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How to Get More Clients as an Independent Recruiter

Posted by Laura D’Andrea


Oct 3, 2018 9:00:00 AM

How_to_Get_More_Clients_as_an_Independent_RecruiterThere’s no denying the gig economy is growing in Canada and employers are looking for more flexible solutions. The recruitment industry is booming as a result, and you, as an independent recruitment professional, are poised to benefit from this.

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Some people, however, have noted a decline in the number of independent recruiters over the last few years. This has largely happened because of a shift away from permanent staffing services. Large agencies have been better able to offer contract staffing services, which has become the preference for many employers. These agencies can also offer permanent staffing solutions, which means they are your direct competitors.

As a result, independent recruiters have been noticing a reduction in the demand for their services. If you’re looking to turn things around and grow your business, however, there are ways you can get more clients.

Remind Clients of the Advantages of Working with an Independent Recruiter

The first thing you should do is appeal to your existing clients. Remind them about the advantages of working with an independent recruiter such as yourself. Large agencies may seem to provide a good solution, but in many cases, employers would rather work with independents.

The reasons for this are complex, but it often comes down to a better customer experience. When they receive more personalized service, your clients can build a valuable partnership with you.

Ask existing clients about their needs and respond to them as best you can. If you can, ask them to leave reviews or to refer you to others who may need your services.

Expand Your Service Offerings

If you want to win more clients, one of the best things you can do is expand your service offerings to better meet their needs. If your existing clients want contract staffing solutions, it might be time to add them. This may also appeal to potential customers who want to work with you but feel agency solutions might work better.

It’s easy to start offering contract staffing solutions, especially if you team up with a provider for back-office services. With the administrative tasks out of your way, you can focus on other aspects of the recruiting business.

Find Your Niche and Mine It

Many independent recruiters have a niche, specializing in certain segments of the market. If you already have a reputation for helping clients in a particular industry, then capitalize on this opportunity. There are likely others in the industry who could benefit from working with you.

Niches are necessarily limited, but a specialization can help you win more clients. As your reputation grows, more people will turn to you to provide the expertise and solutions they’re looking for.

Market Yourself

Do potential clients know your recruiting business exists? This is a problem for many independent recruiters. You want to grow your company and win more clients, but it’s very difficult to do if no one knows about the business.

Take some time and design a marketing plan. Ask your existing clients how they heard about you or where they’d look to find another recruiter. Take a look at low-cost options like social media marketing and search engine marketing.

Getting the word out about your business is key to finding more clients for your business. If you have a niche, be sure to advertise on industry-specific websites as well.

You Can Grow Your Business

As an independent recruiter, you may have wondered if the gig economy and the new realities of a flexible workforce were going to limit your ability to grow your business. Instead, you should see them as opportunities you can capitalize on.

Using these tips, you can continue to grow your business and win new clients.

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