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Is Your Application Process Costing You Top Talent?

Posted by Shannon Dowdall

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Feb 4, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Is_Your_Application_Process_Costing_You_Top_TalentToday’s job market is firmly in the candidates’ favour. Low unemployment has been the story across both Canada and the United States. In Canada, some industries are even facing talent shortages that have been growing for years.

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In this environment, it’s tough for staffing agencies like you to find top talent. Competition for the best of the best is fierce, so you’ve been working on better compensation packages and job offers to help you attract the right talent.

If you’re still not finding the people you need, it could be time to take a look at the application process itself.

Make It Easy to Apply

Many employers use outdated or complex application systems that make it harder for candidates to apply. If you ask job candidates to upload their resumes and then add all their information to a form anyway, there’s a good chance they’ll stop part of the way through.

Some systems are also difficult to use because they’re not up to date or compatible with certain browsers.

You might think having candidates email their resumes or even mail them to you is an easier solution.

The easiest solutions are actually one- or two-step web applications. LinkedIn offers inApply, which allows candidates to send their profiles to you with a single click. Other applications might allow candidates to upload their resumes and have fields auto-filled by artificial intelligence that reads the application.

In either case, you can likely make the application process easier.

Making Job Posts More Visible

Another problem you may be experiencing is getting the word out to candidates in the first place. If the only place you post about your open positions is your company website, you may not be reaching your target audience.

Be sure to take advantage of other services, including social media. You’ll probably find more top talent if you use a wider network to get the word out to job seekers.

Your advertisements should all direct back to your application process.

Making the Most of Mobile

Another thing you should be doing is using mobile to your advantage. Mobile has surpassed desktop as the most common way to access the internet. The share of people accessing the internet via mobile keeps growing.

People of all ages use mobile to search for jobs. They may use a specific app, or they may be accessing your application site on their phones or tablets. Whatever the case may be, you need to be prepared.

If you have your own application form or site, it may be time to upgrade it. Mobile-friendly sites are easier to navigate, and they rank better on Google.

How Many Questions Do You Ask?

Another thing you should keep in mind is the length of your application. If you require more than an upload of a resume, you should make sure you’re getting the information you really need.

It’s important to conduct some screening, but if your application process includes pages and pages of questions, you could be turning away top talent without knowing it. To simplify your application process, be sure you ask only those questions you truly need to ask on the application.

Be Sure to Communicate

One more way you can make applying for a job with you easier is by improving your communication. Consider adopting an AI chatbot to help candidates apply if they’re having trouble.

You can also use AI or automated responses to thank applicants for taking the time to apply. This can help improve the candidate experience.

Adjustments like these can improve your application process. When it’s easy to apply, more of the right candidates will take the time to submit applications.

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