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7 Ways an Applicant Tracking System Can Sink a Temp Agency

Posted by Stacey Jones


Jul 3, 2013 9:00:00 AM

Applicant Tracking SystemWhen you run a temp staffing firm, efficiency is key. You are not only juggling many clients and dozens of workers, but end dates, no shows, shifts, customized invoicing, registration, timesheets and much, much more. You have to have recruiters and office staff who are on the ball and know how to multi-task. Without a robust tracking system, no matter how good your staff is, they won’t be able to keep up.

1. Cumbersome for Recruiters

Recruiters working at a fast paced temp agency need information at their fingertips. An applicant tracking system that doesn’t have the search capability to provide an availability hot list based on multiple requirements is useless when it comes to filling immediate orders. And if you can’t get the temp there in time, you’ve lost the order to another agency. To be efficient with their time recruiters need a system that is not only efficient when it comes to filling orders, but one that saves them time with their other day-to-day tasks such as the capability for online registration, resume parsing and job posting – reducing manual data entry. All this wrapped up in technology that can provide instant reports on daily starts, open orders and availability.

2. No CRM for Sales

An applicant tracking system that includes an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) platform means that your whole team utilizes one system and as an owner, productivity can be easily tracked. Salespeople need a system that keeps track of their notes, reminders, prospect lists as well as the ability to check client credit information even before approaching them for business. A system that doesn’t integrate the two sides (account AND candidate/worker management) means valuable time is wasted manually measuring activity against profit.

3. No Client Customization

Whether your client is large or small, they are all unique in their requirements of you as a service provider. If your ATS isn’t customizable to your client’s needs, you won’t be able to service them the way they need you to, leaving the door open for your competition. A fully supported system should capture all your clients’ information with the ability to customize invoicing and reporting information in whatever way they need, be it based on department, shift or job. Your system should also be able to capture billing information not just based on pay and bill rate. Some clients may expect to be invoiced by project, container or piece, so your ATS needs to provide invoices that reflect this, all the while allowing you to also pay your people by the hour, container or piece. Finally, your technology should be able to integrate a swipe system so the client doesn’t need to deal with stacks of timesheets and provide usage and cost control reports including Service Quality, Cost Analysis, and Attrition Tracking.

4. Double Data Entry for Payroll

Most staffing systems available today do not have an integrated payroll module. This means double data entry for your office staff when it comes to paying the revolving door of temporary help. Payroll then becomes a full-time job from the collection of timesheets, entering in the pay structure, calculating taxes, overtime and stat holiday billing, and then printing and mailing timesheets. An ATS with an integrated payroll module can:

  • Collect timesheets electronically or through a swipe system
  • Pull the pay structure directly from the orders
  • Correctly calculate all deductions and employee entitlements automatically based on previously programmed rules, policies and regulations

This saves your staff hours of time and reduces the amount of errors that may occur during the manual transfer of data.

5. No Integrated Legislative Compliance

Keeping up with the ever-evolving legislative compliance for any business can be time consuming. But a temp staffing firm must be even more diligent. The last few years have brought about some changes to the legislation surrounding staffing firms, such as Bill 139 in Ontario. Complying with these rules can be difficult without the correct tracking tools. Not complying with new legislation can lead to fines and penalties. An ATS that is customizable to these changes can not only save time but ensure government compliance.

6. Not Web or Mobile Friendly

In the fast-paced world of temp staffing, you have to be available to your clients and candidates outside of regular working hours. So you need a system that is available at any time, in any place. If your applicant tracking system is not web-based or not mobile-friendly it is inefficient for your staff, your workers, potential candidates, and, let’s face it, you, the agency owner.

Finally, in the world of ASAP orders, you need to reach a wide audience of candidates quickly and efficiently. Gone are the days when you hand a phone list to your group of recruiters and they drop everything until the order is filled. If your staffing software doesn’t have an integrated texting or auto calling feature, it’s a dinosaur.

7. Rigid Tech Support

Can you imagine running your business without your ATS? If your tech support is not available when you need it, you may end up doing just that. When evaluating staffing software for your business it’s extremely important that the technical support that comes along with it is readily available when you need it. Just as important is the ability of the tech team to customize the software to meet your clients’ demands. An inflexible, cookie-cutter system may have you wasting time manually gathering information to create a customized report for a particular situation.

Your client looks to you to provide them with more than just temporary staff. They are really looking for a partner who understands their business fluctuations and challenges. A staffing firm with the tools to provide this is invaluable.

A system meeting all of the above needs may seem impossible, especially one specifically designed to support Canadian staffing agencies. But the proprietary system from The Staffing Edge, called Stafftrak, is all this and more.

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