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Independent Recruiters: 4 Smart Reasons to Offer Contract Staffing Services

Posted by Chelsea Henry

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Sep 26, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Independent_Recruiters_4_Smart_Reasons_to_offer_Contract_Staffing_ServicesThe need for temporary staffing services has been growing exponentially in Canada. More and more employers are shifting away from permanent positions to more flexible arrangements. With the gig economy now in full swing, employers and workers alike are thinking short term.

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Independent recruiters are likely aware of this shift, since it affects their business. As more of your clients look to temporary and flexible staffing solutions, you may have found many of them leaving you for larger agencies. Those who remain may have fewer positions for you to fill, and new customers may be few and far between.

It might be time to start offering contract staffing services to your clients. Here are a few smart reasons to offer this service.

1. Your Clients Want This Service

Perhaps the best reason you should offer contract staffing services is that your clients are asking for it. Their staffing needs are changing, and they’re moving away from permanent placements to more flexible solutions.

If you don’t offer contract staffing solutions, your clients may start looking elsewhere. They might be going to your competition or working with large agencies. They may eventually turn to these agencies for all of their staffing needs, including any permanent positions they have.

Offering contract staffing solutions gives your clients the flexibility they need.

2. It Represents a Growing Opportunity

Another good reason to offer temporary staffing services is that it represents a growth opportunity for your business. If you don’t offer contract staffing already, you’d be adding to the services you can offer your clients.

This is a growing area. Many businesses are looking for contract staffing services. Not only will your existing clients be happy to hear you can now fulfill these needs, in addition to their permanent staffing requirements, but you may find some new clients as well.

As the gig economy continues to grow, the demand for contract staffing services will likely continue to grow apace. If you want to grow your business, adding contract staffing services is a great idea.

3. You Can Compete More Effectively

Most independent recruiters offer permanent staffing solutions for their clients. While you may think this keeps you from competing directly with large agencies offering contract staffing services, you are still competing with them at the end of the day.

This is because most large staffing agencies also offer permanent placement services. Your clients may eventually go to the larger agency with all their hiring needs.

If you want to grow your business and keep your clients, you’ll need to go toe to toe with these large agencies. While independent recruiters have several advantages for clients, offering the same or similar services as your competitors can make your business more appealing to prospective clients.

4. It’s Easy to Do

Another great reason to offer temporary staffing services to your clients is that it’s relatively easy to do. You’ll want to review the legal requirements and ensure you have all of the documentation in place before you begin offering this service, but you can do it effectively.

Some of the most time-consuming and intensive parts of shifting to contract staffing services can be the back-end tasks and administration. With contract staffing, you may be responsible for tasks you didn’t previously handle, such as payroll administration, employee classification, and more.

This is what holds most independent recruiters back from offering these services. With the right back-end office solution, however, you can easily look after these additional tasks. Take advantage of a service provider’s existing infrastructure, and begin offering your clients great contract staffing services today.

Offering contract staffing solutions is a smart move for so many reasons. With the right help and support from a back office services provider, you can begin competing more effectively and offer your clients better service than ever before.

Unlock a Lucrative Revenue  Stream With Contract Staffing

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