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5 Ways to Build Your Reputation in the Temp Staffing Industry

Posted by Laura D’Andrea


Oct 6, 2017 9:00:00 AM

5 Ways to Build Your Reputation in the Temp Staffing Industry--.jpgEven as a new staffing firm you’ve likely heard your share about how temp staffing is the employment solution of the future. Most likely you’re starting a staffing business because you’ve heard of the Canadian skilled workers shortage that’s been hitting several industries, among other reasons. But even when you have such an in-demand business, you have some steep competition to contend with in the temp staffing industry.

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To grow into a successful staffing firm, one of the most powerful strategies you can rely on is reputation building. Having a strong reputation not only attracts candidates and clients, it establishes sustainable growth and productivity that even big firms find hard to compete with.

With all the above in mind, read on for five ways to build your temp staffing industry reputation.

1. Develop a Niche

When you start out as a temp staffing firm, you might be convincing yourself that a “go hard or go home” strategy is optimal for attracting the most clients and candidates. But there’s several reasons your firm should focus on a niche instead of trying to provide for every Canadian industry suffering from the skills shortage. Not least of which is it’s hard to maintain a consistent level of customer service when you stretch your staff and resources thin. 

Especially when your firm is up and coming in the industry, you should choose an industry to become experts in and stick to it. In doing so your firm will become go-to specialists in its niche who know exactly how to deliver top talent time and again for clients.

2. Improve Your Online Marketing Game

If your staffing firm doesn’t have an online marketing strategy, there’s no better time than the present to develop one. Nowadays any business that lacks online marketing is seriously behind the eight ball, because nearly all potential candidates and clients are connected to the internet. You must put yourself on the Google map so your firm can hit a large client base and show them the expert services you have on offer. 

Your credibility will rise steadily if you’re able to employ an online marketing strategy that includes: a search engine optimized (SEO) website and blog, social media activity, and making your platforms mobile-responsive in design. You’ll be seen as forward-thinking, competitive, and convenient by clients when they research your brand and find you high amongst their search results.

3. Maintain Ongoing Compliance

Your growing reputation as a new staffing firm will crumble fast if you cannot keep up with Canada’s evolving business legislation. Your firm should be vigilant about bookkeeping for workplace safety, candidate wages, and proper worker classification, to name just a few.

In January 2018, Ontario is planning to up the penalties, both monetarily and legally, for employers who are noncompliant with their updates to the Employment Standards Act. If you’re a foreign business entity, keeping up on Canadian compliance is particularly important for building your reputation. Clients will respect your efforts to remain compliant, and candidates will respect you for paying them what their valuable talent is worth.

4. Protect Your Payroll Financing

Ensuring you can pay your placed candidates on-time, every time, boosts your firm’s reputation tenfold. But in the temp staffing industry keeping your payroll schedule consistent with all your clients can be a tall order. There are bound to be times where your client is late with a payment, meaning you have less resources to pay your candidates on time.

As well, your reputation is at stake if you connect with clients who default on their payments. Which is why you need to secure a back office solutions provider who can offer both receivables insurance and credit checks for prospective clients.

5. Digitally Transform Your Back Office

Administration needs to be streamlined and efficient to allow your salespeople the time and resources they need to focus on finding the best talent. Having software and Canadian experts who can help your new firm have its applicant/client information, compliance, and financing admin in order will cement in your reputation as a cutting edge brand.

We hope these five strategies promote the sustainable growth your new firm needs to make its reputation soar!

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