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5 Ways to Make It Easier to Offer Temporary Staffing Services

Posted by Ray Gonder


Nov 7, 2018 9:00:00 AM

5_Ways_to_Make_It_Easier_to_Offer_Temporary_Staffing_ServicesTemporary staffing services have been on the rise in Canada and the US. As the gig economy has grown, employers and employees alike have realized the benefits of more flexible work arrangements, including more opportunities and growth experiences for employees, and better workforce management for employers.

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As a result, temporary staffing services have become far more popular. Staffing agencies have been springing up across the country to offer this service. Larger agencies are often at an advantage, although many smaller staffing firms and independent recruiters are striving to offer these services to their customers as well.

How can you offer temporary staffing services to your customers? It’s often challenging for independent recruiters and small agencies, which can’t leverage the same networks and resources. You can make it easier to offer these services to your customers with these five tips.

1. Partner with a Back Office Service Provider

Perhaps the best way to begin offering temporary staffing services to your customers is to team up with a service provider who can assist you with back office tasks.

Administration eats up a good deal of your time, and activities like temporary staffing payroll, HR, and compliance can be complex. It’s why so many independent and small staffing firms either avoid offering these services or struggle to compete with the larger agencies.

A back office service provider can help you provide these services, including payroll, administration, and other key tasks that can assist you. These services ease the complexities of offering temporary staffing services to your customers.

2. Get the Right Software

Another way to easily offer temporary staffing services is to ensure you’re using the right technological solutions. Software can help you administer tasks like payroll. This is especially useful if you’re not ready to fully partner with a back office service provider, or if you’d prefer to keep things in house.

The right software makes it easier to source and screen candidates, as well as take care of tasks like payroll and benefits. You can even get software to assist you with compliance.

3. Monitor Your Compliance

Offering temporary staffing services is very different than offering permanent staffing services. There are different rules and regulations, and greater risks, such as employee misclassification.

You’ll want to ensure you’re complying with established, new, and revised laws as they come into effect. Keep an eye on your compliance by using the right software. Setting up automated watches and reminder is easier than ever.

4. Expand Your Candidate Network

If you’ve only been offering permanent staffing services to your clients, the shift to temporary services requires an expanded flow of candidates. To achieve this, you’ll likely need to change how you source candidates.

In fact, your entire process may need to change to fulfill the temporary staffing needs of your clients. You’ll want to look, first and foremost, at your candidate network, with an eye to expanding it.

Sourcing candidates strategically is important if you want to be able to fulfill your clients’ needs. Think beyond passive candidates and referrals. Actively look for candidates on social media, and look at every meeting and networking event as an opportunity to meet new candidates.

5. Listen to Your Clients

Before you begin offering temporary staffing services, talk to your clients about their needs. You probably don’t need to begin offering services on par with the large agencies tomorrow. Your clients may be looking for temporary staff, but if they needed the scale and service provided by a large agency, they’d turn there.

Eventually, you may be able to offer services on a broader scale, but for now, focus on serving your clients’ needs. Ask them what they need that you’re currently not providing.

It doesn’t need to be difficult to offer temporary staffing services. With these tips, you can make it easier than ever.


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