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3 Little-Known Benefits of Contract Staffing for Staffing Firms

Posted by Corinne Camara


Apr 20, 2018 9:00:00 AM

3_Little_Known_Benefits_of_Contract_Staffing_for_Staffing_FirmsStaffing firms are often hesitant to start offering contract staffing as a solution to their clients, and not without good reasons. Contract staffing presents unique challenges regarding administration and compliance. When you consider the fact that Ontario made major changes to its Employment Standards Act just last November, it’s no wonder staffing firms are daunted by these potential challenges.

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You might be surprised, however, to find out that it’s actually riskier to avoid offering contract staffing than it is to juggle admin and compliance. That’s because the most competitive staffing firms recognize that many businesses are actively hiring within the gig economy.

The benefits of contract staffing, such as flexibility and low costs, allow businesses to focus on their growth. That principle goes for both clients and staffing firms, believe it or not. There are many myths out there about how contract staffing can hurt a staffing firm’s progress, but the truth is quite the opposite! Read on to debunk some myths and learn about three little-known benefits of contract staffing.

1. Improves Your Productivity

One of the prominent myths of contract staffing is that only non-viable candidates or those “between jobs” are looking to become contractors. Despite its persistence, this myth holds no water in today’s gig economy, which is driven by highly skilled workers who often prefer contract work to permanent full-time work.

Today’s candidates for contract work are looking to supplement their main income or, alternatively, they find the flexibility of contract work more fulfilling. Experienced contract workers are used to adapting quickly to new work environments, honing their specialized skill set with each project completed for a client.

With contract staffing as a service offering, you can offer your clients a fast solution to their short-term projects as well as address leave management issues they face.

Being able to provide quick and flexible contractors will increase the number of placements you make per client, which means securing a recurring revenue stream for your firm.

2. Mitigates Your Risk of Losing Clients

Another myth held by the staffing industry about contract staffing is that it’s a high-risk solution. As already mentioned, contractors do come with some significant admin and compliance challenges. The most challenging are payroll and employee classification.

Yet, there are many resources available to firms to keep these admin and compliance tasks manageable, like a back office services provider. Providers like The Staffing Edge are experts in Canadian compliance and offer many solutions to account for the complexities of offering contract staffing services.

When you have a strong infrastructure in place, your contractors are actually the key to lowering your client turnover rate. When you make permanent placements with a client, your working relationship is effectively over. One of the major benefits of contract staffing is that your client relationships will last longer and their loyalty to your brand will strengthen over time.

3. Grows Your Business Value

Lastly, perhaps the most pervasive myth about contract staffing is that the service doesn’t add much value to your business. This myth arises out of the previous assumptions about contractors—that they aren’t qualified workers and there’s too much admin risk involved. With what you know about Canada’s booming gig economy, however, this myth is easily debunked.

When your firm offers contract staffing, one of the most overlooked benefits is how much value is added to your business.

When the strength of your business is as much its contractors as its recruiters, you’ve unlocked a lucrative revenue stream that grows your business value continuously. Take stock of these three little-known benefits and get the help you need to set up your contract staffing services.

Unlock a Lucrative Revenue  Stream With Contract Staffing

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7 Back Office Tasks Your Agency Should Be Outsourcing

Posted by Karen McMullen


Apr 18, 2018 9:00:00 AM

7_Back_Office_Tasks_Your_Agency_Should_Be_OutsourcingTo be successful as a growing staffing agency, you need to be on top of your back office tasks. That’s easier said than done, and you should always be on the lookout for signs that you need a back office service provider. Despite the most valiant efforts, small and medium-sized staffing agencies have too many administrative tasks for even the most productive of your staff to handle.

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If you want to improve your productivity and boost your business growth, then here are seven back office tasks your staffing agency should be outsourcing.

1. Canadian Business Expertise

This first task sounds expansive, but it’s actually about keeping abreast of any changes to Canadian business legislation and its attendant paperwork. From hiring and termination to benefits administration and vacation days, there are many laws to know and a lot of paperwork to manage.

Outsourcing the task of Canadian business expertise means your staffing agency remains compliant at all times, avoiding costly fines and penalties.

2. Employee Protection Packages

A major aspect of your compliance responsibilities, having programs in place to ensure the health and safety (both physically and legally) of your employees is imperative. There are many intricacies to worker health and safety standards in Ontario, which is why you need to outsource the task of putting together comprehensive protection packages.

The right back office service provider will offer a claims management program and a comprehensive insurance program to protect temporary workers, contract workers, and full-time employees.

3. Government Remittances

Government remittances is another task that can cause your agency a lot of grief if you aren’t careful. Late remittances lead to fines with increasing interest from the CRA. Not only do late or failed remittances impact your financial resources, they harm your agency’s brand reputation.

Needless to say, applicants and clients won’t be keen to sign on with your agency if you have a track record of inadequate financial reporting.

4.Credit Checks

Your back office tasks aren’t just about holding your agency accountable but holding your clients accountable as well. Before you enter in a partnership with a client, you need to have the ability to assess how trustworthy your prospective partners are with payments.

In the early days of a staffing agency, late or defaulted payments can spell disaster. So, outsource credit checks and gain assurance that you will receive payments.

5. Receivables Insurance

There will be instances, however, when you will need to deal with the fact that a client’s pay schedule is divergent to your own. You must ensure that your talented workers are compensated on time for their hard work. Otherwise, you risk losing the candidates that make up the core of your business.

Get receivables insurance from a provider who can set up a bank account according to a custom pay schedule.

6. Account Inquiries

Periodically, your agency will need to check in on clients’ account statuses. Your clients are running demanding businesses just like you, so sometimes you’ll need to remind them of where they currently stand with you and your placements.

Outsourcing account inquiries means that you will uphold an excellent standard of customer service, which will impress your brand’s professionalism on your clients.


Outsourcing your payroll ensures that proper deductions and rates of pay are calculated. Your workers remain covered and your due diligence to compliance is met.

Outsourcing these seven tasks streamlines your business, allowing you to focus on launching a successful agency.


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Did You Know You Can Outsource Your Staffing Firm’s Back Office?

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Apr 16, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Did_You_Know_You_Can_Outsource_Your_Staffing_Firms_Back_Office.jpgWhen you’re starting a staffing firm, it’s easy to fall behind on your back office responsibilities. If there’s one thing staffing firms are good at doing right out the gate, it’s amassing paperwork and getting tangled up in compliance standards. You might be feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of having to juggle your back office with your front office.

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You might be thinking you’re on your own when it comes to harmonizing your back office services. You can outsource your staffing firm’s administrative tasks to a back office solutions provider. Curious about how a partnership with a back office solutions provider works and what they can offer?


Comprehensive Packages

Back office solutions providers make their business all about helping your firm excel at its core business duties. Staffing firms, especially small to medium-sized ones, tend to focus on the front office because they need to hit the ground running. The gig economy is shaping up to be a model of work that’s globally adopted, which means that while staffing firms are in demand, they’re also in competition.

When you outsource your back office to a provider, they can offer you packages that cover everything from Canadian business law expertise and payroll financing to compliance and HR. Providers want to help you streamline your back office so you and your recruiters aren’t burning out from multitasking front office tasks with admin duties.

While it’s admirable to want to manage both your front and back offices yourself, for a small to medium business like a staffing firm, that’s a tall order to fill. Mistakes in this industry are costly, with compliances fines easily running into the thousands if you’re not careful.


Dedicated to Industry-Specific Service

You don’t have to rely on a general back office solutions provider. In fact, you shouldn’t. An industry-specific provider like The Staffing Edge (TSE) offers solutions that address issues that are unique to staffing firms.

For instance, staffing firms deal with a lot of data. Keeping track of all applicants and clients isn’t easy when you have limited staff and a constantly growing roster of candidates and clients. A provider like TSE will not only have experts you can rely on to complete your back office tasks but who can also give your firm access to proprietary software that rolls applicant tracking, client relationship management, and financial reporting all into one system.

Other custom solutions they offer to staffing firms include receivables insurance and invoicing. Providers can also run pre-emptive credit checks on prospective clients and send account inquiries on your behalf.


Act as an Extension of Your Team

Outsourcing your back office also means integrating a provider’s staff into your customer service team. A provider’s experts will bring all their years of staffing firm compliance, payroll, and HR admin to the table, providing up-to-date advice and training you to implement their solutions optimally.

TSE’s award-winning proprietary software mentioned above is always updating to include functions for proper scheduling, payroll administration, billing, and compliance. For example, in recent months, there were functions added to help properly track personal emergency leave.

Outsource your back office to reduce your firm’s growing pains. Partnering with a dedicated provider allows you to maximize your resources and focus on your firm’s strength in recruitment. You might even find that you’ll be able to compete with the big staffing firms.



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5 Ways Staffing Agencies Can Stop Payroll Liabilities Before They Happen

Posted by Mai Dowdie


Apr 13, 2018 9:00:00 AM

5_Ways_Staffing_Agencies_Can_Stop_Payroll_Liabilities_Before_They_Happen.jpgThe first year or two of growing a business in any industry can be rough, but the staffing industry has it rougher than most. Right from the start, a staffing agency’s cash flow s upside down. You’re often at the mercy of whether your clients’ pay schedules line up with your agency’s payroll.

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Ultimately, your cash flow determines your ability to pay your workers. To succeed in the staffing industry, your agency has to become proficient at preventing payroll liabilities because that’s what will help you retain your valuable talent and grow your resources, not to mention uphold your brand’s reputation.

Read on to learn five ways you can stop payroll liabilities before they happen.


1. Credit Checks

Before you enter into contracts with your prospective clients, you should have the ability to run credit checks on them. There’s nothing worse than finding out a client can’t pay after you’ve started hiring workers for them.

The importance of this pre-emptive strategy can’t be overstated. Credit checks can tell you whether a client’s financial history is spotty with fraud or poor credit, as well as how much financial stress that client is dealing with. While credit checks don’t guarantee a client is 100-percent trustworthy, you’ll have a much better impression of how likely (or capable) they are to hold up their end of the deal.


2. Timely Invoicing

Payroll liabilities can also result from your agency’s lack of timely invoicing. Being able to invoice clients and pay your workers according to a consistent schedule greatly improves your brand’s professional credibility.

Adhering to a punctual pay schedule also motivates clients to pay their bills on time; they’ll see you value timeliness. A back office service provider can take over invoicing for your clients to ensure you’re not holding up accounts receivable.


3. Account Status Inquiries

Part of ensuring your working relationships with your clients remain smooth is periodically checking their account status. You can’t rely solely on a “one-and-done” credit check for your clients. Maintaining effective payroll administration means checking in to see that your clients are still capable of meeting your payment terms.

Periodic account status inquiries, made around the time of invoicing, help you keep your clients accountable. Inquiries can also help you renegotiate payment terms with clients if they have a good track record with you and have perhaps fallen on hard times.


4. Compliance Expertise

If we’ve learned anything about Canadian business legislation in the past year, it’s that you can always count on it to change.

Whether accidental or otherwise, non-compliance can be costly, both to your resources and your legal reputation. Your agency should have access to compliance experts so that you remain in the know and avoid payroll liabilities.


5. Receivables Insurance

There will be times when late payments will be unavoidable. When this occurs, you need to have a back-up plan in place so your workers are still paid on time. Receivables insurance is an ideal back-up plan, one that gives your agency access to a bank account that’s able to cover your payroll in the instance that a client defaults on a payment.

Your best bet for covering all bases is to partner with a back office services provider. Providers like The Staffing Edge act as an extension of your customer service team and can offer all payroll financing strategies mentioned above and more. Gain access to tools that can help you run a successful staffing agency.


Starting a Staffing Agency

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Thinking about Outsourcing Your Staffing Agency’s Accounting and Payroll?

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Apr 11, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Thinking_about_Outsourcing_Your_Staffing_Agencys_Accounting_and_Payroll.jpgHas your staffing agency’s growth been stagnating? Often, the primary cause of impeded growth is mismanaged or neglected accounting and payroll. Administrative tasks can be time consuming and they directly affect how well your front office performs. So, naturally, you’re probably thinking about the best way to outsource your accounting and payroll.

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Shopping for the ideal payroll admin solution is tricky because it’s not just about automation. To ensure you have a comprehensive solution that accounts for all the ins and outs of paying Canadian workers, you need access to experts in compliance as well.

Read on if you want tips on how to determine the best solution for outsourcing your accounting and payroll.

Is Your Provider Capable of Handling High-Volume Payroll?

Especially if you’re dealing with temporary placements, your staffing agency is bound to deal with a high-volume payroll. The competitive gig economy and the ongoing skills shortage have ensured that the staffing industry will be booming for a while. That statistic is great news for your front office, but not-so-great news for your back office.

When you outsource your accounting and payroll, make sure you have a provider that’s experienced in handling a high volume. You need a provider that will be capable of following a consistent pay schedule for all your workers within a system that can account for all their individual invoices. Otherwise, you’ll risk miscalculating rates of pay or missing payments.

Can Your Provider Offer Payroll Financing?

Your agency has most likely had at least one or two experiences with untrustworthy clients or a strained cash flow. This is often due to lacking reliable payroll financing during instances of mismatched pay schedules or a client defaulting on payments. Consider securing financing for your agency; otherwise, you risk your upside-down cash flow sucking your resources dry.

The two most important options you should look for in a provider offering payroll financing are:

  1. Receivables insurance: This option allows for your staffing agency to pay your workers on time by drawing from a short-term funding bank account set up by your provider. Being able to ensure payments boosts the trust and productivity of your workers, while accounting for late payments made by your clients.
  1. Credit Checks: Before you enter into any contracts with clients, you should have the ability to run a credit check on them. You have a right to protect your investment. If your prospective clients show a history of bad credit, it’s usually a warning sign that they aren’t diligent about paying their partners on time or at all.

Does Your Provider Have an Integrated System for Payroll?

Lastly, an ideal outsourcing solution will give you access to software that helps streamline the payroll process from start to finish. Legislative changes are constant. A proficient software system is one that can account for new standards for situations like personal emergency leave.

Your payroll system should also be one that’s integrated. What that means is your payroll system should also have the ability to handle other important admin tasks like applicant tracking and client relationship management.

Outsourcing your payroll admin to the right provider gives you the ability to expand fast and compete with the big staffing firms.Take the time to make the right choice.



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3 Tips for Small Staffing Agencies in Canada

Posted by Mai Dowdie


Apr 9, 2018 9:00:00 AM

3_Tips_for_Small_Staffing_Agencies_in_Canada.jpgCanada’s economy is booming right now, having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. The rate for the country’s own records alone is the lowest in 40 years. A large part of this statistic is owed to the gig economy becoming the norm for an increasing percentage of Canada’s workforce. Distance work is also contributing to this flexible work norm as well.

Download "How a Complete Back-End Solution Helped a Staffing Agency Get  Started" Case Study

There’s a catch to this more-than-promising state of affairs, however. Namely, raging competition within the staffing industry. If you own one of Canada’s up-and-coming staffing agencies, chances are you have a lot of competition for the same highly skilled candidates. Some of your competitors will be on the same scale as you, but you must also account for national firms.

Fortunately, you won’t need to sweat the small stuff when it comes to building your brand if you follow these following three tips to become a force to reckoned with among small staffing agencies in Canada.

1.Secure Your Financing

Many small staffing agencies realize too late that they should have insured their cash flow. No matter how effective your recruiters are at amassing great candidates and successfully placing them with clients, your agency’s days are numbered if you cannot manage your cash flow. This is because your agency’s cash flow is considered “upside down.”

What upside-down cash flow refers to is the fact that while you must pay your workers (whether it’s a weekly or bi-weekly schedule), your client might not have the same pay schedule as you. Not to mention, if you happen to partner with an untrustworthy client, you might not receive any payments. So, if you don’t have proper payroll financing, you could be consistently operating at a loss.

Make sure you have access to options like receivables insurance and credit checks for potential clients. Proficient back office service providers offer payroll financing as part of their services, so consider partnering with one to optimize your return on investment.

2. Make Your Canadian Compliance Sustainable

Small staffing agencies like yours could have trouble keeping up to current employment standards, since often your attention is split between competitive recruitment and sales and back office paperwork.

To survive the first few years running a smaller staffing agency, you must keep your compliance robust; otherwise, you risk serious monetary fines. In worst-case scenarios, breaking Canadian business laws, such as those governing misclassification of workers, can even lead to prosecution.

Outsourcing compliance matters to Canadian back office experts can save your staffing agency’s reputation. Candidates and clients are also more likely to trust agencies that are diligent about their compliance.

3. Access All-in-One Software

You have a lot of information to manage, including payroll and invoicing, T4s, records of employment, vacation and emergency leaves, government remittances and employee and client files.

Smaller agencies benefit greatly from choosing the right software to help keep vital information straight. The right software is one that rolls all the major information sets from applicant tracking, client relationship management, and financial reporting into one system.

Partnering with a back office services provider like The Staffing Edge gives you access to such an all-in-one system.

Together, these three tips will help you start your staffing agency successfully!

Things You Need to Know When Starting a Temp Staffing Agency

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5 Surefire Ways Your Firm Will Benefit from Back Office Support

Posted by Anna Mastrandrea


Apr 6, 2018 9:00:00 AM

5_Sure_fire_Ways_Your_Firm_Will_Bene_fit_from_Back_Office_Support.jpgWhile it would be great if you could rely solely on your core business to pull your staffing firm through to success, you may not operate effectively without back office support. Think of your back office support as the infrastructure that upholds the main structure of your daily operations. You can’t have one without the other.

Download "How a Complete Back-End Solution Helped a Staffing Agency Get  Started" Case Study

There are ways to tell if you need help with your back office support, but, primarily, if your staffing firm is relatively new on the block, you should consider securing a partnership with a back office provider. Such providers can greatly improve your HR, payroll, and compliance processes.

Want to know how that success is defined? Read on for five surefire ways your firm will benefit from back office providers.

1. Your Daily Schedule Is Freed Up

When you have back office support, all those nagging admin tasks like bookkeeping and payroll are no longer bogging down your schedule. Suddenly, you could have several extra hours freed up. You’ll be able to better plan staff meetings and onboard new salespeople in a less hurried manner, and your recruiters will be able to concentrate on what they do best.

You’ll have more time to hit the ground running before other firms do and capture the best talent for your niche market, as well, which brings us to our next benefit.

2. Your Productivity Soars

Last year, a LinkedIn report noted that having access to technology that automated the more mindless tasks of the day helped recruiters get more creative with their talent sourcing. Back office providers offer experts who act as an extension of your business and offer all-in-one software specifically designed to maximize your productivity.

The Staffing Edge, for instance, offers exclusive access to Stafftrak, which is an award-winning software system that integrates applicant tracking, client relationship management, and financial reporting. The more streamlined your admin tasks become, the more your recruiters can focus on refining their hiring strategies.

3. Flexible Financing

Especially when your staffing firm is still new, you want to protect your investment as much as possible. New firms often struggle to grow their businesses because they’re at the mercy of whether their clients have matching pay schedules or can be relied on for punctual payments.

Back office providers afford you the benefit of flexible financing options, including receivables insurance, so you can always pay your workers on time. Access to working capital gives you more room to grow your resources and avoid bankruptcy.

4. Sustainable Canadian Compliance

Canada’s business laws are evolving all the time. Take Bill 148, for example. There have been amendments made to vacation pay, stat holiday pay, personal emergency leave, and minimum wages in Ontario, to name just a few.

Compliance mistakes, whether they regard employment standards or proper tax remittances, are costly. In some instances, you may be both heavily fined and prosecuted. Often, your transgressions will also be made public, and we’re certain you know how that will affect potential candidates and clients’ perception of your firm’s brand.

Back office providers are qualified experts in Canadian business law and will make sure your firm’s due diligence is always met. They know all about T4s, Records of Employment, and all the health and safety standards for various boards.

5. Your Firm’s Growth Accelerates

Needless to say, if you don’t have to worry about your HR, payroll, and compliance admin, you’re set to see your firm expand. Having a robust infrastructure bolsters your core business operations, allowing you to run a competitive and successful staffing firm—one that can even take on multi-national firms!

Consider these five major benefits if you’re considering partnering with a back office provider.

Competing with the BIG multi-national agencies?

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Staffing Agencies: 5 Ways to Get Your Clients to Pay Up

Posted by Shannon Dowdall


Apr 4, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Staffing-Agencies-5-Ways-to-Get-Your-Clients-to-Pay-Up---compressor.jpgSince staffing agencies often operate within the gig economy, their businesses are subject to the same financial woes freelancers face regarding late payments. There are many reasons why your clients might not be paying up in time for you to pay your temporary workers, and sometimes it’s not due to untrustworthy clients. In some instances, it’s a lack of communication, a lack of customer service, or mismatched pay schedules. 

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Whatever the case may be for your clients not paying up, your staffing agency is bound to run into trouble with cash flow. You can’t afford to postpone your workers’ payroll or have your resources dwindle. So, you must become savvy about how to get your clients to pay up on time. 

Check out below for five ways to secure payments for staffing agencies.

1. Offer Optimal Customer Service

When your clients feel valued and aren’t viewed as just another revenue stream, they’re more likely to prioritize payments to your staffing agency. It’s a commonly held myth that staffing agencies are just after the money, so you should make it part of your mission to dispel that misconception. 

Make sure you maintain friendly, fairly regular communication with your clients. Check in with key contacts at client companies to see how they’re fairing with your placements. Let them know they’re valued. Clients are much more likely to prioritize paying your agency if they receive optimal customer service from you.

2. Include Clear Payment Terms in Your Contracts

Staffing agencies are well aware of how paperwork can make or break their businesses. Your agency should work on effectively negotiating work contracts with clients.

Before you enter into a partnership with your clients, ensure your contracts include thorough payment terms that include billing schedules and penalties for late payments. While not every client will have the same billing schedule as you, they should be willing to find a middle ground that will accommodate both parties.

3. Invoice in a Timely Manner

Timely invoices showcase to your clients that you’re punctual and place importance on deadlines and terms of agreement. Your client will pay up sooner if you prove to them that your staffing agency values its professionalism and is expecting the same level of professionalism from them. 

Don’t be afraid to enforce specific terms on your invoice, such as: “Upon receipt of this invoice, your payment is due in X days.” Clients will know that you aren’t messing around and will respect that you’re giving them a clear and manageable timeframe to work with.

4. Have a Strict Payment Schedule

This builds on the last strategy but has more to do with consistency. Decide on an invoicing schedule and stick to it. Whether your agency’s optimal cycle is net 30 or net 21, make that schedule gospel.

A consistent billing schedule further showcases your high level of professionalism and gives clients a reliable timeframe that they can prepare in advance for. Your workers will also appreciate a consistent payment schedule because it means they’ll be paid on time as well.

Another way to keep your payment schedule on track is to attain payroll financing. Back office service providers offer receivables insurance so that late or defaulted payments don’t eat into your revenue streams. You can set up automatic payroll so that on the date you choose, your customized invoices are sent out as well.

5. Run a Precautionary Credit Check

Back office service providers also offer the ability to run credit checks on your potential clients before you enter into any contracts with them. You’ve worked hard to grow your staffing business, make sure your interests are protected so you’re able to compete with the big firms.

Everything You Need to Know about Starting a Successful Staffing Firm

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How to Set Your Firm apart from Other Staffing Agencies

Posted by Chelsea Henry


Apr 2, 2018 9:00:00 AM

How-to-Set-Your-Firm-apart-from-Other-Staffing-Agencies---compressor.jpgBesides refining your best practices for sales and recruitment, your staffing firm needs a unique selling proposition (USP) to differentiate itself from the hundreds of other businesses like it out there. While you might believe that sounds like a task for more established staffing agencies that are operating on a national level, the truth is it’s a wise strategy for any firm to use, no matter how small. 

Download our free guide on everything you need to know about starting a  successful staffing firm.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers (in this case both clients and candidates) and determine what kind of experience would motivate you to engage with your firm the most. Soon, you’ll find several aspects of business you can improve upon to make your staffing brand stronger. 

Since today’s gig economy is very competitive, your firm needs to emphasize why it’s the best choice for clients and candidates. With the right USP, your business’ attraction rate will soar because you’ll be able to offer excellent services that many other staffing agencies can’t.

Make Your Niche Your Focal Point

Many staffing firms make the mistake of reaching wide regarding their target markets. They assume that the more clients they can cater to, the better their services will be. But this is a dangerous misconception to hold about the staffing industry. 

The broader your target market is, the fewer resources you’ll have to effectively address the skills shortages your clients have. You’ll also find that you’re inundated with the paperwork and compliance issues associated with all the different industries you try to capture. Your firm will likely become much less capable of assessing candidates’ cultural fit for any industry. 

The first step to making your firm stand apart from other staffing agencies is to choose a manageable niche. Do in-depth market research for your niche and dedicate your firm towards knowing what clients and candidates in that niche want. There are many advantages to choosing a niche, not least of which is cutting down drastically on the competition.

Place Quickly, Pay on Time

Many candidates and clients won’t work with a firm that doesn’t have a handle on its payroll and day-to-day HR administration. Outsourcing these aspects of your firm can elevate your brand above other agencies in the business because it’s a common customer pain point. 

There are many potential candidates out there who would consider your firm as an employment solution straightaway if they had a guarantee they’d be paid on time. Plenty of candidates are looking to gain a supplementary income when they apply to staffing agencies and are making ends meet with short-term employment. 

On a related note, clients will often move on to another staffing agency if they find that your firm’s placement process takes too much time. Your firm’s brand is greatly improved by having access to software and expertise that can help you cut and distribute cheques to candidates on time, as well as technology to help you place candidates in record time with their paperwork in order.

Engage with Back Office Experts

Some agencies don’t consider engaging with back office experts because they are under the impression they have less control over their businesses with such partners. This impression is mistaken; back office experts simply make it their business to help you streamline your daily operations.

Running a firm can often feel like a juggling act of front and back office responsibilities. To excel at your core tasks, you need to have proficient back office infrastructure so that you’ve done your due diligence regarding Canadian compliance and payroll and HR admin.

Back office experts like The Staffing Edge can take care of all the behind-the-scenes work, so your firm is free to focus on providing the best customer service. Partnering with back office experts helps you differentiate your business and compete on the national scale.

Competing with the BIG multi-national agencies?

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4 Updates to Stafftrak That Will Help You Comply with Bill 148

Posted by Shannon Dowdall


Mar 30, 2018 9:00:00 AM

4-Updates-to-Stafftrak-That-Will-Help-You-Comply-with-Bill-148---compressor.jpgWhether you’ve been running your staffing firm for a while now or you’re just starting out, the passing of Bill 148 last November brings many changes to Canadian employment legislation. As a result, staffing firms must implement new strategies to remain compliant.

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Some of the most critical changes for staffing firms regard tracking and billing payroll for personal emergency leave (PEL), vacation, and statutory holidays.

Fortunately, if you partner with The Staffing Edge, our award-winning software Stafftrak will include four updates that will help you comply with Bill 148. Learn the details below.

1. PEL Day Tracking

All Ontario employees are now entitled to up to 10 days of PEL, with the first two days paid according to their regular wages. As long as employees can provide “reasonable in the circumstances” evidence (which now excludes health certificates), employees can take consecutive PEL days off if needed. 

As of January 26, 2018, The Staffing Edge has added an option within Stafftrak to track PEL days. Found in the “Compliance” area of an employee’s file is a new field called “PEL.” So long as individual line items are created for each instance of a PEL day taken, staffing firms can simply export the information to payroll and have the ability to track these days.

2. PEL Billing Option

With the first two days of PEL being billed as if the employee were working them, things could get complicated quickly if you don’t properly bill for them. You must ensure employees requesting PEL days have been employed for one week or longer to be entitled to two paid days off. With how busy staffing firms can get during peak seasons, you’ll want a tool to keep all employee billing straight. 

As of February 2, 2018, there is now a new field in Stafftrak’s financial reporting system for billing PEL days. This field is called “PEL Billing Option” and is designed to work similarly to billing for statutory holidays. Depending on the type of employee being billed for a PEL day, the following functions are available: 

  • Pay no Bill
  • Bill at Cost
  • Bill at Full Markup

3. Vacation Pay Updates for 6 Percent

Bill 148 has introduced several changes to vacation pay. The most significant of these changes is that employees who have worked five years with an employer are entitled to three weeks of vacation pay per calendar year at 6 percent of their wages earned. The details of these updates to vacation pay can be found in Ontario’s The Changing Workplaces Review – Final Report.  

If you are a partner with The Staffing Edge, compliance experts will be running monthly reports for employees who are coming up to their qualification for three weeks of vacation pay and at 6 percent.

When your firm receives the report that notifies you that employees are qualified for increased vacation time and pay, there’s an option to update those employees’ status in their files in the payroll section.

4. Statutory Holiday Pay

As of November, statutory holiday pay calculations are simpler and based on the number of days worked during a pay period immediately prior to the holiday. Stafftrak has made updates as of February 12, 2018, to the “Stat Holiday Report” and “Add Stat” button to reflect the new calculations.

The best part about all these updates? Training is provided for any staffing firm members involved in payroll. Our experts want to help you keep ongoing compliance.

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