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Why Back-Office Support Is Key to Increasing Efficiency

Posted by Mai Dowdie


Jun 8, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Why_Back_Office_Support_Is_Key_to_Expanding_NationallyA well-oiled back-office operation can help keep operational costs low and boost productivity. However, most companies don't take steps to make their back-office operations efficient. This results in decreased cost efficiencies and reduced profitability.

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Back-office operations relating to accounts, IT, HR, and legal compliance support front-end employees. No business could function without their support. The efficiency of the front-end operations, in fact, depends on a solid backing from the back-office employees.

One of the best ways to improve the efficiency of the back office is to outsource the operations to a professional back office solutions provider. Why? Here are five benefits you’ll gain from outsourcing back-office operations.

Gain Cost Efficiencies

The foremost benefit of external back-office support is that it helps in cutting costs. Paying for internal back-office operations can cost a lot of money. You have to provide health insurance, holiday pay, disability payments, and pay for many other mandatory employee benefit plans. All this can take a big chunk out of the operational costs.

By outsourcing back-office operations, you can significantly cut down internal costs. You no longer need to employ staff to perform any back-end operation. Letting a specialized firm handle all your back-end tasks can result in savings of up to 70 percent. You can invest the savings in growing your business or making it more efficient.

Focus on Core Activities

Outsourcing back-end operations to a company will let you focus on your core business activities. In this way, you can channelize all your time and effort to improve the core business operations. This can result in better business performance and improved profitability.

Benefit from Specialized Services

Outsourced vendors employ highly experienced and specialized staff for different back-end operations. By hiring their services, you can get the specialized support that can make operations faster and more efficient. This is particularly valuable for new companies that don't have the resources to invest in experienced staff for accounting, legal, HR, or other back-end operations.

Improved Internal Control

The expert staff of outsourced back-office vendors is experienced in ensuring compliance with standards of governance and compliance parameters. They can make sure that the internal operations conform to legal requirements. This helps you avoid legal trouble down the road due to noncompliance with provincial or federal rules.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Lastly, letting a back office solutions provider handle your back-end operations will result in improved customer satisfaction. Proprietary software helps you track all orders and clients from one place. This will help your sales and customer support personnel to more effectively meet the needs of customers, which will have a positive effect on the company's bottom line.

Let a back-office solutions provider take care of all your back-end needs.


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Why Staffing Agencies May Want to Seek Back Office Support

Posted by Shannon Dowdall


May 21, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Why-Staffing-Agencies-May-Want-to-Seek-Back-Office-Support-compressorStaffing agencies spend a lot of time and resources trying to keep their administration up to current standards. Between trying to reduce the need for recruiters to do double-duty on paperwork and data entry, and managing your business in a compliant manner, your back office can derail your front office’s daily priorities. You need to focus on core business tasks in order to become a competitive staffing agency. 

Download "How TSE’s Back Office Support Helped a Staffing Agency Expand  Nationally" Case Study

The catch-22 of the staffing industry is that your back office is essential to the success of your front office, but your front office tasks are what drive your business. You need your recruiters to concentrate solely on using their expertise to source candidates and fill work orders. What’s a viable solution for staffing agencies? Consider seeking back office support.

Canadian Staffing Industry Standards Are Constantly Evolving

Back office support is key to staying on top of Canadian compliance. Your staffing agency must remain compliant no matter how quickly legislature changes. In worse-case scenarios, you could face major penalties (both monetary and legal) that will impact your business in ways that are hard to recover from. 

If staffing agencies want to keep their growth sustainable, no matter their size, they need to minimize the risk of non-compliance. When you outsource your back office, tasks like payroll, worker classification, and HR are taken care of. Back office providers can also serve as integral advisors on new developments to Canadian business legislation as well, keeping you abreast of new compliance regulations.

Flexible Payroll Financing Is a Crucial Asset

No matter how long you’ve been running your staffing agency, you’re probably more than aware of how difficult landing flexible payroll financing is. In the staffing industry, cash flow management is often difficult due to mismatched payroll schedules with your clients. Other liabilities can include clients defaulting on their payments and struggling to maximize ROI because of expensive payroll financing solutions like lines of credit or factoring firm partnerships. 

Back office support can offer flexible financing solutions that stop payroll liabilities before they happen. A back office provider can run credit checks on prospective clients and send regular account status inquiries to clients who are taking longer than usual to pay. There’s also payroll insurance that’s tailored to suit the needs of your staffing agency to ensure your workers are always paid on time. 

The more flexible your payroll financing becomes, the more your staffing agency can improve its bottom line. That’s why payroll financing that can handle the rigours of the staffing industry’s upside-down cash flow is a crucial asset.

Automation Streamlines Daily Administration

Lastly, staffing agencies will want to consider how back office support can reduce administrative busywork. Back office providers have proprietary software designed specifically for the staffing industry. One such proprietary software system, StaffTrak, has won awards. Applicant tracking, client relationship management, and financial reporting can be handled by staffing agency technology like StaffTrak.

For your staffing agency to compete with the big staffing firms, your infrastructure needs to be digitally transformed. And digital transformation is a process that expert back office providers know well. Make sure your staffing agency’s back office is optimized because it’s imperative to the success of your front office.


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How Back Office Solutions Help Staffing Agency Startups

Posted by Chelsea Henry


May 18, 2018 9:00:00 AM

How-Back-Office-Solutions-Help-Staffing-Agency-Startups-compressorSurviving the first couple years in business is challenging. There are many reasons why 50 percent of startups fail during the first two years, including starting a business that wasn’t relevant to the customer base, lack of competitor research, and mismanaged cash flow. Perhaps the most critical reason that startups fail, however, is the lack of infrastructure to sustain a fast-growing business. 

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The rise of the Canadian gig economy has accelerated growth for staffing agency startups. If you’ve chosen a high-potential niche to cater to, your agency will find its networks of candidates and clients rapidly expanding. And the more your roster grows, the more back office administration you’ll have to contend with. 

Staffing agencies can easily drown in paperwork if they’re not careful, which is why you need a dedicated back office solutions provider. Industry-specific providers help staffing agency startups integrate a robust infrastructure that enables them to succeed.

Relieve Your Front Office of Admin Double-Duty

When you don’t have an effective solution for balancing back office paperwork and front office recruitment and business development, your staffing agency startup will experience a sharp decline in productivity. The less time you have for your core duties like online marketing for your agency’s brand and sourcing talent for your clients, the more likely it is your agency won’t last beyond the two-year mark. 

Back office solutions providers can offer relief to your front-office staff. This relief comes in the form of specialized technology. 

Providers like The Staffing Edge (TSE) have developed award-winning software that can handle applicant tracking, client relationship management, and financial reporting all in one system. Automating your back office is key to your success because the startups that can offer consistent high-quality service are the ones that have the most staying power.

Keep Your Cash Flowing in the Right Direction

More so than other startups, a staffing agency struggles with payroll liabilities early on. Despite the high potential for profit, with many clients lined up to engage your agency for their hiring solutions, your cash flow is often upside-down. 

Since you’re the one paying your workers, but dependent on clients’ payments to give you the resources to do so, you need to ensure you have insurance for unexpectedly long gaps between paid invoices, not to mention instances when your client defaults on payments.   

Back office providers offer payroll financing and outsourcing options, including: 

  • Comprehensive insurance that can account for pay schedule inconsistencies, damages, and payment defaults
  • Credit checks for prospective clients
  • Account status inquiries
  • Custom payroll processing 

Your startup must become proficient at cash management if you want to harness your full potential. 

Stay Compliant

If you want to start a successful agency, you must make compliance a priority. Your agency’s reputation and legitimacy depend on remaining compliant.

Back office solutions providers like TSE are Canadian compliance experts and they can act as your advisors in matters of proper wages, health and safety regulations, remittances, worker classification and more. Your startup will thrive if it can prove to all parties involved that you value running a compliant agency that has the infrastructure to handle Canada’s booming gig economy and ever-changing legislation.

All the above solutions discussed together make a formidable strategy for launching a successful startup in the staffing industry.


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How Having Proactive Staffing Solutions Can Encourage Business Growth

Posted by Mai Dowdie


Apr 25, 2018 9:00:00 AM

How-Having-Proactive-Staffing-Solutions-Can-Encourage-Business-Growth-compressorThe gig economy may be our norm for hiring today, but that doesn’t mean the demands of the Canadian market stay still. Your staffing firm must keep apace of Canada’s evolving best practices in order to stay competitive, and one way your firm can do just that is by investing in proactive staffing solutions.

Download "How TSE’s Back Office Support Helped a Staffing Agency Expand  Nationally" Case Study 

An important part of any staffing firm’s growth strategy is being able to set your firm apart from the others. Staffing solutions that account for the usual setbacks staffing firms encounter can significantly differentiate your business in several ways.

Optimizes Productivity

Partnering with a back office solutions provider can enable you to optimize productivity. When you’re not focusing all your time on tasks like compliance, payroll, and HR, you can get back to the work that matters—namely, sourcing candidates and generating business. Your partner will handle the rest. 

What’s more, back office solutions providers often offer proprietary software that can help you automate repetitive tasks, further optimizing productivity.

Greater Accuracy with Placements

With your recruiters no longer bogged down in administrative work, they can redirect their focus towards improving their hiring strategies and making more accurate placements with your clients. Often, when staffing firms are struggling with balancing back and front office duties, the quality of placements suffer as a result. This situation can be detrimental if your clients find they are repeatedly unsatisfied with the candidates you place them with. 

If you have solutions that you can rely on for your back office duties, you can give clients and candidates assurance that your placement will satisfy their requirements. Businesses are more likely to partner with you when you have a good track record of not just being able to fill orders but a reputation for placing quality candidates they can count on.

Guaranteed Legal and Financial Security

Finally, staffing solutions can encourage your firm’s growth by ensuring legal and financial security. In addition to compliance experts who can keep you abreast of changes to Canadian business legislation and proprietary software that includes financial reporting, back office providers also offer payroll financing.

Payroll financing includes the following features: payroll insurance from the provider’s bank (in case of client defaults or mismatched schedules), credit checks on prospective clients, custom payroll schedules and invoicing, and direct deposit and compliant administration. All of these features ensure that your cash flow remains consistent and your workers receive their hard-earned pay on time.

Your firm, no matter if it’s new or established, will be best served when it has options to protect its investment. Your candidates, workers, and clients will put their faith in your agency when you’re able to keep your firm legally and financially secure. Your clients may also recommend your business to their peers.

Growing a staffing firm in Canada’s gig economy boom isn’t easy. There are many administrative challenges that can slow down the rate of your agency’s growth. With the right solutions implemented, however, even a smaller new firm can accelerate its growth and compete with the big staffing firms.


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7 Back Office Tasks Your Agency Should Be Outsourcing

Posted by Karen McMullen


Apr 18, 2018 9:00:00 AM

7_Back_Office_Tasks_Your_Agency_Should_Be_OutsourcingTo be successful as a growing staffing agency, you need to be on top of your back office tasks. That’s easier said than done, and you should always be on the lookout for signs that you need a back office service provider. Despite the most valiant efforts, small and medium-sized staffing agencies have too many administrative tasks for even the most productive of your staff to handle.

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If you want to improve your productivity and boost your business growth, then here are seven back office tasks your staffing agency should be outsourcing.

1. Canadian Business Expertise

This first task sounds expansive, but it’s actually about keeping abreast of any changes to Canadian business legislation and its attendant paperwork. From hiring and termination to benefits administration and vacation days, there are many laws to know and a lot of paperwork to manage.

Outsourcing the task of Canadian business expertise means your staffing agency remains compliant at all times, avoiding costly fines and penalties.

2. Employee Protection Packages

A major aspect of your compliance responsibilities, having programs in place to ensure the health and safety (both physically and legally) of your employees is imperative. There are many intricacies to worker health and safety standards in Ontario, which is why you need to outsource the task of putting together comprehensive protection packages.

The right back office service provider will offer a claims management program and a comprehensive insurance program to protect temporary workers, contract workers, and full-time employees.

3. Government Remittances

Government remittances is another task that can cause your agency a lot of grief if you aren’t careful. Late remittances lead to fines with increasing interest from the CRA. Not only do late or failed remittances impact your financial resources, they harm your agency’s brand reputation.

Needless to say, applicants and clients won’t be keen to sign on with your agency if you have a track record of inadequate financial reporting.

4.Credit Checks

Your back office tasks aren’t just about holding your agency accountable but holding your clients accountable as well. Before you enter in a partnership with a client, you need to have the ability to assess how trustworthy your prospective partners are with payments.

In the early days of a staffing agency, late or defaulted payments can spell disaster. So, outsource credit checks and gain assurance that you will receive payments.

5. Receivables Insurance

There will be instances, however, when you will need to deal with the fact that a client’s pay schedule is divergent to your own. You must ensure that your talented workers are compensated on time for their hard work. Otherwise, you risk losing the candidates that make up the core of your business.

Get receivables insurance from a provider who can set up a bank account according to a custom pay schedule.

6. Account Inquiries

Periodically, your agency will need to check in on clients’ account statuses. Your clients are running demanding businesses just like you, so sometimes you’ll need to remind them of where they currently stand with you and your placements.

Outsourcing account inquiries means that you will uphold an excellent standard of customer service, which will impress your brand’s professionalism on your clients.


Outsourcing your payroll ensures that proper deductions and rates of pay are calculated. Your workers remain covered and your due diligence to compliance is met.

Outsourcing these seven tasks streamlines your business, allowing you to focus on launching a successful agency.


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Did You Know You Can Outsource Your Staffing Firm’s Back Office?

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Apr 16, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Did_You_Know_You_Can_Outsource_Your_Staffing_Firms_Back_Office.jpgWhen you’re starting a staffing firm, it’s easy to fall behind on your back office responsibilities. If there’s one thing staffing firms are good at doing right out the gate, it’s amassing paperwork and getting tangled up in compliance standards. You might be feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of having to juggle your back office with your front office.

Download "How a Complete Back-End Solution Helped a Staffing Agency Get  Started" Case Study

You might be thinking you’re on your own when it comes to harmonizing your back office services. You can outsource your staffing firm’s administrative tasks to a back office solutions provider. Curious about how a partnership with a back office solutions provider works and what they can offer?


Comprehensive Packages

Back office solutions providers make their business all about helping your firm excel at its core business duties. Staffing firms, especially small to medium-sized ones, tend to focus on the front office because they need to hit the ground running. The gig economy is shaping up to be a model of work that’s globally adopted, which means that while staffing firms are in demand, they’re also in competition.

When you outsource your back office to a provider, they can offer you packages that cover everything from Canadian business law expertise and payroll financing to compliance and HR. Providers want to help you streamline your back office so you and your recruiters aren’t burning out from multitasking front office tasks with admin duties.

While it’s admirable to want to manage both your front and back offices yourself, for a small to medium business like a staffing firm, that’s a tall order to fill. Mistakes in this industry are costly, with compliances fines easily running into the thousands if you’re not careful.


Dedicated to Industry-Specific Service

You don’t have to rely on a general back office solutions provider. In fact, you shouldn’t. An industry-specific provider like The Staffing Edge (TSE) offers solutions that address issues that are unique to staffing firms.

For instance, staffing firms deal with a lot of data. Keeping track of all applicants and clients isn’t easy when you have limited staff and a constantly growing roster of candidates and clients. A provider like TSE will not only have experts you can rely on to complete your back office tasks but who can also give your firm access to proprietary software that rolls applicant tracking, client relationship management, and financial reporting all into one system.

Other custom solutions they offer to staffing firms include receivables insurance and invoicing. Providers can also run pre-emptive credit checks on prospective clients and send account inquiries on your behalf.


Act as an Extension of Your Team

Outsourcing your back office also means integrating a provider’s staff into your customer service team. A provider’s experts will bring all their years of staffing firm compliance, payroll, and HR admin to the table, providing up-to-date advice and training you to implement their solutions optimally.

TSE’s award-winning proprietary software mentioned above is always updating to include functions for proper scheduling, payroll administration, billing, and compliance. For example, in recent months, there were functions added to help properly track personal emergency leave.

Outsource your back office to reduce your firm’s growing pains. Partnering with a dedicated provider allows you to maximize your resources and focus on your firm’s strength in recruitment. You might even find that you’ll be able to compete with the big staffing firms.



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Thinking about Outsourcing Your Staffing Agency’s Accounting and Payroll?

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Apr 11, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Thinking_about_Outsourcing_Your_Staffing_Agencys_Accounting_and_Payroll.jpgHas your staffing agency’s growth been stagnating? Often, the primary cause of impeded growth is mismanaged or neglected accounting and payroll. Administrative tasks can be time consuming and they directly affect how well your front office performs. So, naturally, you’re probably thinking about the best way to outsource your accounting and payroll.

Download "How a Complete Back-End Solution Helped a Staffing Agency Get  Started" Case Study

Shopping for the ideal payroll admin solution is tricky because it’s not just about automation. To ensure you have a comprehensive solution that accounts for all the ins and outs of paying Canadian workers, you need access to experts in compliance as well.

Read on if you want tips on how to determine the best solution for outsourcing your accounting and payroll.

Is Your Provider Capable of Handling High-Volume Payroll?

Especially if you’re dealing with temporary placements, your staffing agency is bound to deal with a high-volume payroll. The competitive gig economy and the ongoing skills shortage have ensured that the staffing industry will be booming for a while. That statistic is great news for your front office, but not-so-great news for your back office.

When you outsource your accounting and payroll, make sure you have a provider that’s experienced in handling a high volume. You need a provider that will be capable of following a consistent pay schedule for all your workers within a system that can account for all their individual invoices. Otherwise, you’ll risk miscalculating rates of pay or missing payments.

Can Your Provider Offer Payroll Financing?

Your agency has most likely had at least one or two experiences with untrustworthy clients or a strained cash flow. This is often due to lacking reliable payroll financing during instances of mismatched pay schedules or a client defaulting on payments. Consider securing financing for your agency; otherwise, you risk your upside-down cash flow sucking your resources dry.

The two most important options you should look for in a provider offering payroll financing are:

  1. Receivables insurance: This option allows for your staffing agency to pay your workers on time by drawing from a short-term funding bank account set up by your provider. Being able to ensure payments boosts the trust and productivity of your workers, while accounting for late payments made by your clients.
  1. Credit Checks: Before you enter into any contracts with clients, you should have the ability to run a credit check on them. You have a right to protect your investment. If your prospective clients show a history of bad credit, it’s usually a warning sign that they aren’t diligent about paying their partners on time or at all.

Does Your Provider Have an Integrated System for Payroll?

Lastly, an ideal outsourcing solution will give you access to software that helps streamline the payroll process from start to finish. Legislative changes are constant. A proficient software system is one that can account for new standards for situations like personal emergency leave.

Your payroll system should also be one that’s integrated. What that means is your payroll system should also have the ability to handle other important admin tasks like applicant tracking and client relationship management.

Outsourcing your payroll admin to the right provider gives you the ability to expand fast and compete with the big staffing firms.Take the time to make the right choice.



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5 Surefire Ways Your Firm Will Benefit from Back Office Support

Posted by Anna Mastrandrea


Apr 6, 2018 9:00:00 AM

5_Sure_fire_Ways_Your_Firm_Will_Bene_fit_from_Back_Office_Support.jpgWhile it would be great if you could rely solely on your core business to pull your staffing firm through to success, you may not operate effectively without back office support. Think of your back office support as the infrastructure that upholds the main structure of your daily operations. You can’t have one without the other.

Download "How a Complete Back-End Solution Helped a Staffing Agency Get  Started" Case Study

There are ways to tell if you need help with your back office support, but, primarily, if your staffing firm is relatively new on the block, you should consider securing a partnership with a back office provider. Such providers can greatly improve your HR, payroll, and compliance processes.

Want to know how that success is defined? Read on for five surefire ways your firm will benefit from back office providers.

1. Your Daily Schedule Is Freed Up

When you have back office support, all those nagging admin tasks like bookkeeping and payroll are no longer bogging down your schedule. Suddenly, you could have several extra hours freed up. You’ll be able to better plan staff meetings and onboard new salespeople in a less hurried manner, and your recruiters will be able to concentrate on what they do best.

You’ll have more time to hit the ground running before other firms do and capture the best talent for your niche market, as well, which brings us to our next benefit.

2. Your Productivity Soars

Last year, a LinkedIn report noted that having access to technology that automated the more mindless tasks of the day helped recruiters get more creative with their talent sourcing. Back office providers offer experts who act as an extension of your business and offer all-in-one software specifically designed to maximize your productivity.

The Staffing Edge, for instance, offers exclusive access to Stafftrak, which is an award-winning software system that integrates applicant tracking, client relationship management, and financial reporting. The more streamlined your admin tasks become, the more your recruiters can focus on refining their hiring strategies.

3. Flexible Financing

Especially when your staffing firm is still new, you want to protect your investment as much as possible. New firms often struggle to grow their businesses because they’re at the mercy of whether their clients have matching pay schedules or can be relied on for punctual payments.

Back office providers afford you the benefit of flexible financing options, including receivables insurance, so you can always pay your workers on time. Access to working capital gives you more room to grow your resources and avoid bankruptcy.

4. Sustainable Canadian Compliance

Canada’s business laws are evolving all the time. Take Bill 148, for example. There have been amendments made to vacation pay, stat holiday pay, personal emergency leave, and minimum wages in Ontario, to name just a few.

Compliance mistakes, whether they regard employment standards or proper tax remittances, are costly. In some instances, you may be both heavily fined and prosecuted. Often, your transgressions will also be made public, and we’re certain you know how that will affect potential candidates and clients’ perception of your firm’s brand.

Back office providers are qualified experts in Canadian business law and will make sure your firm’s due diligence is always met. They know all about T4s, Records of Employment, and all the health and safety standards for various boards.

5. Your Firm’s Growth Accelerates

Needless to say, if you don’t have to worry about your HR, payroll, and compliance admin, you’re set to see your firm expand. Having a robust infrastructure bolsters your core business operations, allowing you to run a competitive and successful staffing firm—one that can even take on multi-national firms!

Consider these five major benefits if you’re considering partnering with a back office provider.

Competing with the BIG multi-national agencies?

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4 Updates to Stafftrak That Will Help You Comply with Bill 148

Posted by Shannon Dowdall


Mar 30, 2018 9:00:00 AM

4-Updates-to-Stafftrak-That-Will-Help-You-Comply-with-Bill-148---compressor.jpgWhether you’ve been running your staffing firm for a while now or you’re just starting out, the passing of Bill 148 last November brings many changes to Canadian employment legislation. As a result, staffing firms must implement new strategies to remain compliant.

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Some of the most critical changes for staffing firms regard tracking and billing payroll for personal emergency leave (PEL), vacation, and statutory holidays.

Fortunately, if you partner with The Staffing Edge, our award-winning software Stafftrak will include four updates that will help you comply with Bill 148. Learn the details below.

1. PEL Day Tracking

All Ontario employees are now entitled to up to 10 days of PEL, with the first two days paid according to their regular wages. As long as employees can provide “reasonable in the circumstances” evidence (which now excludes health certificates), employees can take consecutive PEL days off if needed. 

As of January 26, 2018, The Staffing Edge has added an option within Stafftrak to track PEL days. Found in the “Compliance” area of an employee’s file is a new field called “PEL.” So long as individual line items are created for each instance of a PEL day taken, staffing firms can simply export the information to payroll and have the ability to track these days.

2. PEL Billing Option

With the first two days of PEL being billed as if the employee were working them, things could get complicated quickly if you don’t properly bill for them. You must ensure employees requesting PEL days have been employed for one week or longer to be entitled to two paid days off. With how busy staffing firms can get during peak seasons, you’ll want a tool to keep all employee billing straight. 

As of February 2, 2018, there is now a new field in Stafftrak’s financial reporting system for billing PEL days. This field is called “PEL Billing Option” and is designed to work similarly to billing for statutory holidays. Depending on the type of employee being billed for a PEL day, the following functions are available: 

  • Pay no Bill
  • Bill at Cost
  • Bill at Full Markup

3. Vacation Pay Updates for 6 Percent

Bill 148 has introduced several changes to vacation pay. The most significant of these changes is that employees who have worked five years with an employer are entitled to three weeks of vacation pay per calendar year at 6 percent of their wages earned. The details of these updates to vacation pay can be found in Ontario’s The Changing Workplaces Review – Final Report.  

If you are a partner with The Staffing Edge, compliance experts will be running monthly reports for employees who are coming up to their qualification for three weeks of vacation pay and at 6 percent.

When your firm receives the report that notifies you that employees are qualified for increased vacation time and pay, there’s an option to update those employees’ status in their files in the payroll section.

4. Statutory Holiday Pay

As of November, statutory holiday pay calculations are simpler and based on the number of days worked during a pay period immediately prior to the holiday. Stafftrak has made updates as of February 12, 2018, to the “Stat Holiday Report” and “Add Stat” button to reflect the new calculations.

The best part about all these updates? Training is provided for any staffing firm members involved in payroll. Our experts want to help you keep ongoing compliance.

Starting a Staffing Agency

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Staffing Agencies: How to Save 6+ Hours Per Week

Posted by Karen McMullen


Mar 28, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Staffing_Agencies_How_to_Save_6_Hours_Per_Week.jpgStaffing agencies have a lot on their plates in 2018. Since the gig economy has become the global norm, maximizing company performance and staff productivity is crucial for success. We all know by now that, to stay competitive in the staffing industry, your agency must balance its front and back end operations. But how can staffing agencies do that when the amount of busywork on any given day cuts even well-managed schedules down to size?

Download "10 Things You Need to Know When Starting a Temp Staffing Agency"

The answer is achieving an optimal digital transformation strategy. Previously, staffing agencies and other businesses approached such a strategy from the wrong angle. If you want to make the most of automating time-consuming tasks, it’s not just a matter of implementing new technology. You need to ensure you have the right people on board who know how best to implement that technology as well.

Want to know how your agency can save over six hours of productivity per week? Read on for the details.

The Little Things Add Up

You might not think you’re losing that much time to daily tasks your staff must perform, like creating job postings, pre-screening resumes, and entering data for clients and applicants. But these tasks are, in fact, perhaps the worst time-wasters.

Think about it. All those tasks might take small amounts of time to complete, but they pile up quickly. For every new client and applicant, those tasks multiply to the point where your recruiters are barely able to address their core responsibilities.

The digital age and the gig economy together make a daunting dynamic that can keep you buried in administrative work. That’s why digital transformation requires a cultural shift, not just one based on tech solutions.

Time-Consuming Back Office Functions

Processing payroll and ensuring compliance are a fearsome duo that can undermine your agency’s productivity. Staffing agencies are already finding that, with the passing of Bill 148, they’re struggling to make adjustments to keep up compliance with the major changes to employment standards.

While agencies can manage payroll and compliance in house, they’re large jobs that take up considerable time away from core responsibilities. Yet, if you let payroll and compliance responsibilities slide, you could effectively ruin your business’ reputation.

That’s why you should look to outsource these vital parts of your business to a back office services provider that has payroll and compliance experts on staff. The less time spent ruminating over who got paid what and when, as well as whether you’ve successfully complied with every Canadian business law, the more time you gain to focus on placements.

Integrating Automation

Your best bet for setting and achieving more specific and measurable milestones for your company’s performance and staff productivity is to outsource. Partner with a back office services provider that offers both Canadian expertise in admin and top-of-the-line technology that can help automate those tasks.

Staffing agencies are right to consider automation as a possible solution for maximizing schedules, but it’s misguided to think of automation as the solution by itself. In order to completely transform how your agency tackles busywork, you need to engage with experts who can manage the technology and ensure its effectiveness.

A partnership with a back office services provider means gaining access to both experts and award-winning software. With the right outsourcing partner, your business can streamline its back office responsibilities, while gaining enough time and resources to compete with the big staffing firms on a national level.

Starting a Staffing Agency

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