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Are You Using Staffing Agency Software Yet?

Posted by Mai Dowdie

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Jun 27, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Are-You-Using-Staffing-Agency-Software-Yet-compressorTechnology has revolutionized almost every aspect of daily life. It’s most certainly changed the way people do business. Social media has connected people around the world and changed the way marketing and sales people carry out their campaigns. Cellphones have made it possible to track your position on a running trail or to answer an email from halfway around the world.

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Most businesses adopt new technology because it has advantages for them. It may help them automate certain tasks, allowing their staff to turn to other, more important issues. It can assist you with gathering data and even analyzing patterns in order to make better business decisions. It can certainly increase efficiency and improve productivity. In short, technology can change the way you do things for the better.

With that in mind, have you adopted staffing agency software yet?

What Is Staffing Agency Software?

Staffing agency software is exactly what it sounds like. It’s software designed specifically for use by staffing agencies like yours. Unlike generic software or software developed for use in other industries, it is configured with the needs of staffing agencies in mind. 

Staffing agency software can assist you with every step of the staffing process. It often includes an applicant tracking system (ATS) to help you keep track of all of your candidates easily. It will assist you with reviewing applications, communicating with candidates, and speeding up the hiring process. It also has reporting and analytical capabilities.

Make Hiring Faster and Easier

Perhaps the biggest benefit staffing agency software can offer your business is a faster, easier hiring process. Instead of tracking every candidate by hand or in spreadsheets, the ATS allows you to keep better track of applicants. From there, you can make use of the software’s capabilities to sort through applications. Finding the best people in the pool has never been easier. 

You can then quickly assess candidates and move right on to the interview process. You can also pass candidates’ applications along to your clients for review. The program may even be able to help you administer any tests to be completed prior to a hiring decision. 

Once the decision to hire has been made, you may also make use of the software to assist with onboarding, payroll, and more and keep track of post-hire activities as needed.

Increase Your Flexibility

You want to be able to respond to your clients’ needs quickly. After all, they depend on you for quality workers to fill positions. Some clients have needs that change on an almost daily basis, so you need to be ready to assist at any time. Staffing agency software can assist you in achieving this kind of speedy turnaround, filling positions for your clients sooner rather than later.

Staffing agency software allows your own employees to free up their time and become more responsive to clients. Automating tasks helps your team members respond to clients quickly and easily. It also reduces their workload, making them more available when your clients need them.

You can even maintain a smaller staff when you use staffing agency software. This is good news for small agencies where the limited number of staff members may present an impediment to growth. When your staff is more efficient, you’ll discover more room and potential for growth.

Better Reporting and Analytics

Reports and analytics are important to any business these days, including staffing agencies. You want to know how you’re performing, so you must measure some performance goals. Staffing agency software can give you better insight into your own operations.

If you haven’t started using staffing agency software yet, it’s time to consider adopting it. It has so many advantages for staffing agencies, it’s almost essential to stay competitive.

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