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5 Tips to Help Your Staffing Firm Attract Better Candidates

Posted by Laura D’Andrea


Nov 28, 2018 9:00:00 AM

5_Tips_to_Help_Your_Staffing_Firm_Attract_Better_Candidates-1The gig economy in Canada has continued to grow, and this change has been pushing the staffing industry as well. As the holiday season approaches, more businesses are ramping up their production, and that means there’s more demand for workers and staffing services than almost any other time this year.

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As you grow into 2019, you want to keep your momentum. There’s just one problem. You aren’t attracting enough of the right candidates for your staffing firm.

In fact, it’s gotten to a point where you’re now asking yourself, “How do I find the right candidate for a job?”

To begin, you’ll want to be sure you’re paying attention to the job descriptions you’re posting and where you’re posting them. You’ll also want to employ the right technology to assist you with the candidate screening process, as well as interviewing. Throughout the process, you should also be paying attention to the candidate experience.

Not sure how to find the right people? Use these five tips to help you find the candidates your clients need.

1. Focus on the Candidate Experience at Your Staffing Firm

This first thing you should do if you want to attract better candidates for your staffing firm is to shift your paradigm. Yes, you want to find the right people, but have you thought much about what you’re providing to the candidates who do apply to work with you?

This is a common oversight for staffing agency owners. Instead of focusing on how to attract the right people, think about the candidate experience. How could you make it better? If candidates have nothing but good experiences, they’ll be more likely to recommend you to others, as well as take your employment offers.

2. Write Better Job Descriptions for Your Postings

Another common issue is poor job descriptions posted by staffing agencies. What you say about the roles you’re advertising has a big impact on who applies for the position.

If you’re not attracting the right kind of talent, take a look at the job descriptions. Vague criteria and generic skills listings make it less likely you’ll attract the people you really need. Revisions may be in order.

3. Use the Right Staffing Agency Technology

What kind of technology are you using to support your efforts? If the answer is none, you’d do well to adopt staffing agency specific software.

Even if you are using a program, you might want to review its features and capabilities. How old is it? Can it help you search candidates by keywords or other filters? If not, it’s time for an upgrade to the latest in applicant tracking systems.

4. Spread Your Net Wider

Where do you post open positions with your staffing firm? If the answer is LinkedIn alone or the generic job boards, you may have found the reason you can’t seem to find the right candidates.

Take a look at more specialized job boards if you need skilled workers in particular fields. You might also want to widen your networks, posting to more social media channels or other online forums. Even heading out to a local job fair or university campus could help you find more of the right people.

5. Use Better Screening Techniques to Sort the Best from the Rest

The final thing you can do to help your staffing firm find more of the right candidates is to improve your screening efforts. You may actually be finding the right candidates, but they’re awash in a sea of underqualified applicants.

Better screening can help you sort the best from the rest when you receive too many applications.

If you’re still struggling to find the people you need, talk to the experts at a back-office service provider. They can help you by taking some of the administrative burden, leaving you free to focus on people.

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