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Top 3 Priorities Of Every Staffing Agency

Posted by Ray Gonder


Sep 25, 2017 3:00:00 PM

Top 3 Priorities Of Every Staffing Agency.jpgWhile every staffing agency might differ in their chosen niche of expertise, there are some priorities that all agencies share. With just one look at how 2017 has shaped up so far, it’s easy to conclude that competition is only going to become fiercer next year. No matter how big or small the staffing agency in question.

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As an up-and-coming staffing agency, however, you need to be vigilant about ensuring your priorities are in check. After all, if you want your agency to rise quickly to become a contender at the industry’s forefront, you’ll have to make sure you’re maximizing your strategies for success. So, with that in mind, here’s the top three priorities that every staffing agency should share.

1. Employer Branding

Employer branding comes first on this list of priorities because it’s no longer just a strategy to grow your agency’s client database, it’s a strategy to ensure your customer service is top notch. Successful staffing agencies know there’s more advantages to choosing a niche for their business and sticking to it, because it allows them to hone their employer branding messaging to an art.

The job market paradigm has switched to one that is candidate-focused, with a lack of skilled workers still an ongoing problem in Canada. Those in the recruitment industry, due to the skills shortage and the gig economy must be able to telegraph that their agency is the best one to meet candidates’ needs. LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends report for 2017 made a key finding that although most agencies are focusing their budgeting towards traditional tactics (like job board ads and keeping overhead costs down), 53 percent of them would invest in branding if money weren’t an obstacle.

2. Efficiency

LinkedIn’s 2017 report on the recruiting industry also identified the three defining trends of future recruitment processes. These trends are: candidate diversity (which entails more than just gender and ethnicity), being able to effectively assess for soft skills, and access to innovative tools for interviewing. What do all these trends have in common? Your staffing agency’s level of efficiency.

You should be making efficiency a top priority because it’s the lifeblood powering your employer branding. Whether you can land candidates with high potential, or match candidates with the right set of skills for a client fast, depends on your recruitment process’s efficiency.

The most noteworthy detail of efficiency in your agency should be how it has a trickle-down effect from your back office to your front office, and vice versa. If your agency is too bogged down by its back end operations, you’ll notice straightaway how your front end operations begin to slow down. Your administrative tasks, like government taxes and remittances, employment standards compliance, and payroll financing should never take precedence over the core of your business, which is recruitment. Which is why the last priority on our list is about—

3. Technology

To achieve maximum efficiency, your agency needs to implement technology that streamlines the most time-consuming processes of your daily operations. Things like keeping up to date with changes to Canadian compliance, bookkeeping, and data entry for candidate and client management shouldn’t be distractions from sourcing and placing candidates with your client base.

That’s why staffing agencies are optimizing their efficiency by utilizing proprietary software, like Stafftrak which is an all-in-one suite that takes care of applicant tracking, client management, and financial reporting. As a back office provider that has decades of experience implementing tech solutions and offering Canadian expertise in compliance matters, The Staffing Edge knows that increased efficiency means increased competitiveness.

These top three priorities are part of what you need to know about starting a successful staffing agency. Don’t underestimate the guidance these priorities can offer your agency’s game plan, whether for the present or for the fast approaching new year!

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