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How Your Firm Will Benefit from Staffing Agency Software

Posted by Mai Dowdie

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Jan 11, 2017 9:00:00 AM

How-Your-Firm-Will-Benefit-from-Staffing-Agency-Software.jpgManaging a staffing agency is hard work. Not only do you have to be effective and efficient at recruiting top talent and placing candidates in the right job opportunities to ensure that your clients are happy, but you also have to assure that your back office is efficient, organized, accurate, and running seamlessly.

Many staffing agency owners turn to staffing agency software to enhance their services and more adequately manage their business functions. Staffing agency software is a tool that helps make recruitment a lot easier thanks to a variety of features. 

Here’s how your firm will benefit if you start using staffing agency software.

Applicant Tracking

Sourcing and matching candidates to open positions is critical to the success of your staffing firm. If you’re performing all tasks manually, with only spreadsheets, post-it notes, and your gut feeling to help you, then things can go awry. You might lose track of quality candidates due to lack of communication, lost resumes, or inaccurate scheduling. You may place the wrong candidates into open positions that they’re not quite right for simply because you didn’t realize there was a better option in your candidate pool. Applicant tracking is essential to quality placements. An applicant tracking system will allow you to see all of your candidates during the application process so these errors don’t occur.

Review Applications Quickly

For every job posting you advertise, you could get hundreds of applications. Without technology, you would be required to review every single application manually—most of which would be from applicants who are unqualified. This, naturally, can take up a lot of time, leading to an inefficient hiring process.

Staffing agency software can assess resumes faster and more effectively than your team could by searching your database of applications for the requirements of the job and sending you the results.

Smaller Staff

When you use staffing agency software, you may not need to hire more recruiters to meet your business goals. Because this technology can do much of the tedious and time-consuming work that your recruiters are required to do, you’ll be able to increase efficiency and productivity, and run your agency with a smaller staff because your recruiters will have the time to do more every day.

Faster Hiring Process

You undoubtedly know that the business world operates at a rapid pace. You need to be able to keep up with demand in order to succeed in the staffing industry. A slow hiring process can hurt your relationships with clients and candidates and make you lose out on opportunities for growth.

Handling the entire hiring process manually will slow it down considerably. But with staffing agency software, posting job ads, reviewing resumes, setting up interviews, placing candidates, and virtually every task will be faster and more efficient, ensuring that you can meet your clients’ needs in a timely manner.

Reporting and Analytics

Your firm deals with a lot of data. This intelligence can be highly valuable in helping you make the most informed decisions, whether it’s making better placement decisions, better staffing decisions, or better recruitment decisions. But it’s only valuable if you can analyze it efficiently. Recruitment software comes with reporting and analytics features, which means that you can start to put this data intelligence to good use, without struggling to understand what it all means. It’ll take stock of your firm’s strengths and weaknesses, so you can focus on improvements.


You know that recruiting and matching candidates is a dynamic process. And it doesn’t end once a candidate is in a job. Recruitment software allows you to manage every aspect of your business, all in one place. From posting job ads to analyzing resumes and setting up interviews to keeping track of timesheets, ensuring compliance, and paying workers, many staffing agency software programs can do it all. Others can be integrated into existing programs to make the process more efficient.

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