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5 Things Successful Staffing Agencies Have in Common

Posted by Ray Gonder


Apr 28, 2017 9:00:00 AM

5-Things-Successful-Staffing-Agencies-Have-in-Common.jpgThere’s a reason successful staffing agencies are separated from the rest. They’re built on solid policies, effective recruitment and hiring practices, and sound business management. 

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Whether you’re starting a staffing firm or need ideas for improvements,you’ll find the five points below common among successful staffing agencies.

1. Industry Technology

Owners of successful staffing agencies know they need state-of-the-art software to do their jobs. Streamlining small, time-consuming tasks, such as following up with inquiries, managing candidate profiles, and scheduling interviews frees up more time to focus on the core parts of their businesses. 

An automated back end improves efficiency and organization. With CRM or ATS, a combination of both systems, and social collaboration tools, owners of top agencies keep track of everything with software. This allows for quick location of records, better candidate filtering, and easy resume management. The right technology improves the administrative process, keeping these firms competitive among both national and small firms.

2. Client Vetting Process

Owners of profitable staffing firms know the importance of clearing everyone they work with. Not all business is good business. While attracting clients is necessary to a firm’s livelihood, not all clients benefit a firm.Owners of successful staffing agencies only accept clients who don’t harm their businesses.

Agencies partner with businesses that provide a safe space for their associates—both physically and mentally. Sending candidates to hellholes is bad for business. It will quickly damage the firms’ reputations, slow down business growth, and reduce the number of applicants in the future. The goal of staffing agencies is to entice new clients, but only to the extent that they bring good business values with them.

3. Industry Know-How

Companies use staffing firms to reach into client pools they can’t gain access to. Or, sometimes they use agencies simply because they don’t have the time and resources required for efficient recruiting.

Agencies adopt the newest tools to improve the hiring process and save businesses time.

When it comes to knowing how and where to recruit talent, the best agencies are on top of locations with the best candidates in their industries. From using mobile optimization to video interviews and filtering through the latest social network, accomplishedrecruiters use cutting-edge methods and trends to recruit.

4. Legal Experts

Staffing agencies are legal hotspots with many regulations to follow. Health and safety, payroll taxes, human rights, insurance—there are endless intricate details within the staffing world. The best firms understand ensure they always meet the current legislation requirements.

Firms are at risk of lawsuits from workplace injuries, client incidents, and other matters.Noncompliance can result from payroll mistakes, misclassification, and other red flags that alert the Canada Revenue Agency. Owners of thriving firms ensure they work with people who know and understand the legislation.

5. Great Customer Service

Staffing firms employ recruiters to find people for jobs. To recruit effectively, killer customer service is a must. Great networking abilities combined with a commitment to fill job orders allows successful recruiters to find the best candidates in the market. They’re constantly in touch with their clients tofully understand the industry andtype of position to fill, providing regional knowledge and ensuring the applicants they bring to the table meet the specific needs of the clients. 

To be the best means tracking positive and negative feedback andbeing able to give praise butalso focus on areas that need work. Smart staffing firm owners breakdown the comments to learn where they can improve their businesses to supply better service going forward. They know they need to appear as if all of their many clients come first, and they take the time to respond to comments on social media, share success stories, and handle complaints. Owners of successful firms care, and they make sure their clients and candidates know it.

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