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Why Temp Staffing Is the Employment Solution of the Future

Posted by Anna Mastrandrea


Sep 18, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Why Temp Staffing Is the Employment Solution of the Future--.jpgIt’s only natural that your eyebrows should rise when an industry claims to have future-proof solutions. But in the instance of employment and the Canadian economy for the foreseeable future, the staffing industry isn’t amiss to claim that temp staffing solves a lot of our current employment issues.


Temp staffing is flexible and there’s plenty of it in our current decade with the rise of the gig economy. There’s been a lot of talk of how the way we approach work in our current economy and demographic makeup has shifted.

All this points towards the major points we have to present about why temp staffing is indeed the employment solution of the future.

Addressing the Ongoing Skills Shortage

Skills shortage—now that’s a term that Canadian candidates and recruiters are sick of hearing in recent years. The resentment is well earned, as the skills shortage is an issue that’s slated to be an ongoing problem.

The skills shortage is a self-perpetuating cycle of businesses lacking an increasing percentage of skilled candidates and the skills gap continuing to widen for new candidates. Provinces like Ontario are bleeding billions of dollars in GDP and tax revenues annually because of this problem.

Temp staffing agencies provide a solution by skillfully networking Canadian top talent that prefer or need contract work with businesses whose HR resources are stretched. Temp recruiters also know how to tap the hidden market of passive talent, to land businesses veteran candidates for their hiring needs!

Lowers Overhead Costs

Hiring more temps for specific projects, busy seasons, or to cover employees on leave lowers costs significantly for businesses. The reason for improved business budgets is due to letting recruiters at successful staffing agencies pool their expertise towards finding multiple candidates for a business’s specific field. Instead of stretching internal HR thin trying to find enough referred employees to fill vacancies, businesses have access to a pool of talent looking sometimes even for multiple contracts! 

The best staffing agencies give 100 percent with all their placements due to a combination of cutting edge proprietary tech for efficiency, knowing their temp niche inside and out, and outsourcing their back office duties to perfect their front end focus. Businesses will find moving forward that partnership with the right staffing agency means no more worries when extra manpower is needed.

Keeps Up with Evolving Demands

Perhaps the most impactful aspect of temp work being on the rise is that businesses look to agencies to help them keep up with their industry demands. For specific industries like IT and various trades, there’s a host of technological developments that have given rise to new trends and standards. And when businesses engage with agencies that know their niche they’ll be able to find employees with coveted skills fast.

Being responsive to industry demands is lucrative for both clients and recruiters offering skilled temporary staff. On the client side, a business will always be able to fulfil market demands as they emerge with candidates that want a steady stream of work in their field of expertise. On the recruitment side, those agencies that are dedicated to consistently filling specific job orders will attract a greater number of clients and candidates in need of matching.

Investing in temporary staff is a mutually beneficial endeavour for clients and recruiters. And for those who’ve been considering starting a staffing agency, there’s no better time to unlock a lucrative revenue stream with contract staffing. Temp staffing is as close to a future proof solution to employment in Canada as we can get, because it evolves along with the gig economy.

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The Typical Day of a Successful Temporary Staffing Agency Owner

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Sep 15, 2017 9:00:00 AM

The Typical Day of a Successful Temporary Staffing Agency Owner--.jpgA lot of people might assume in the current Canadian gig economy that a staffing agency, once successfully launched, runs itself. As years go by more and more daily processes of staffing agencies are automated, after all, and one might think there’s not much to do but profit as an agency owner. We’re here to put those kinds of misconceptions to rest.


This blog’s dedicated towards staffing industry hopefuls who have plans to become a successful temporary staffing agency owner, and those already on their way. If you’re curious about what it takes to run a staffing agency and what challenges you’ll need to meet head on, then keep reading.

Keeping Customer Service Competitive

Any given morning for a successful temporary staffing agency owner involves ensuring customer service is excellent. Your clients and candidates expect only the best from you because of your consistent track record.

The staffing industry is all about improving the ways people network to find jobs and people to fill those jobs. To provide great customer service, you must have a team of recruiters who are passionate about networking and filling job orders to the letter for clients.

Having access to versatile proprietary software for applicant tracking and client relationship management (CRM) as an owner gives you and your staff the tools you need to always exceed client expectations. Such software can streamline daily tasks and even track your company and staff’s performance levels, so you know where improvements can be made.

Running an Optimal Back Office

Speaking of performance levels, a successful temporary staffing agency never neglects its administration responsibilities. Every day the owner of a staffing agency must check in with its back office to see that payroll, HR, and compliance with Canadian business laws are in order. While your front office is the core of your recruitment business, if you don’t take care of back office solutions, your efficacy (a key attractor for clients and candidates) suffers. 

Having great proprietary software with a financial reporting system that catches clerical errors is one thing. But if you truly want to optimize the back end of your staffing agency, you’ll have outsourced your compliance and legal matters to experts with decades of experience. Admin experts will help wrangle the mountains of paperwork your agency generates with ease, allowing your front-end staff to focus on their recruiting specialties. 

A successful owner knows that they should be 100 percent compliant with things like employment standards and health and safety measures year-round. Especially since Canada’s employment standards and business laws are always evolving.

Implementing Bleeding Edge of Industry News

To maximize your staffing agency’s budget and talent you need to not only keep current with industry news, but implement practices from that news. Reading global reports on the key metrics (like client retention per year and number of candidates placed) and technology to improve your employer brand isn’t enough. A successful staffing industry owner learns of these key metrics and then proceeds to update their proprietary software with them.

One typical day in the life of a temporary staffing agency owner is all about properly managing your staff, ensuring that your admin is taken care of, and employing bleeding edge strategies for productivity. That means you must be present always to offer your advice staff, help vet candidates who enter your applicant tracking system, and keep up relations with your admin experts.

Your vigilance will be rewarded with an amazing attraction rate for clients and a constantly growing database of candidates, with both parties having complete faith in your employer brand. If all the above sounds doable to you as a newcomer to the industry, don’t be surprised if someday you find yourself competing with the big staffing agencies on a national level!

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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How to Find the Right Back Office Solution for Your Business

Posted by Laura D’Andrea


Sep 13, 2017 9:00:00 AM

How to Find the Right Back Office Solution for Your Business--.jpgHere’s a question for all aspiring temp staffing agency owners: how much data do you think a staffing agency generates in one week? The short (and understated) answer is: a lot. The long answer is much more complicated and dependent on any number of factors, including what your staffing niche is, where you’re located, and whether you’re a Canadian branch or a foreign business.


Temp staffing agencies are in hot demand right now in Canada, as they are helping solve the ongoing skills shortage in various industries like IT and trades.

The above paints a pretty clear picture of how much applicant and client data you’ll be dealing with even daily. To avoid drowning in paperwork you’ll need robust back office solution to for your business, and we have a guide below for how you can choose the right one.  

Does Your Solution Have an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

When choosing a back office solution that will increase the speed and efficiency of processing applicant data, you must ensure that an ATS is an included feature. An ATS can organize all the pertinent information for each candidate that enters your staffing agency’s roster. Details like previous work experience, skills, preferred roles, and (eventually as they’re placed) performance metrics can be stored and made searchable by an ATS.

Without an ATS you can’t guarantee your candidates consistent customer service. To successfully place a competitive number of candidates you should give equal amounts of care and diligence to each of your candidates. Otherwise, rival temp staffing agencies will beat you to placing temps for your potential clients.

As well you’ll want an ATS that has a search function as well so that older candidates don’t get lost in the crush of new applications. Using algorithms to rediscover talent is a key way staffing agencies can maximize their budget.

Does Your Solution Have an Integrated Client Relationship Manager (CRM)?

Organization is key to success in the staffing industry and so you must juggle both the data generated from clients along with your candidates’ data. Features like making notes and lists on prospective and repeat clients, reminders and a credit check for potential clients are necessary for optimal productivity levels. An integrated CRM for your ATS possesses all these features and is a must if you want optimum productivity levels. 

Your recruiters and you, the owner, gain the ability with a CRM to measure your productivity. Due to CRM being integrated into your ATS, you only need to use one streamlined system. Key metrics that you should track for are: how fast you’re able to place candidates, how many, client retention per year, and rate of satisfaction. Your back office solution is not just about vetting for top talent for placements, but to vet for the best staff to handle those placements.

Does Your Solution Have a Financial Reporting System?

Finally, you must determine if your back office solution can handle your finances. What you want in a financial reporting system, ideally, is the capacity to collect timesheets for your staff and temps, data entry that takes care of your agency’s pay structure, taxes, and billing for things like overtime and vacation.

A proficient financial reporting system saves your staffing agency a ton of time that usually goes wasted on double the amount of data entry. You also need such a system to help you remain compliant with Canadian employment and labour laws, which are changing with every passing year.

If your solution answers all the questions discussed above, then it’s a winner. Starting a successful staffing agency goes much smoother when admin isn’t bogging you down.

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm 

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How to Choose a Back Office Solutions Provider

Posted by Ray Gonder


Sep 11, 2017 9:00:00 AM

How to Choose a Back Office Solutions Provider.jpgEven for the bravest business people, deciding to start a staffing firm in this digital age is daunting. 2017 has proven that although the resources of staffing firms are expanding, competition continues to soar for the most skilled workers on the job market.


To run a successful staffing firm, you need to be able to perform your core business tasks in a fast, efficient, and thorough manner. But with all the distractions administrative duties represent, focusing on just your front office can seem like a tall order. That’s why you need a back office solutions provider that can take care of the complexity of admin.

How do you know which back office solutions provider is the right choice for your business? Read on for key signs of an accomplished provider that can help your staffing firm excel!

Can You Outsource Your Admin to Your Potential Provider’s Experts?

The back office of a staffing firm takes a lot of time and running through paperwork with a fine-tooth comb to run according to Canadian business standards. If you find that your business’ front end is lagging in productivity and customer service, chances are it’s due to administrative work dragging your daily operations down. 

A proficient back office solutions provider should be able to offer the option of outsourcing your administrative work to experts. These experts should be well versed in matters of human resources, corporate accounting, legal challenges, and Canadian government legislation. 

Keeping up with Canadian compliance is important. Shifts in minimum wages, vacation and sick leave, and penalties for misclassifying workers are just a few of the compliance matters your back office solutions provider should be capable of handling.

Is Your Potential Provider Focused on the Staffing Industry?

This detail is crucial to how well a provider can implement solutions that take your industry’s unique challenges into account. When you engage with a provider that does not focus on a niche, you’ll notice one-size-fits-all solutions. 

For the same reason that staffing firms tend to do better if they specialize in a certain niche, back office experts need to specialize in the staffing industry to offer custom solutions. Ask yourself which would serve your staffing firm better: a provider that throws the same blanket solution they do to businesses with divergent challenges, or a provider that knows staffing industry intimately and can offer a set of solutions that covers your individual staffing firm’s challenges?

Can Your Provider Offer Multipurpose Proprietary Software?

Perhaps your staffing firm has access to accomplished HR and admin staff, but there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to deal with all the paperwork. Depending on how your staff is while you’re starting out with your firm, sometimes solving a problem comes down to having better tools.

The right back office provider will have software solutions that can handle a number of time-sucking tasks that need automation. There are award-winning software systems out there like StaffTrak, for instance, which can handle applicant tracking, client relationship management, and financial reporting.

Such software can optimize the way that your admin staff approach daily operations for the back office, not to mention give extra assurance that clerical errors regarding payroll and taxes won’t occur. StaffTrak can also be used on the front end of your business to automate data entry and keeping client and candidate info consistent and updated.

Keep this blog’s three strategies in mind when you choose a back office solutions provider. After all, landing the right provider can help you compete with the big staffing firms.

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Have You Considered These 7 Staffing Industry Trends

Posted by Mai Dowdie


Sep 8, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Have You Considered These 7 Staffing Industry Trends---1.jpgThe staffing industry has evolved quite a bit since the start of 2017. As technology continues to disrupt fundamental business practices, the traditional recruiting process has been transforming.

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Since LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends Report has identified that 56 percent of all recruiters expect hiring volume to increase throughout 2017, being on top of current staffing industry trends is important. Knowledge of these trends is especially important if you’re the owner of a newer staffing firm, as your future growth is impacted by how effectively you utilize significant trends.

With the above in mind, check out these seven staffing industry trends you should consider when making plans to improve your firm’s performance levels.

1. Your External Employer Brand’s Perception Is Key

What candidates and clients can find out about your firm before they engage directly with you and your recruiters matters. Nowadays, online marketing takes precedence over traditional marketing tactics like cold calls, flyer ads, and lunch meetings with prospective clients.

Make sure that your website is mobile friendly, and any content for your blog or social media are optimized with keywords for search engines.

2. Data-Driven Recruiting Software Improves Your Best Practices

Staffing firm-specific software, which includes features like an applicant tracking system (ATS) with integrated Client Relationship Management (CRM), allows your firm to improve your recruitment process holistically. 

Staffing firm software streamlines your recruiters’ daily tasks like pre-screening candidate resumes, and uses performance metrics to compare past successes against current productivity levels.

3. Diverse Hiring Improves Success

Data-driven recruiting is also important for reducing human bias in recruiting, so that your pre-screening and job description writing process don’t cut out diverse and skilled candidates. Your clients, who have realized the power of hiring, are also seeking after diverse candidates.

McKinsey has discovered in fact that businesses that are diverse in gender outperform non-diverse gender companies by 15 percent and ethnically diverse companies outperform by 35 percent! In other words, your firm should aim to hire employees and candidates diversely moving forward.

4. Skills Matter More than Degrees

As mentioned in the third trend, part of hiring diversely is about emphasizing skills. This strategy is also impacting the eligibility of all candidates applying to staffing firms in 2017. Staffing firms up until now have hired candidates based on their relevant postsecondary training and certifications, but are shifting towards searching for highly skilled passive talent.

5. Financial Administration Becomes More Complex

New staffing firms have a lot of overhead and rigid budget issues. For example, legislative changes to things like minimum wage and noncompliant business practices make financial administration even trickier.

Your staffing firm will need to make payroll and compliance solutions a priority.

6. Outsourcing Your Admin to Experts

Firms are looking towards solutions like outsourcing their back office duties to experts to ensure their budget is watertight and compliance is in shipshape. Providers like The Staffing Edge have been in the back office solutions business for years, and have acclaimed all-in-one software like StaffTrak that they can implement to help with ATS, CRM, and accurate financial reporting. 

This trend is one that’s very impactful to your new staffing firm’s daily operations.  Outsourcing admin helps you keep on top of several trends already mentioned tied to increasing productivity.

7. Optimize Your Employee Experience

The last of these staffing industry trends is about tying the threads of all the other trends together. Your recruiters and candidates are the lifeblood of your business in the staffing industry and there’s been a revelation in recent years about this fact.

From keeping your employer brand strong and ensuring you’re placing the best candidates, to attracting more diverse and passive talent, making the recruitment process about what your employees and candidates want is crucial.

We hope this roundup of staffing industry trends has been informative and that you consider implementing them in your recruitment strategy.

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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5 Innovations in Canadian Staffing Services for 2017

Posted by Corinne Camara


Sep 6, 2017 9:00:00 AM

5 Innovations in Canadian Staffing Services for 2017--.jpg2017 marks the year that all industries made larger leaps than usual towards becoming fully digital. Making your business brand heard on social media and having a mobile-friendly website and app has never been more important for growth. Digitization of daily operations allows for agile decision-making. For Canadian staffing services, speed can make the difference between landing talent and losing out to competitors.


With the gig economy changing the nature of recruitment in Canada, Canadian staffing services are on the rise. But what defines the successful staffing firms from the middling ones are those that know about and implement some of the latest innovations in technology to optimize their recruitment process!

Read about five game-changing innovations for the staffing industry below.

1. Machine Learning

Out of the entire key insights disseminated by LinkedIn’s current Global Recruiting Trends Report, one of the most important is that 56 percent of over 4,000 respondents expect to hire even more people than last year. But despite the saturated job market Canada has, there’s only a small group of skilled candidates that all staffing firms want. 

To single out talented candidates, staffing firms have been employing applicant tracking systems (ATS) to automate the resume screening process. Machine learning is another layer to ATS, a computer program or algorithm that integrates with the ATS to analyze and compare job descriptions with your candidate database. 

Machine learning cuts back on the amount of time your recruiters would usually spend on resume screening and optimizes your ATS so that it can highlight promising candidates who measure up to some of your most successful placements.

2. Customized Algorithms

Canadian staffing services have more chances to thrive when they can easily match companies with culturally fit candidates quickly and efficiently. When you have an ATS that comes with customizable algorithms, you’ll be able to easily search your candidate database for the best fit with relatively no fuss. 

Algorithms work off the input of a job description and, like machine learning, go through a series of analytical steps with your database to find the closest match. This innovation is particularly significant for new staffing firms as it works with your existing candidate base, which is much less costly than onboarding new candidates.

3. Mobile Staffing Software

With the largest cohort in the Canadian job market being Millennials, who are those works aged around 23-37 years old, your staffing firm would be missing out on a large chunk of talent if it’s software wasn’t smartphone-friendly.

Making Canadian staffing services mobile has both revolutionized the workplace, allowing for recruiters to pursue applicants and continue managing candidate/client relationships from anywhere. Mobile-friendly ATS means better customer service, which together with a strong social media strategy will have your firm attracting more business than ever!

4. Financial Reporting Systems

Financial compliance is tricky to maintain in a staffing firm, especially if your firm is a branch of a foreign company operating in Canada for the first time. With the government making changes to minimum wages, vacation pay, and sick leave (to name a few), you’ll need a financial reporting system to help you keep compliant.

A financial reporting system is software that can handle customized invoicing, payroll scheduling, and even government remittances and collections. This innovation has helped streamline back-office duties by eliminating mountains of paperwork and cutting back on accounting costs.

5. All-in-One Software

This last innovation ties a bunch of the above innovations together. All-in-one staffing software is designed with the major concerns of running a staffing firm in mind. All-in-one solutions possess an ATS, a client relationship management system, and a financial reporting system.

2017 is all about data and the successful integration of it into the recruitment process. Make sure you utilize the above innovations to your advantage.

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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Got a Temporary Workforce? Here are 3 Ways to Manage Your Payroll

Posted by Laura D’Andrea


Sep 4, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Got a Temporary Workforce- Here are 3 Ways to Manage Your Payroll.jpgWhen your staffing firm focuses on a temporary workforce, you need payroll solutions that will account for your business’ unique challenges. Since staffing firms operate with a database of candidates and clients that can and will fluctuate throughout the year, traditional banking solutions like lines of credit are not viable for the long term.


Despite the uncertain picture painted above, there are feasible options for temp staffing firm payroll. Below find three ways you can manage your payroll so that your cash keeps flowing.

1. Cash Flow Budgeting

Starting a successful staffing firm takes a lot of know how, and one of the most vital pieces of knowledge you can learn early on is about payroll financing. The trick is to be very meticulous about your bookkeeping and stay aware of your overhead. While the staffing industry is on the rise, it will take time for your firm to soar to the top of its competition.

At the start of running a staffing firm you can afford, and in fact should, try to remain on the frugal side of budgeting where applicable. As noted by LinkedIn’s Global Staffing Trends Report for 2017, 80 percent of a staffing firm’s typical budget is devoted towards tools that will help their brand grow faster. Things like job ads, sourcing software, and business development are important (but focused) expenses.

2. Factoring

This second option can be a step in the right direction when managing your payroll. Factoring is when an outside financing firm buys your temp placement invoices and takes a small but incremental percentage (anywhere from 2-6 percent). You can’t rely on strict budgeting forever to grow your new firm’s capital, and in the instances where the percentage is small factoring can help you maintain cash flow.

Staffing firms with a temporary workforce are reliant on the loyalty of the clients they provide a temporary workforce for, however. If we lived in a world where client payments were guaranteed to be punctual per every placement, then other traditional payroll solutions like factoring firms would be ideal.

But since factoring firms extend credit not to you, but to your clients to ensure their ability to pay, you are highly dependent on clients’ pay schedules. What’s more, your staffing firm’s weekly or bi-weekly payroll schedule might vary widely from your clients’ schedule.

3. Outsourcing Your Back Office Duties

You might be wondering if outsourcing your administration will solve your payroll issues. Well, look at what your back office costs. You have your staff and your temporary workforce to worry about, not to mention compliance with government remittances and associated fines when you overlook any employment standards. Your back office duties are also time consuming and distracting from the core of your business, which means your competitors that have more resources and experience get to the talent in your niche faster.

Outsourcing all these duties to a provider with expertise in administering temp staffing firms, takes care of all money-sucking aspects of your business in one fell swoop. Providers like The Staffing Edge have years of experience in handling a firm’s payroll for all workers. We know that pay structure and legislation are just as consequential as the cash flow itself. The Staffing Edge has even developed award-winning proprietary software that streamlines payroll and compliance with applicant and client management.

When you can both accelerate the process of payroll management and remain compliant with government standards, your staffing firm can compete with the big staffing firms. Payroll management is about being able to see the big picture of your overhead for the front and back end of your business, and finding a solution that balances financing between both.

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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5 Benefits of Working with a Software Employment Agency

Posted by Karen McMullen


Sep 1, 2017 9:00:00 AM

5 Benefits of Working with a Software Employment Agency.jpgVacation season is practically over and that means it’s time to start the old recruitment grind for fall. When you have a lot of roles that need filling by skilled candidates in a short period of time, you’ll most likely be turning to a staffing agency for help. But how do you know which staffing agency will be able to place specific candidates in the most effective manner?


You might have heard that in recent years the rise of the software employment agency is revolutionizing the recruitment process. This is due to a lot of technological innovations that have made data-driven recruiting a science. Data-driven recruiting, if you’re new to the term, simply means utilizing data gathered from candidates to analyze and find the optimal people for your placements.

A software employment agency is expert at data-driven recruiting. Want to know what the exact benefits are of working with one? Read on to find out five major advantages you gain.

1. They’re Faster

The most immediate thing you’ll take note of working with a software employment agency is that their admin software affords them much more speed. One of the greatest advantages of staffing agency software is its ability to streamline back office efficiency.

By having software manage time-consuming tasks like data entry for applicants, pre-screening resumes, and automating payroll and bookkeeping, the front end’s effectiveness is maximized. Recruiters at a software employment agency can focus completely on finding and matching your company with top talent.

2. They’re More Creative

Recruiters at software employment agencies have more tricks up their sleeve to innovate the placement process. The speed that automation brings to their daily routine allows them to implement unique strategies like job ads that use their top-performing candidate data to target and match available roles to ideal candidates based on pre-selected criteria.


The automation of data-driven recruiting also reduces the human bias or “gut instinct” inherent in screening for candidates. Software employment agencies stand a better chance of hiring more diversely for your placements. This point is particularly noteworthy as a recent Mckinsey report found that companies that are diverse are 35 percent more likely to outperform their less diverse competitors.

3. Their Compliance is Top-Notch

Another strength your company’s not likely to find outside of a software employment agency is their ability to remain wholly compliant with Canadian business laws and financial reporting. Their software suite allows them to avoid clerical errors like double-data entry, that can not only be costly but could get them in trouble with the government when it comes time to do taxes.

Working with software enabled agencies means you won’t have to worry about troubles such as misclassification of employees either. Such mistakes can result in heavy penalties under the new employment standards act for Ontario.

4. They’re Laser Focused

When you work with a specialized staffing agency, your chances are high that you’ll find the candidates you’re looking for. But when you’re working with a staffing agency that not only knows its niche, but has access to systems that enhance their search engine optimization, you’re guaranteed to find top talent quickly.

Comparative metrics for previous candidates and key performance indicators allow software employment agencies to hone in on the candidates you’re asking for straightaway.

5. Partnering with Them Improves Your Company Brand

Software employment agencies are at the bleeding edge of the recruitment industry and partnering with them improves your company’s brand. Your competitors and prospective candidates will take notice of the fact that you’ve engaged technical experts to help you hire more diversely.

The best staffing agencies know all about online marketing for their business, which means you can glean insights from them on how to improve your company’s strategies, too. At the end of the day, partnership with a data-driven staffing agency benefits you on several fronts.

Things You Need to Know When Starting a Temp Staffing Agency

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3 Staffing Industry Trends You Need to Know

Posted by Laura D’Andrea


Aug 30, 2017 9:00:00 AM

3 Staffing Industry Trends You Need to Know.jpg2017 has a big year for technology in the staffing industry. LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends report for this year, for instance, has identified many fascinating statistics about tech-driven staffing industry trends. Chief among these stats was finding out 56 percent of staffing leaders and professionals expect hiring volume to skyrocket, while the size of recruiting teams at most staffing firms remains the same.


The reason for this is because staffing firms are putting more emphasis on using technology to leverage their existing state of affairs. Let’s take a look at what the foremost staffing industry trends illuminate about what makes a successful staffing firm, for 2017 and onward!

1. Automation is the Name of the Game

Perhaps the most significant of these 2017 staffing industry trends, although they’re all interconnected, is using automation software to both maximize staffing firm resources and improve placement rates. Automation is improving upon the traditional recruitment process in several ways, including: machine learning for screening of resumes, matching clients with rediscovered candidates buried in databases, and natural language processing to boost job description quality.

But is this just a passing trend? The truth is that automation is becoming a mainstay. By cutting back on the amount of time spent on clerical tasks and choosing resumes based on comparing past successful candidates with current applicants, automation is bringing more innovation and diversity to hiring.

Automation speeds up the daily operations of a staffing firm significantly. Don’t underestimate how this trend can be the dividing factor between early-bird firms who land elusive passive candidates and firms that can’t quite keep their hiring volume up.

2. Data...Data Everywhere

Utilizing metrics pulled from Big Data and generally all data accumulated by your staffing firm will increase moving forward. This trend is what automation builds off to neutralize human bias and bring more insight into how recruiters and candidates can perform better.

Data is quite possibly the lifeblood of a staffing firm, because it empowers recruiters and managers to get a glimpse at the big picture of the industry (and their individual firm fits into it). When you don’t have robust enough software to manage all the data your business generates, you’ll find yourself struggling to launch your staffing firm successfully.

Yet being able to organize your firm’s applicant tracking, client relationship management, and financial reporting data is critical to not just to starting a successful firm. Expert data management enables you to compete with the big staffing firms, which is what all-in-one software like Stafftrak offers.

3. Diversity Elevates Your Firm’s Brand

Automation and the data driving it empower your firm to hire and place more diverse candidates. The last of these three staffing industry trends, while still involving some digital processes like social media, has more to do with your firm’s brand. The 2017 recruitment industry has recognized the power of diverse hiring and how it improves attraction rates for both clients and candidates.

When you utilize the tools discussed in the above two trends in this blog to engage and hire broad range of candidates, you’re not only setting yourself apart from competitor brands. Making diversity a part of your brand also ensures you land unique candidates with strong skillsets.

Your staffing firm should keep track of these trends as they continue to develop through the end quarter of 2017 and beyond. These three trends build off one another to create a framework for running a successful staffing business. The future of the staffing industry is in harnessing data to innovate new staffing strategies and brands that aren’t afraid to “hire outside the box.”

Things You Need to Know When Starting a Temp Staffing Agency

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7 Advantages of Temp Staffing

Posted by Ray Gonder


Aug 28, 2017 10:30:00 AM

7 Advantages of Temp Staffing.jpgNew staffing firms want to present an employer brand that has them hit the ground running. You have to have a handle on high overheads and set yourself up to compete with the big staffing firms eventually.

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Making temp staffing a cornerstone of your firm’s brand is very beneficial to building a successful business. Temp workers are helping Canada’s gig economy grow, and they're a key way for organizations to keep a full roster .

Want to know 7 big advantages your staffing firm gains by making temp staffing its focus? Check them out below!

1. Become a Go-To Source for Employee Flexibility

A lot of potential clients are looking specifically for temp employees. There are several reasons for this, including (but not limited to): short-term projects that require specific talent, more manpower needed during busy seasons, cost effectiveness during slow hiring periods, and covering for permanent employee sick or maternal leave.

The main point here is that there are many businesses looking for a firm that offers temp staffing solutions to help them gain more flexibility with their talent. When your firm offers temp candidates, you’ll find that your client base grows much faster!

2. Better Opportunities for Candidates

You might assume that people are only interested in permanent positions, but there’s a lot of candidates out there that want a temp position. Whether it’s their side hustle, a stop-gap before they land a permanent position, or they simply prefer to take on temp over full-time work, you’d be giving better opportunities to your candidate base. And better opportunities mean more placements with your growing client base in need of temp workers!

3. Broaden Your Range of Services

Customer service is an imperative of the staffing industry, because the needs of your clients are bound to change over time. The staffing firms that remain at the head of the pack are the ones that continuously evolve to meet client needs.

While there are many good reasons to focus on a niche for your firm, being too stringent about your niche can lose you clients to another staffing firm. Being able to offer temp services will guarantee that your current client base doesn’t dwindle.

4. Grow Your Skilled Candidate Base

There will always be temp work opportunities, especially since Canada is facing not just a gig economy, but an ongoing skills shortage too. There’s a lot of top talent out there that would love to sign on with a staffing firm that offers temp opportunities.

As mentioned above, there are many reasons for candidates to seek temp positions. But it’s important to note that there are both active and passive candidates (those who are already gainfully employed) looking for temp work. Passive candidates are sought after top talent and their presence makes your staffing firm brand even more attractive.

5. Temp Staffing is a Sustainable Niche

If you want a simple way to launch your staffing firm, consider making temp work your primary niche. You know now from the above points that offering temp placement services is more than sustainable. Capitalize on this opportunity and start off strong, with agreeable marketing and overhead costs.

6. Your Target Market is Clear

Making temp workers your priority also gives your recruitment team a streamlined set of goals for landing candidates and clients. You won’t have to worry about time management and different admin duties being negatively affected, either.

7. Hone a Specialization

The bottom line of offering temp services is that your firm will become experts in a specific field that’s going to be growing for years to come. Whether you’re adding to your existing services or choosing temp as your starter niche, you’ll grow your business fast because you’re able to offer a specialized service that’s in demand.

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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