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How Successful Staffing Agencies Improve the Candidate Experience

Posted by Chelsea Henry

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Sep 3, 2018 9:00:00 AM

How-Successful-Staffing-Agencies-Improve-the-Candidate-Experience-compressorRunning a staffing agency takes expertise, innovation, dedication, and hard work. One of the most common challenges of running an employment agency is attracting and retaining the right candidates. As the most successful staffing agencies know, the secret lies in the candidate experience you create.

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What is the candidate experience?

The candidate experience encompasses the entire application and hiring process. From the time a job seeker applies to your staffing firm to the time you place them with one of your clients, they are undergoing the candidate experience.

Most successful staffing agencies recognize the importance of providing a good candidate experience. The question is how you can improve on what you’re doing to create an even better experience for your candidates.

Staffing Agencies Face Challenges

It’s no secret the staffing industry is hyper-competitive, and competition is only increasing. Low unemployment and talent shortages have created more demand for talented workers, which means job seekers have more choices in today’s market.

This makes providing a positive candidate experience even more important for staffing agencies. While you may understand the importance of the experience, you also know it’s not as easy as it seems to ensure everyone has a good experience. 

What can you do to overcome this challenge? The most successful agencies use some of these tips to provide better candidate experiences and win over more job seekers.

Communicate More

Both the quality and quantity of communication are important to today’s job seekers. If you send an automated email thanking them for their application and never follow up further, you’re probably not providing the best candidate experience you could.

Think about how often you communicate with job seekers. When do you begin corresponding with them, and how often do you talk to them? You should consider how often you contact people when you have few open positions to fill as well. Keeping people well-informed about their applications and open positions will help them feel more at ease. In turn, they’ll think more positively about your brand.

Think about the Application Process

How easy is it for candidates to apply to your staffing agency? The most successful staffing firms provide a great candidate experience by making it easy to apply.

A streamlined, user-friendly website is a foundational aspect of this. The online application process should be easy. If there’s an app for applying, it should be designed with ease of use in mind.

Think about how many questions you ask, and how many tasks there are to perform. Redundancies should be eliminated to make applying even quicker and easier.

Offer Something More

Staffing agencies are in competition with each other, and you’re competing for candidates. What can your firm offer that sets you apart from all your competitors?

Think about what you offer to job seekers. Why would they want to work with you? Maybe you specialize in placing people with particular companies or in certain kinds of jobs. Maybe you offer more placements or a more personalized service. Whatever the case, think about what advantage you can offer to job seekers.

Ask for Feedback

Perhaps the easiest way to begin improving your candidate experience is to ask your candidates what they liked and what they didn’t like. Did they find it difficult to apply, or was it the easiest process they went through? Is there anything you could do to make it even simpler?

By asking for feedback, you can gain insight into what job seekers want and how people view your process. From there, you can look at ways to improve on your shortcomings and provide an even better candidate experience.

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