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Chelsea Henry

Chelsea Henry is the team leader of risk management at The Staffing Edge. Chelsea’s passion for working closely with others in a challenging but rewarding environment is what makes her an important asset to our members. Chelsea has over 10 years of customer service experience—five years specifically dealing with risk management in the staffing industry—and is JHSC certified. Through research, Chelsea helps keep members up to date on current legislation involving employer’s rights, and deals with their day-to-day challenges with labour laws. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, DIY projects, and photography.
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3 Ways to Elevate Your Staffing Agency

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Oct 2, 2017 11:00:00 AM

3 Ways to Elevate Your Staffing Agency--.jpgSo, you’ve started a staffing agency, but despite what you’ve likely heard about Canada’s gig economy and the rising need of staffing services you aren’t seeing much growth yet. The reason for this is simple: competition is fierce in 2017 and is projected to grow in the following year. 

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Opening a staffing firm these days is only the beginning. There are some firms that have been in the business for decades, and although you might have a key niche you’re catering to, you still need to elevate your status to gain a steady network of clients. And depending on your niche, say IT and computer technology for example, you’ll need to work hard to be able to compete with the big staffing firms. 

Need some tips to jumpstart your course to becoming a sought-after staffing agency? Check out three key strategies below for elevating your staffing agency.

1. Use Staffing Agency Software

There’s been a lot of talk this year about how much of the staffing industry has “gone digital.” Yes, not even the most people-driven industries can avoid digital transformation. If your staffing agency doesn’t begin to digitize its recruiting process, it will be falling behind on one of the most vital trends of the industry. 

There are significant advantages to using staffing agency software. Such software allows your agency to do things like employ algorithms for applicant pre-screening and rediscovery for its database. Not to mention how much easier it becomes to manage client relationships and ensure their needs have been met with your candidates in real time. Staffing agency software alleviates the burden of your back office administration, and optimizes how your staff completes their everyday tasks. 

Digitization might be tricky to deal with at times, but not if you have the right tools to implement it. An interconnected system that can roll all your essential admin duties into one—applicant tracking, client relationship management, and financial reporting—will streamline your agency.

2. Build Your Employer’s Online Brand

Your employer’s brand is another critical strategy for elevating your staffing agency, because it’s about how potential clients perceive you. Your reputation in the staffing industry will precede you, especially considering most of your clients will be researching your agency online before they decide to engage with you. 

Investing in your inbound/online marketing, which utilizes a combination of online tools like blogs, social media sites, and search engine optimization, is the key to an attractive brand. Most clients nowadays are tech savvy and want to have assurance that even as a new agency you know your staffing niche well. 

Using online marketing techniques lets your clients know that you’re forward-thinking, trustworthy, and respected amongst your peers. Social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can be leveraged to communicate with other staffing agencies, learn about the state of the industry, and disseminate your knowledge and experience of your agency’s niche.

3. Obtain a Back Office Solutions Provider

Elevating your staffing agency isn’t just about a flashy front end, it’s about how efficient your back end operations are, too. Day-to-day administration can take quite a toll on time and resources. You need to account for your payroll structures, government compliance (which is subject to ministry inspection blitzes year-round), remittances and general bookkeeping to name just a few.

That’s why you should obtain a proficient back office solutions provider. There are providers, like The Staffing Edge, who specialize in staffing agency administration. And what’s more, their experts can implement all-in-one staffing agency software that streamlines all your major tasks. Having a back office solutions provider is a real boon in today’s evolving business landscape, because they expand the capabilities of your customer service.

Implement these three tips and watch as your staffing agency’s brand starts to expand.

A CEO’s Guide: Online Marketing for Staffing Firms

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The Typical Day of a Successful Temporary Staffing Agency Owner

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Sep 15, 2017 9:00:00 AM

The Typical Day of a Successful Temporary Staffing Agency Owner--.jpgA lot of people might assume in the current Canadian gig economy that a staffing agency, once successfully launched, runs itself. As years go by more and more daily processes of staffing agencies are automated, after all, and one might think there’s not much to do but profit as an agency owner. We’re here to put those kinds of misconceptions to rest.


This blog’s dedicated towards staffing industry hopefuls who have plans to become a successful temporary staffing agency owner, and those already on their way. If you’re curious about what it takes to run a staffing agency and what challenges you’ll need to meet head on, then keep reading.

Keeping Customer Service Competitive

Any given morning for a successful temporary staffing agency owner involves ensuring customer service is excellent. Your clients and candidates expect only the best from you because of your consistent track record.

The staffing industry is all about improving the ways people network to find jobs and people to fill those jobs. To provide great customer service, you must have a team of recruiters who are passionate about networking and filling job orders to the letter for clients.

Having access to versatile proprietary software for applicant tracking and client relationship management (CRM) as an owner gives you and your staff the tools you need to always exceed client expectations. Such software can streamline daily tasks and even track your company and staff’s performance levels, so you know where improvements can be made.

Running an Optimal Back Office

Speaking of performance levels, a successful temporary staffing agency never neglects its administration responsibilities. Every day the owner of a staffing agency must check in with its back office to see that payroll, HR, and compliance with Canadian business laws are in order. While your front office is the core of your recruitment business, if you don’t take care of back office solutions, your efficacy (a key attractor for clients and candidates) suffers. 

Having great proprietary software with a financial reporting system that catches clerical errors is one thing. But if you truly want to optimize the back end of your staffing agency, you’ll have outsourced your compliance and legal matters to experts with decades of experience. Admin experts will help wrangle the mountains of paperwork your agency generates with ease, allowing your front-end staff to focus on their recruiting specialties. 

A successful owner knows that they should be 100 percent compliant with things like employment standards and health and safety measures year-round. Especially since Canada’s employment standards and business laws are always evolving.

Implementing Bleeding Edge of Industry News

To maximize your staffing agency’s budget and talent you need to not only keep current with industry news, but implement practices from that news. Reading global reports on the key metrics (like client retention per year and number of candidates placed) and technology to improve your employer brand isn’t enough. A successful staffing industry owner learns of these key metrics and then proceeds to update their proprietary software with them.

One typical day in the life of a temporary staffing agency owner is all about properly managing your staff, ensuring that your admin is taken care of, and employing bleeding edge strategies for productivity. That means you must be present always to offer your advice staff, help vet candidates who enter your applicant tracking system, and keep up relations with your admin experts.

Your vigilance will be rewarded with an amazing attraction rate for clients and a constantly growing database of candidates, with both parties having complete faith in your employer brand. If all the above sounds doable to you as a newcomer to the industry, don’t be surprised if someday you find yourself competing with the big staffing agencies on a national level!

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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What Are the Advantages of Using Staffing Agency Software?

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Aug 23, 2017 9:00:00 AM

What Are the Advantages of Using Staffing Agency Software--.jpgPerhaps you’ve heard of how there’s software out there tailored to suit the needs of a staffing agency like yours. And most likely if you have heard of such software, you’re probably hoping that there’s a “cure-all” technology sales solution. Your staffing agency could surely benefit from some extra help in the administrative department.


Employing staffing agency software isn’t just about streamlining your business; it’s also about ensuring continuous growth. Are you curious about the advantages of using proprietary software for your staffing business? Then read on for benefits that will improve your staffing agency.

Optimize Your Efficiency

There’s nothing worse than knowing technology is holding you back from being truly productive. You could have the best recruiters with the best recruiting strategies on deck and even a good network of passive candidates, but all that will count for naught if the system you use in daily operations is inefficient.

When you have software that’s got a stellar CRM system, which bundles together major admin tasks like tracking and managing candidates and their pertinent information, do the same for clients and measure company productivity analytics. At its core, a staffing agency is chiefly concerned with optimal customer service.

Proprietary software helps you hone in on your business goals by reducing administrative hassles. Software that has both CRM and applicant tracking also improves your agency’s performance with customized settings that help you determine which candidates make the best matches for your clients.

Reduce Margin for Human Error

While we’re sure that you’re doing your utmost to keep all the paperwork straight in your business, there’s always room for human error. Sometimes there are bound to be mistakes that slip through in paperwork for complicated matters like taxation and remittances.

The problem with human error, however, when your running staffing firm is that some mistakes, such as noncompliance, can cause serious issues for your business. This is especially true if you’re a foreign company learning about the Canadian legal system and how it impacts your expansion. The last thing you want on your agency’s hands is accidental fraud due to a clerical error. What’s more, you’ll want to make sure all your staff payroll matters are handled accurately.

Proprietary software automates data entry and ensures that financial matters are kept consistent. The right software can also check against its database and point out errors like double entries.

Become a Competitive and Specialized Agency

Staffing industry-specific software for admin ultimately saves you more time and balances out your overhead costs. All the usual distractions of admin are cutback, leaving you able to focus on the tasks that matter the most such as finding your niche in the staffing business and becoming the go-to business for said niche.

The right software empowers you to build your client relationships, properly represent and match your candidates, and keep up to date with the latest information that enters your company’s system. All these aspects combined make your agency more specialized in its services and enables you to compete with the big staffing firms out there!

Sounds good? If so there’s software available such as Stafftrak that can handle applicant tracking, CRM, and financial reporting. Stafftrak’s award-winning software can link to your website and you can access it from mobile devices, making online registration and job posting for your agency a breeze.

The bottom line is this: having robust software on your side means you’re free to go take on the gig economy and find real success with your business.

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7 Traits the Best Canadian Staffing Firms Have in Common

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Jun 30, 2017 9:00:00 AM

7 Traits the Best Canadian Staffing Firms Have in Common--.jpgDo you know what it takes to excel in the Canadian staffing industry? The best Canadian staffing firms have their processes down to a science, but it’s not too late for your agency to catch up. No matter the size of your staffing firm, you can compete with the top dogs, but you’ll need to possess these seven traits.

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1. A Niche

While a broad service offering may seem like a good idea, the best Canadian staffing firms offer a particular set of skills in a specific industry. When they focus on one niche, they develop expertise that they otherwise would have been unable to attain working in various industries. They know all the ins and outs of the industry which will make them the desirable choice for anyone looking to hire in that field.

2. They Maintain Strong Relationships

Building and maintain relationships are essential in the staffing industry. The best Canadian staffing firms will not only have great relationships with their clients, but also with their potential candidates. 

It’s important to keep in contact with your candidates, even if they do not currently fit the bill for any of your position openings. Certain candidates may be eligible for future positions, and forming a strong relationship now will make them more likely to consider working with your staffing agency for future opportunities.

3. Back Office Support

The best Canadian staffing firms know that in order to excel in their core business, they need support from another company. Outsourcing your payroll and HR tasks to a back office support provider can offer you Canadian expertise while also helping you comply with all necessary regulations.

Your financing will be under control so that you can dedicate your time to what really counts—staffing.

4. A Foolproof Hiring Process

As a staffing agency, your business lies in the hands of your hiring process—the best firms will have foolproof processes.

There are multiple steps in the hiring process, starting with advertising and sourcing, you’ll then need to move into the recruitment phase. Once you’ve found a suitable candidate, you’ll move to the interview phase, and finally to contract negotiations. You must be capable of seeing a candidate through the whole process in order to boast a foolproof hiring process like the best Canadians staffing agencies.

5. Exceptional Customer Service        

Along the same lines as maintaining strong relationships, exceptional customer service can help set the worst Canadian staffing firms apart from the best. When you provide customer service that is friendly and helpful at the same time, people will be more responsive to your calls and staffing proposals.

Your staffing will benefit greatly, as people will be more inclined to deal with a company that makes them feel valued as an individual through direct and enjoyable communication.

6. Advanced Technology   

Advanced technology shows which Canadian staffing agencies are up to current standards. Staffing technology can not only make your recruitment process easier and more efficient, but organize your entire communication system into one convenient location.

Applicant tracking systems and client relationship management will allow your company to track orders, clients, and candidates like the pros.

Staffing systems can also allow you to access your technology from your mobile phone, so that even when you’re not at the office, you’ll be able to do your work from anywhere at anytime.

7. Offer Both Temp and Perm Staffing Solutions   

Offering service for both temporary and permanent staffing solutions gives top staffing firms more options to work with. This allows for a larger candidate pool and more opportunities for current clients to benefit from.

It will also open the door to new clients, who may have the need for both permanent and temporary staff. This way, they’ll be able to work with one company instead of two, keeping their staffing more organized and efficient.

Things You Need to Know When Starting a Temp Staffing Agency

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Here Are the Differences Between Canadian Staffing & American Staffing

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Jun 16, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Here Are the Difference Between Canadian Staffing & American Staffing--.jpgAsk any Canadian and they’ll be quick to tell you all the ways they’re different from their American neighbours. Although our two countries are similar in many ways, each maintains a unique identity which is not to be mistaken for the other.

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This is especially relevant when it comes to the American and Canadian staffing industries.  While many staffing agencies don’t know the differences, the employment markets are not all the same. It’s crucial information that could severely impact your business further down the line. If you’re considering operating staffing services in both countries, it’s important to know the facts upfront.

The best way to stay up-to-date on the Canadian-American staffing industries is to look for information from a back office supplier who can keep you updated on the following:


Legislature is forever evolving and it’s important to keep up with the changes is government policy. With the Canadian and American governments working as two individual units, the legalities surrounding one country’s staffing industry does not impact the other.

Canadian staffing agencies must abide by the Public Service Employment Act, which outlines all the necessary rules and regulations pertaining to employment in Canada.

Market Size

Over the past year, the global staffing market generated over $428 billion USD. The main players in the global staffing market are Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Currently, Canada is not considered one of the global leaders in the staffing industry. However, that doesn’t mean that the staffing needs in Canada are not important. This just means that the revenue generated by the Canadian staffing industry does not measure up to the other three global leaders.

Although the American and Canadian staffing industries differ in their market size, each individual country has its own unemployment rate and job vacancy challenges to deal with.


When comparing the populations of Canada and America, 35.85 million and 321.4 million respectively, it’s obvious that the American staffing industry is likely to be much larger, based on population size alone. Of these populations, a significant number of people are unemployed—6.5 percent of Canadians and 4.7 percent of Americans. Yet, there are more than 5.8 million jobs available in the United States, and a job vacancy rate of 2.5 percent in Canada. So if there’s so many jobs available, why are people still unemployed?

Often companies can’t find the right employees to fill their vacancies, or they’re not using the proper techniques to attract a qualified candidate base. This is where staffing industries come into play. In both countries, there is demand for employees and unemployed individuals. While the market sizes differ, the United States currently has a lower unemployment rate with higher demand, whereas Canadas has less demand and a higher unemployment rate.


In both countries, commercial positions (including industrial and office-clerical and administration) represent the majority of all staffing efforts across the country. However, the demand for commercial workers in the United States was slightly higher than in Canada. In America, 65 percent of staffing positions were in the commercial sector, compared to 50 percent in the Canadian market. American demand for commercial workers is therefore drastically higher than the demand in Canada.

With only half of Canadian staffing needs being directed towards commercial workers, this means that the demand in other industries is higher in Canada than it is in the Unites States. As an example, IT staffing and engineering represent 39 percent of the Canadian staffing needs, compared to only 13 percent in the United States.

In addition, finance/accountants represent five percent of the Canadian staffing industry, and is not even a notable figure in the American industry. These statistics just go to show you that industry demand for staffing employees varies greatly between the two countries. 

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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How to Avoid Temp Staffing Payroll Mistakes

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Jun 2, 2017 9:00:00 AM

How-to-Avoid-Temp-Staffing-Payroll-Mistakes.jpgPayroll can be complex and time consuming, but mistake scan result in serious consequences. Time sheets can be tricky to maintain and keep track of, while miscalculated taxes and pay miscalculations can be damaging to your business reputation. When hours and wages vary among staff, it’s important to keep organized and on top of payroll. 

Temp staffing payroll is different from permanent staffing, presenting different issues to deal with and the possibility of different mistakes made. Keep reading to learn how to avoid payroll mistakes for temp staffing.

Have Proper Financing

Staffing firms can invest in payroll financing specific to this sector. Payroll financing for temp staffing ensures adequate cash flow so you’re always able to pay your temporary employees. A lender finances your slow-paying invoices for immediate cash, giving you the funds to cover payroll expenses and other costs. 

Firms submit clients’ invoices with a copy of the time sheets. The financing company will advance a percentage of the invoice and deposit the funds to you. Once the client pays the invoice, the remaining amount is then deposited by the financer. 

With financing, you can always ensure your temp workers are paid without missing a pay period. This keeps employees happy and your business reputation sound. Payroll financing gives your firm the financial security of having the necessary capital to meet obligations, plus flexibility for your firm to grow.

Hire an In-House Pro

Another option to avoid payroll mistakes is to hire an in-house payroll clerk who is specifically dedicated to managing temp staffing payroll. Hiring on-hand staff means you’ll have a person with specific training and dedication to the position, along with immediate availability to expertise at your fingertips.

You won’t have to worry about you spending time on payroll or wonder if you’re calculating it properly. 

An in-house clerk comes with the knowledge and skill to ensure temp staff are paid correctly and on time. Having a payroll clerk on staff will give you the ability to quickly deal with any issues that arise or discrepancy in payroll. 

With a payroll clerk easy to reach, you take the workload off your plate to get back to your agency’s main duties. A payroll clerk handles the compliance issues and other related matters to ensure accuracy and reliability. Hiring a dedicated employee to handle this aspect saves you time, and relieves some in-house pressure of doing it yourself.


The final option is to remove this department entirely from an in-house capacity, and get more done by outsourcing to a back office provider.

Experts take care of the payroll process and administration, from ROEs and T4 forms to tax deductions and remittances. They’ll handle your temp staffing payroll tasks with expertise and ease, giving you a chance to relax and focus on recruiting and customer service.

A back office provider dedicated to the staffing industry fully understands the unique needs and challenges of your firm to deal with any issues associated with temp payroll staffing. Back office providers create a partnership of understanding and communication, making it easier to manage temp responsibilities. Cost effective, accurate, and efficient, these providers have the experience to guarantee your temp staffing payroll is error-free and in line with government standards.

You’ll always comply with the current payroll and tax regulations to avoid penalties from non compliance and mistakes, and you’ll save on time and the expense of employing in-house staff. Maintain astrong business reputation and avoid the government’s bad side by working with a back office provider to verify your temp staffing payroll meets all the right marks.

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What Ontario Employers Need to Know about the Ministry of Labour’s Planned Inspection Blitz

Posted by Chelsea Henry


May 8, 2017 9:00:00 AM

What-Ontario-Employers-Need-to-Know-about-the-Ministry-of-Labours-Planned-Inspection-Blitz.jpgThe Ministry of Labour regularly conducts inspection blitzes in various industriesthroughout the province. As part of the Ontario enforcement strategy, the Safe at Work Ontario Compliance Strategyworks to increase compliance in the workplace through this type of inspection blitz

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The Ministry uses these inspectionsto ensure Ontario employers are following the correct provincial employment standards and aren’t subjecting employees to unethical treatment or dangerous conditions.

Who’s Involved and Why

The inspection blitz is broken down by sector to analyze where injuries occur; to raise awareness; and to increase compliance within these industries. Sectors include food services, retail trade, construction, mining, healthcare, transportation, and warehousing. In the end, the majority of industries in the provinceare subject to inspection. 

The Ministry zeroes in on areas that have a high rate of precarious employment: the service industry, building, amusement and recreation; personal care; and repeat violators. As young workers and temporary foreign workers make up the highest vulnerability group under the Employment Standards Act, the Ministry needs to be sure workers aren’t being taken advantage of. Targeted employers are those with a history of compliance violations in the companyand those with a high employment rate of vulnerable workers. 

Health and safety standardsare examined to raise awareness of workplace hazards and increase compliance. Employment standards are analyzed to ensure Ontario employers are up to par regardingpaid vacation, holiday pay, overtime pay, hours worked, meeting minimum wage and increases, recordkeeping, and wage statements. 

Each sector is tracked to determine whether blitzes result in long-lasting compliance and also to track the number of injuries reported. Previous reports indicated the number of employers fully compliant with Ontario’s workplace laws is low.

Legislation and Consequences

The Ministry focuses on specific sectors each year to protect workers’ rights under two provincial acts: the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Employment Standards Act, 2000. Inspections are aimed to educate employers and employees about their rights and responsibilities under both pieces of legislation and help them find more information. 

Noncompliance in the workplace can be costly to you. It results in high-cost injury claims such as fatalities, long-term disability, and events that by nature are chronic or re-occurring in the form of WSIB assessments. This results in lost time, low productivity, and higher insurance premiumsfor businesses. 

Upon discovery during the blitz, noncompliance with provincial workplace standards results in grave consequences for businesses. Violations due to noncompliance includeorders to pay wages and fees, tickets, prosecution, and re-inspection at a later date. Compliance orders can also be non-monetary, such as orders that prohibit employers from continuing a certain action. The inspectors are instructed to take a zero-tolerance approach, and prosecution is a real possibility.

What Employers Need to Do

Ontario employers are given notice prior to the blitz. To prepare, you can brush up on the provincial legislation to verify which regulations you’re currently meeting and which regulations you’ve missed. 

Other things you can do as an Ontario employer includes being proactive and establishing a plan to manage hazards; getting help from health and safety representatives to know where training is needed; conducting individual workplace audits; informing employees of current hazards;keeping a visible and well-documented health and safety program outlining strategy; and ensuring proper workplace training to deal with issues that arise. 

When the inspector is occurring, be cordial and work with the inspectorsto correct deficiencies that were addressed. You should keep a detailed record of the inspection: areas of the workplace inspected, information requested by the inspectors, and a list of employees interviewed. 

If you’re unsure whether your business complies with the correct standards, consult with compliance experts. These experts can examine your current policies and procedures and verify compliance. It can help your business stay ahead and avoid consequences by the Ministry of Labour.

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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How to Grow Your Staffing Firm

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Mar 20, 2017 9:00:00 AM

How-to-Grow-Your-Staffing-Firm.jpgNo matter how long your staffing firm has been operating, it’s likely you’ve given some serious thought to how the future will unfold. A successful business model emphasizes growth and makes plans for the expansion of a company over time. 

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If you’re at the stage where you know it’s time to grow your staffing firm, there are a few different ways that you can proceed.


For any firm to achieve a considerable amount of growth, it needs an influx of cash to cover the costs associated with expanding their businesses. However, finding the necessary financial resources to do so can be challenging, especially when your firm is relatively young. 

Payroll financing is a great solution for firms working in the staffing industry that are looking to expand and need capital. Payroll financing involves selling your accounts receivables to a lender in exchange for immediate access to funds. This influx of cash can help cover payroll as your firm grows, giving you the freedom to take on more clients and expand your network.

Updated Technology

Technology is such an important part of remaining on the cutting edge of the staffing industry. From programs that allow you to connect with larger numbers of people to applicant tracking software that ensures your databases are working efficiently, technology can make a huge difference when growing your staffing firm. 

If you’re serious about expanding your business, you need to be willing to invest in staffing agency software. It’s important to remember that there is a good deal of competition in the staffing industry. State-of-the-art technology and employees who understand how to use it can help build your reputation as a firm that is able to take on the unique challenges of staffing. Without the accompanying technology, growing your firm will be a struggle as you compete alongside firms that are outfitted with updated technology.

Representing Temporary Workers

The demand for temporary workers is steadily increasing in Canada, with short-term contracts making up a bigger portion of the contemporary workforce. Companies that are looking for temporary workers are looking for a very specific set of skills; the individual needs to be able to jump right into the work and help complete the project or task in a timely fashion.

As a result, the traditional hiring process isn’t always as effective when it comes to hiring temps. This is where staffing firms become especially important. As companies turn their searches to temporary workers, they also begin to look for firms that can help them find the best individuals for the job.

If you only represent job hunters that are looking for full-time or part-time employment, you’re missing out on a significant part of the employment market. For any firm looking to expand, one of the best things you can do is broaden your horizons by representing a more diverse candidate pool, and especially one that includes job hunters on the lookout for temporary work.

Outsourcing Back-Office Duties

In an ideal world, your firm would only have to focus on one thing: connecting companies and candidates. However, the reality is that there is a lot of administrative work involved with the staffing industry, administrative work that can drain your energy and divert your focus from the task at hand.

If you’re looking to expand, you’ll need to focus more of your energy on staffing. Outsourcing back-office duties can be a great way to make this happen. When you outsource your back-end, you hand over responsibility for administrative tasks, payroll, and paperwork, to a third party that specializes in exactly this kind of work. The provider will ensure that everything is done correctly and promptly, leaving you to work with bigger numbers of companies and candidates alike.

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How the Right Software Can Be Your Staffing Firm’s Secret Weapon

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Feb 20, 2017 9:00:00 AM

How-the-Right-Software-Can-Be-Your-Staffing-Firms-Secret-Weapon.jpgWhen you started planning your staffing firm, you probably considered the basics and thought about how you’d make the industry work for you. Everything you need to know about starting a successful staffing firm includes overall business strategies like finding your niche, pricing your services, outsourcing administrative tasks, and finding the right insurance. 

Download our free guide on everything you need to know about starting a  successful staffing firm.

One important element of a staffing firm’s success, however, is its technology. The right software can have endless benefits on your company’s productivity as it reduces the room for human error and lets your employees work with less stress. 

In this post, we explore how the right software can be your staffing firm’s secret weapon that gives you a competitive edge.

Reduce Human Error and See Results

You’ve heard the phrase before, maybe even said it to describe some of your own blunders… “Everybody makes mistakes” rings true when it comes to the corporate world, and reducing human error can have a seriously positive impact on your business’ success.

Different types of human error at work can be eating into your profits. One of the biggest factors of human error, stress, can be reduced with the right software. Good software that takes a load off of your workers’ backs can reduce overall stress levels and improve workplace efficiency. 

Other elements of human error include intrinsic error and working memory. In fact, studies show that human beings have only so much working memory—in short, mistakes are bound to happen. When you add the right software to your staffing firm, you can entrust business functions to your technology meaning your workers have to remember fewer tasks and you can see the results in the efficiency of your staffing firm.

Stay Current with Workforce Compliance

Regulatory like the Canada Revenue Agency create a plethora of rules and regulations that change often. With the right software that allows you to stay up to date with manuals that cover aspects such as Health & Safety, Workers’ Compensation Cost and Case Management, and Appeals & Tribunal Representation ensure that you have the information you need to stay on top of workforce compliance.

Go Mobile

Smartphones promise a world of opportunity to their owners, and nowadays you can do more from your phone than ever before. You can add mobile recruiting to your staffing firm and stay up to date with other forward-thinking employment solutions.

Software that enables your candidates to engage with mobile recruiting promises faster results and simplified engagement. Some research shows that, currently, 43% of candidates use mobile devices to upload resumes while 45% of jobseekers use mobile devices to apply for job. In addition, 94% of candidates want the option to see current job descriptions on a mobile device. With these numbers, it’s hard to ignore the importance of the right software in your staffing agency.

Back Office Ease

Back office operations like administration, payroll, and HR paperwork are an important part of the daily operations at a staffing agency, but they can be tedious and eat up a lot of your workers’ time.

Making improvements to back office solutions in your staffing firm improves overall efficiency while allowing your staffing agency to put its energy where it’s needed most: providing excellent service to candidates and clients.

The right software cuts out time doing calculations, filing spreadsheets, and even sifting through folders for timesheets, resumes, and contracts.

Benefits of Staffing Software

Staffing software that is fully integrated for front office, back office, social networking, job boards, text messaging, and auto-phone dialling will allow your staffing agency to tie together all aspects of technology and manage it from one centralized space.

The right software can make every aspect of a staffing agency’s operations exponentially easier. Even communicating with candidates, clients, and your own employees can be improved with the right software.

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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How Staffing Firms Can Overcome These 5 Common Challenges

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Jan 4, 2017 9:00:00 AM

How-Staffing-Firms-Can-Overcome-These-5-Common-Challenges.jpgOn top of the challenges any business owner faces, staffing firms come with their own unique set of challenges that must be met in order to stay competitive in a big industry. Among others, some of the most common challenges in the industry include hiring speed, ineffective search tools, in-house hiring trends, insurance solutions, and recruiting top talent. Staffing firms that overcome these common challenges and come out stronger on the other side will stay competitive and rise above the rest. Here’s how:

1. Speed

Paperwork and backend tasks can be extremely time consuming, leaving you little time to focus on the responsibilities that really matter. Time management plays such an important part in everyday operations; ensuring that your time is focused on core business activities is key. Furthermore, your client satisfaction will be determined by how quickly and effectively you can offer staffing solutions. The ability to offer quick hiring solutions is important for all staffing firms. 

It has become commonplace for staffing agencies to seek subcontracting options for tasks from human resources, payroll, and compliance. By outsourcing these back office tasks, you will be able to focus on sales and service—the parts of your operation that truly matter.

2. Ineffective Search Tools

Your tools can make a huge difference in the fruitfulness of your efforts as a staffing agency.  Antiquated search tools, or an outmoded approach, are worth little to your clients. The internet provides ample selection outlets teeming with candidates waiting to be tapped. Supporting quick and simple job posting services and effective candidate searchability is the best way to stay competitive.

A working knowledge of candidate-centered social media sites can be a huge advantage and is a must have for any staffing agency looking forward. In addition, staying up to date with staffing industry trends is vital in making sure you don’t slip behind the completion.

3. In-House Hiring Trends

As staffing agency owners know, hiring is difficult and time-consuming work with many decisions to make. Despite this, four out of five companies choose to hire in house rather than outsource. As problematic as this is, it is also an opportunity. It’s important then to impress upon these potential clients the headaches that your services can save them from. Advertising and applicant testing is expensive, reviewing resumes and holding interviews is a huge time drain, and there is always the looming risk of making a hiring mistake.

4. Insurance

Insurance can eat into your bottom line and can often feel like misspent money, but getting right insurance is imperative in protecting everyone, from your employees to your biggest clients. Lack of coverage in the event of an incident will cost your business far more than the price of premiums. Before that unlikely event, you run the risk of being passed on by clients and employees alike. 

To overcome this hurdle, staffing agencies will often partner with a back office solutions provider. Group buying power is a great way to take the sting out of insurance rates.

5. Find the Right Candidates, Fight Competition

Recruiting top talent is the primary focus of a good staffing agency. Staffing firms have to excel at finding the best candidates for their clients in order to stay relevant and competitive in the staffing industry. Successful staffing firms understand the value of using data to their advantage to ensure the best candidate are found and that candidates are matched with the most appropriate jobs. 

Furthermore, staffing firms must makequick hiring decisions and focus on nurturing talent in addition to offering placement services, like interview tips, resume help, and training. By being quick and focusing on positive, growth-focused relationships with talent, staffing firms can find and keep the right candidates in order to continually offer excellent services to their clients.

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