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7 Ways Staffing Firms Can Better Compete Against Job Boards

Posted by Stacey Jones


Feb 13, 2019 9:00:00 AM

7_Ways_Staffing_Firms_Can_Better_Compete_Against_Job_BoardsThe latest figures show job boards are as popular with job seekers as ever. For many staffing firms, this presents a problem. How can you effectively compete with giant job boards like Indeed and Monster?

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This is especially the case as Indeed recently announced it would stop providing free traffic to staffing firms. This disrupts the industry standards, which saw job boards and staffing agencies work in tandem over the last 15 years or so.

As Indeed and other job boards slam the door on this long-lived cooperative stance, what can you do to improve your ability to compete? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Staffing Firms Can Still Pay to Play

The first thing to do is realize that Indeed hasn’t said they won’t provide candidate traffic to staffing firms. They simply want a fee for the service, as do many other job boards.

Evaluate your current traffic. If a significant portion of it comes from job boards that are now demanding a fee, it might be worth paying for the service. If your traffic from them is low, you should shift your focus anyway. There are other, more lucrative opportunities for your staffing agency out there.

2. Make the Most of Social

A free alternative to job boards is social media. If you’re not already using your Twitter and Facebook accounts to reach candidates, you should put some effort behind this option in 2019.

Staffing firms can also take the budget they might otherwise allocate to job boards and put it into social media advertising. For example, you can post jobs freely on LinkedIn and Facebook, and then support those postings with ads on both social networks.

3. Adopt Inbound Strategies for Recruiting

You’ve likely heard about inbound marketing, which draws prospective clients to you. In fact, you might already be using it to help build your client base.

You can also successfully use inbound strategies to improve your recruitment process and draw in more candidates. Think about creating a content strategy to draw job seekers to your website and encourage them to apply. Can you offer them tips or how-to videos on improving their resumes? Think about how your expertise can assist job seekers, and then answer their questions.

4. Check Your Recruiting Funnel

Job boards aren’t driving all of your applications, even if they do provide a significant portion of traffic. A bigger problem may be your own recruitment funnel, which could be leaking potential candidates.

Check your funnel so you can convert more visitors to your website and job board. Make sure your website is responsive and mobile friendly, and streamline your application portal to simplify the process.

You can even add a chat feature to answer questions and engage job seekers before they apply. In short, make it easy for people to apply through your own website and you’ll see this traffic source increase.

5. Try Different Advertising Avenues

The big job boards aren’t the only places staffing firms can advertise jobs. If you’re not varying your advertising efforts already, it’s time to start.

Social media advertising is one option that was already mentioned. You can also try search engine marketing and SEO. There are also job aggregators and even talent community websites. Target some of these additional avenues, and watch your traffic sources shift.

6. Focus on the Candidate Experience

Another thing you can do is put more emphasis on the candidate experience. Word of mouth is still an important marketing tactic, and the best way to control it is to ensure each person who applies has a great experience with you.

7. Leverage Technology

Are you using an applicant tracking system? If so, make sure you mine it for candidates before you start advertising. The perfect person may be hiding right under your nose.

With these tips in hand, you can prepare to go toe-to-toe with the biggest job boards.

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