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3 Advantages of Using Staffing Agency Software

Posted by Mai Dowdie

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Nov 23, 2016 9:00:00 AM

3-Advantages-of-Using-Staffing-Agency-Software.jpgStaffing agencies face many challenges. To succeed in the industry, they must learn how to overcome common problems and come out stronger on the other side.

Though some challenges cannot be easily solved—like skills gaps and companies hiring in house—others can by the use of staffing agency software.

Here are many of the benefits you’ll gain by using technology to your advantage.

1. Back Office Efficiency

The back office is a major headache for most staffing agencies. Functions like admin, bookkeeping, payroll, human resources, and compliance can be tedious, complex, and time consuming. These functions can end up taking the majority of your time, leaving you with very little time left over for strategic and revenue-generating activities.

They’re also prone to error, which can lead to significant fines, penalties, and other significant consequences. A lack of efficiency in the back office will also be a drain on employee productivity and resources and negatively affect your bottom line.

Staffing agency software can help you streamline your back office. By automating mundane processes, like data entry, you can save time. Automation is also more accurate and effective. And when your back office runs smoothly, you can get back to focusing on the front.

2. Front End Effectiveness

Recruiters have a big weight on their shoulders. They must find and recruit top talent. They must screen them appropriately. They must nurture their candidates. They must offer a great candidate experience. And then they must place the right candidates in the right jobs to keep clients happy.

If they fail at any of these tasks, their entire business could be at risk. Clients will not stay loyal if recruiters cannot offer them top talent and place them effectively.

Staffing agency software can help your recruiters do their jobs more effectively, for improved results throughout the entire hiring process. Because tedious tasks will be automated, like posting ads, emailing candidates, and tracking candidates and assignments, they’ll be able to spend more time on work that matters.

Staffing agency software can also allow for better visibility into candidates. It can offer data-based insights into talent, filter candidates by skills, and even rank them and match them to the most suitable positions. Some programs also have built-in skills testing.

This significantly reduces the risk of human error and increases the chance of making appropriate placements. Your recruiters will be able to better predict job success through objective and reliable candidate intelligence. And it’s all done quickly and easily.

When you improve your front end, your entire business benefits. You can enhance your reputation, improve your candidate experience, and improve client satisfaction.

3. Being Competitive

The staffing industry is becoming increasingly competitive. More and more entrepreneurs are realizing the benefits of entering the industry, and staffing firms now have to compete with more agencies than ever before. On top of that, they must still continue to compete with national firms as well.

Investing in the right tools, like staffing agency software, can make a big difference in your firm’s ability to fill positions quickly and effectively. It can also help you gain efficiencies in the back office, which can improve productivity and save on costs.

All in all, when you invest in staffing agency software, you can be more competitive and successfully grow your staffing firm.

In today’s digital world, there’s no reason to rely on inefficient processes like manual data entry that can lead to errors and wasted time. We also live in a world where data and intelligence is at our fingertips. By taking advantage of staffing agency software, you can gain access to this intelligence in order to improve your business.

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