the financial headaches staffing firms encounter. It can help you manage cash flow more effectively, while assisting you in collecting on your invoices sooner rather than later. 

Back office support is clearly an advantage for staffing firms. Think about the services offered and how they could benefit your business. If you’re still unsure, talk to a provider today and discover how they could help your business.


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How You Can Reduce Staffing Agency Admin Costs with Backend Support

Posted by Ray Gonder


Aug 22, 2018 9:00:00 AM

How_You_Can_Reduce_Staffing_Agency_Admin_Costs_with_Backend_SupportRunning a staffing agency can be both rewarding and lucrative. It’s also an extremely competitive industry, and the competition between firms has only been heating up as the Canadian economy has continued to grow and unemployment has hovered around its lowest rate in 40 years.

Download "How TSE’s Back Office Support Helped a Staffing Agency Expand  Nationally" Case Study

In these conditions, staffing firms must be operating at maximum efficiency to achieve the results they want—or even to stay afloat. These conditions affect big agencies, startups, and independent recruiters alike. There are many things you can do to help your agency run more efficiently. Lowering costs is one area you’ll likely pinpoint in your efforts. You may even look to backend support to help reduce administration costs.

What is backend support?

Support for the backend of your agency helps you with a variety of administrative tasks, including payroll, financing, bookkeeping, compliance monitoring, and other HR responsibilities.

Administration Tasks Keep a Staffing Agency Running

Administrative tasks are inescapable in virtually every industry, and the staffing industry is no exception to the rule. Admin tasks are ultimately what keep your firm afloat. After all, if you didn’t process payroll, your candidates wouldn’t get paid. Neither would your in-house staff. You likely wouldn’t continue operating for very long.

Other tasks, such as compliance monitoring, can help you avoid legal troubles, which can be costly. Good bookkeeping keeps you in the Canada Revenue Agency’s good books, helping you avoid penalties or audits.

It should be clear why administrative tasks in your back office are so important.

Staffing Agencies Spend Too Much on Admin Costs

Since admin tasks are so vital to an organization, it often seems to make sense that you carry a large amount of overhead on these tasks.

Another reality of staffing firm admin costs is that these tasks are often time-intensive. Payroll may seem straightforward, but it can become quite complex. Compliance must be monitored on a regular basis, as the legal framework is constantly shifting and changing. You may need to review your policies at any time of the year to make sure you’re still compliant.

Spending all this time on admin tasks can really add up. You may feel you have to pay as much as you do, because these tasks need to be completed.

Look for Backend Support to Lower Costs

Most staffing agencies could actually lower their admin costs. They can accomplish this by partnering with a back office solutions provider.

How does this lower costs? First and foremost, the provider is staffed by experts who are highly trained. They carry out these tasks day in, day out, and they use the latest technology to help them do it. All of this means one thing: They can get the job done, and they can get it done faster.

In turn, backend support lowers the costs of administration in your staffing agency.

Getting Things Done Right

The other way backend support can help a staffing agency lower admin costs is by ensuring things are done correctly in the first place. For example, you risk making mistakes if you handle your bookkeeping by yourself. These mistakes could cost you when the CRA decides to audit your books.

Backend support helps you avoid situations like this, so you can be sure you’re operating in compliance with the employment law and regulations.

The right technology and expert staff can lower the number of human-made errors. More accurate, timely reports and remittances are possible when you enlist the help of backend support for your staffing agency.

Is Backend Support Right for You?

In this competitive environment, almost every staffing firm could benefit from backend support. Lowering admin costs and improving efficiency are just two of the many benefits backend support can provide for your business.


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